Do You Think You Have Hit a Weight Loss Plateau? Maybe Yes, But Maybe No

Day 191

Starting Weight: 77.8 kg
Weight Before Running: 79.1 kg
Weight After Running: about 77.7 kg
Final Weight: 77.3 kg

This was a very good day and the second day of solid weight loss in a row. Yesterday, I took off .4 kg (Day 190). On Day 191, I followed up strongly and lost .5 kg.

The past couple of days both included a 90-minute run and have resulted in completely erasing the .6 kg of weight gain that I encountered on Day 189, which was a badly needed break day. Although the results of that break day were terrible, that is all forgotten now after 2 of the best recovery days I have had in a while.

The figure of .4 kg or more of weight loss became hard to achieve after I lost most of my weight during Pentamize full mode. So at around 80 kg or less, my typical weight loss on a decent day is more like .2 kg than .4. You might experience this same thing after losing a significant amount of weight. Some may think this is some kind of weight loss plateau. I would caution you not to jump to any conclusions. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say my typical weight loss when significantly overweight was a pound a week. As I start to lose weight, I may reach a point where that dramatically reduces to less than half a pound a week. In the short term, such a slim average weekly weight loss could even result in weight gain for a couple of weeks. You may think that you have hit a plateau at that point. But it could just be that your rate of weight loss has slowed down, not that you have hit a plateau.

I suggest continuing to track your daily progress. Don’t jump to any conclusions because one bad day can set you back way more than a week if your average daily weight loss is very small. Keep in mind, though, that even a small average daily weight loss is good. Continue to monitor and determine your typical average daily weight loss, not necessarily your overall average. Why? Because, as I said earlier, even one bad day can foul up your mean average weight loss. Instead, see if the days where you are sticking to your system are still resulting in weight loss. Even if it’s a smaller amount than before, that is still good.

I found the reduction in average to be completely normal and don’t consider that a plateau. However, make sure you are actually sticking to your plan. If you have started to exercise less or eat more, that would not be a plateau, either. That would be cheating. This is not necessarily intentional cheating. The reason I developed and use Pentamize tracking is to avoid accidental cheating. The more you track, the less likely you will accidentally cheat without even realizing it.