Lost .4 KG To End Bad Streak Of Weight Gain

Day 197

Starting Mark: 77.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.3 kg
Weight After Run: 77.4 kg
Final Weigh-In: 77.2 kg

I had an unusually low amount of weight loss today during my 90-minute running session. It was .9 kg, which is not unprecedented but is just about as low as it gets.

My heart rate was only about 116 at the end. That is not what I would call “bad.” It’s good enough for a decent workout. However, I am used to losing more weight. I predicted it would not be very good because there were a lot of problems with wind today. It was blowing really hard, which slowed me down over and over. And although it is starting to warm up, those gusts of wind were pretty cold. Wind is bad, and cold wind is worse.

Having gone 3 days without losing weight, part of me just wanted to starve after the run to virtually guarantee that I would lose weight today. There are a few reasons why I didn’t do that.

First, it’s hard to do. I don’t like starving, and I generally eat small meals throughout the day. If running in the afternoon, there is just too much time left in the day to completely abstain from eating.

Second, it messes up my routine. If I starve myself today, then I may overeat tomorrow. This is the kind of risk I am not really excited to take just for one day of guaranteed weight loss.

Third, it’s probably not very healthy, anyway. I don’t know for sure on this. However, I have certainly never heard that starving is a healthy habit. So it seems like a bad idea just from a general health perspective.

Having said that, there are days where I will consciously eat less than desired. These days can be very beneficial in securing a day of a weight loss when I really need it. Today would have been a good time to sacrifice after the run and eat as little as possible. I didn’t happen to do that this time. Rather, my post-workout food consumption was pretty average. I ate enough to get through the day and did stop when I was very slightly hungry. So there was a little bit of sacrificing. But it was not even close to “starving.”

Today, I rose to a disappointing 78.4 or so before bedtime. That put me at risk of gaining weight yet again and lengthening this bad streak to 4 straight days of either gaining or only breaking even. However, my weight loss overnight was way above average. I somehow dropped 1.2 kg, which is not unprecedented but way more than usual. It looks like this was just one of those times when my body was finally ready to lose a little. I dropped .4 kg, getting down to a 77.2.

Too Much Eating Ruined My Chances For Weight Loss Today

Day 196

Starting Weight: 77.6 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.5 kg
Weight After Running (93 minutes): 77.1 kg
Final Weight: 77.6 kg (breakeven day)

I am writing this before the morning weigh-in. It may be the 3rd day of weight gain if things don’t look up by the time of the weigh-in. I already know what has happened today. I just plain ate too much. So there won’t be any secrets on the reason for these results.

The day actually started out pretty good. After a beginning weight of 77.6 kg, I was at a reasonable 78.5 before the afternoon run, which was at 2. That was only an increase of .9 kg up through the mid afternoon. There is nothing dramatic about that at all. And it was a sufficient start to what could be a day with overall weight loss. The problem is that things can go south if you make mistakes after the run.

I actually ran for 93 minutes today because I was taking a longer course than usual. So unlike most of the time, I was actually not quite able to get back home before the end of the usual 90-minute session. So to finish off a good workout, I just kept running until making it home. It was an extra 3 minutes, and I had a decent weight loss of 1.4 kg during this exercise session.

At 77.1 kg, that was a great opportunity to lose weight on the day. But I was hungry and just kept eating. And that shot all the way back up to approximately 78.8 kg.

One guideline that can help you lose weight (this is not the whole system, but it helps) is to make sure you do not gain so much weight after workout that you exceed what you weighed right before the session began. In this case, it is a major no-no to exceed my starting point of 78.5 kg (the amount before the run, not at the beginning of the day).

I don’t want to beat myself up too much. Sometimes, the hunger is just a little too much to ignore. I would have to make some changes if this happened every day or several times a week. Fortunately, I don’t usually overeat that much. So I accept that I have some bad days. And as long as it’s a small mistake and only leads to small weight gain, then I will accept this as part of my imperfection.

Note that the guideline on not exceeding your pre-workout weight does not always apply. For example, if you do your morning weigh-in and then run before eating any meals at all, then you are probably going to exceed that amount. But it’s okay in that situation to somewhat exceed it since your pre-workout weigh-in is also your official morning weigh-in. In this case, you can be a pound or so above the pre-workout weight and still lose it while sleeping and lose weight on the day. Here’s an example of that:

1. Monday’s morning weigh-in: 100 pounds
2. Monday’s pre-workout weigh-in: 100 pounds (it’s the same and you run before eating)
3. Weight after workout: 98 pounds
4. Weight after eating all meals: 100.8 pounds
5. Tuesday’s morning weigh-in: 99.6 pounds

In this case, you lost 1.2 pounds during sleep time and actually lost .4 pounds in the 24-hour period. Since you worked out before any meals at all, it’s natural in this situation to exceed your pre-workout weight by a smallish amount. But if you go too far, you may not lose enough during sleep.

As for today, I did lose a lot overnight and broke even. That was a little better than expected. But this now makes 3 days in a row of gaining weight or only breaking even. It’s about time to have a good day. Hopefully, that is coming soon. I’ll just try to keep up the good work and see what happens. At any rate, I am still within about 5 pounds of my permanent target weight. So things have progressed slowly but nicely in the current post-vacation recovery period.

Small Weight Gain On Day 167 After a Few Good Days; Big Breakthrough On Day 168

Day 167

Weight At Beginning: 80.4 kg
Weight Before Run: 80.9 kg (potentially wrong)
Weight After 60-Minute Run: 80.5 kg
Weight After Post-Run Bathroom Break: 80.3 kg
Final Result: 80.5 kg and gained .1 kg

Today broke a couple of streaks. First, I have been running for 90 minutes for many days in a row now. It was time to slow down a bit. So I decided to run for exactly one hour. The other streak that was broken was a streak of either losing weight or breaking even for close to a week. I gained .1 kg on Day 167. So although the good streak was broken, it was barely broken because .1 kg is the lowest mark that even registers on my scale.

My 60-minute was not particularly intense. It was around average in intensity and comparable to my speed on most 90-minute runs.

There could have been a problem with the results of my weigh-ins related to today’s workout. Occasionally, the scale seems to be way off. It said that I lost only .4 kg during the one-hour run. Based on months and months of Pentamize tracking, that just doesn’t make sense. So either my weight before the run or after the run appears to have been wrong. I guess it’s not impossible that I could lose only .4 kg in the cold weather for a one-hour run. But it’s very unlikely.

Despite some issues with the weigh-ins, my final weight of 80.5 was about what you would expect. I mostly avoided carbs the rest of the day, and the final result was the same as my post-workout weigh-in. Thus, I had good diet discipline this time.

After breaking even yesterday and then gaining a small amount today, it would be nice to get back on track and lose some weight tomorrow. Of course, nature has to take its course. I can only my part by exercising and maintaining a reasonable diet. My Pentamize tracking has shown periods of breaking even for 6, 7, and occasionally even more days. So it’s not possible to predict what will happen tomorrow.

Day 168

Weight At Start Of Day: 80.5 kg
Weight Before Running: about 81.0 kg
Weight After Running: about 79.9 kg
Weight At Bedtime: 80.4 kg
Final Weight: 79.9 kg
Result: big loss of .6 kg

As I was hoping, today was a big turnaround. I took off .6 kg, which is an excellent drop for this post-vacation recovery period. Even if you don’t have any particularly good days for a week or more, don’t give up if you know your weight loss system has proven to get results before. It’s just a matter of time before you will get a breakthrough day like I had for Day 168.

My 90-minute run was harder in intensity today, which might have helped in losing the weight. At the end, my heart rate was around 135. And that is high for me when the weather is still cold outside. Actually, I had not intended to run harder. And it was not the whole time. What happened was I took a new route and realized I was not going to make it home in time by the end of the 90 minutes. So I high-tailed it and ran fast to try to make it. And it worked. I actually got home a couple of minutes early, and part of the run was grueling. Despite that, the weight loss was still only 1.1 kg. However, by the final weigh-in, I had lost .6 kg. Of course, that is the most important metric.

Tomorrow, the plan is still to run for 90 minutes again. But I don’t want to run fast again. I’ll just take my slow pace of about 5 miles per hour and keep it at that.

Now On a Hot Streak of Losing Weight 5 Straight Days

Start: 76.3 kg
Start Of Run: 77.1 kg
End of Run: 75.9 kg
Ending Weight: 76.0 kg
Result: Lost .3 kg

This is Day 103 of my Pentamize weight maintenance blog. And I am trying to lose weight 5 days in a row today. I started the day at 76.3 kg and rose to 77.1 by the time of my workout session, which was at 3:45 in the afternoon. That increase to 77.1 was due to two meals. Breakfast was a little bigger than usual, with bacon, eggs, and a little rice. The second meal was probably only about half a pound or a little more, as it was mostly a few mini-meatballs.

The last 4 days have been my post-Christmas recovery period. And it has been very successful. During those 4 days, I have dropped from 78.8 kg to 76.3 kg. That is 2.5 kg all together, which is a little over .6 kg per day on average. It doesn’t get much better than that. One of the days had a 2-hour run, and the others were 90-minute run.

My plan was to run 90 minutes again today. It turned out to be a pretty slow run because my body is tired. But my heart rate was still 120 at the end. And I dropped from 77.1 to 75.9 kg. That is a decent loss of 1.2 kg during the workout session. That is slightly below average, but this is fine and at least gives me a chance to lose weight 5 days in a row.

I probably rose a little too much after the workout, going back up to 77.0. That was at about 7 at night.

After taking a short nap at about 9 at night, I got up and then couldn’t sleep. My weight was about 76.5 kg at around midnight. So it was dropping fast, making it likely that I will lose weight 5 days in a row in this post-Christmas recovery period. The problem is I am not sleepy and kind of hungry. So this could be a problem.

while I did wake up and had trouble going back to sleep, things went well because I abstained from eating or drinking anything. The result was an additional drop of .5 kg from the 76.5 mark. I finished at 76.0 kg.

This recovery period has been very successful. I have now lost weight 5 days in a row. And during that time, the drop was from 78.8 kg to 76, which is 2.8 kg. That is around 6 pounds. Like I said a few days ago, this should not be measured against an athlete cutting weight or someone starving. I did not cut weight or starve or use any kind of drug or substance. This was almost 6 pounds of natural weight loss in 5 days.

It is now the 31st as I am writing this. I will not be able to lose 6 days in a row since the New Year’s Eve party is tonight, which means it is a cheat day. So I have done the best I can do over the last 5 days. And I need to go out in the afternoon and do one more run. New Year’s Day will then be a break day and possibly a cheat day. This depends on whether we have some extra party food lying around the house. Yes, I will gain weight again. But this is a good enough spot, and the last 5 days showed my solid ability to recover.

120M and gained 1.4 kg (cheat day)
120M and -.6 kg
90M and -1.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
total 5198 and -5.9 kg
averages of 72.19 min jogging and -.082 kg in 72 days

Still Going With 4 Days of Weight Loss After Christmas

Day 102

Starting Weight: 76.6 kg
Ending Weight: 76.3 kg

This is now the 4th day of my recovery period from Christmas, where I gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I rose to about 78.8 kg from a start of a little more than 75 due to Christmas Eve and Christmas gorging. But over the last 3 days, I lost about half of it back, getting down to 76.6. And I have today, tomorrow, and a daytime run on New Year’s Eve before the next and final holiday party for me. It looks like I have hope of getting down to the 75 range by then. I don’t mean it’s possible to reach 75.0 without starving, which is not something I ever really do. But the goal is to at least get under 76.0 before that party.

My weight at the beginning of the run was 77.6 kg. I did not lose as much today as I did yesterday. Instead, I lost only 1.0 kg, going down to 76.6 kg. And I ran even earlier than yesterday. However, I was 77.0 after yesterday’s run and going to the bathroom right after that. Thus, I am .4 kg ahead of yesterday’s pace so far, keeping in mind that I did finish the run at an earlier time.

For the rest of the day, the plan is to not eat too much. I’d say about .4 kg of food is a good amount, but not more than .5 kg. I am not going to actually weigh the food. The idea is to just estimate it. But hardcore tracking, such as actually weighing food, is certainly not a bad idea for someone who likes that sort of thing. It gives the best control over your weight loss or maintenance.

I rose to 77.1 kg and then had a 3-hour nap. During that time, I dropped back down to 76.6 kg. That was an excellent swing back down. I was still hungry and had a little bit of food, including some meatballs, one small piece of bread, and an apple. That put me at 77.0 kg. It’s an excellent weight for likely losing weight by the time of my weigh-in in the morning.

While it’s not easy to lose weight 4 days in a row, it seems like I am about to do that. We’ll see if I can lose 5 days in a row tomorrow. However, because of the party on the 31st, there will be no way for me to go for 6 days in a row because I will gain all the weight from the party. The next morning’s weigh-in (January 1) will definitely show a big weight gain.

90M and broke even
120M and gained 1.4 kg (cheat day)
120M and -.6 kg
90M and -1.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
total 5108 and -5.6 kg
averages of 71.94 min jogging and -.079 kg in 71 days