Final Success Equation For Snacks-Only Diet With Exercise

Despite coming off a day with 70 minutes of exercise, my diet was great. I started at 78.3 and was still only up to 79.4 after the 5th snack.

This low increase is about the best I remember on a day after exercise. I am including snacks-only days, as well. I have had not had a large number of these days yet, but the few I have tracked so far have often seen increases to about 1.6 kg. Those were days with 90 minutes of exercise instead of the 70 from today. But that’s still a large difference. Even on days following a day with no exercise, I sometimes increase 1.4 kg or more. So to see an increase of only 1.1 on a day like this is something special.

LOL. Why was I even surprised? After getting up, I was still at 79.0 kg. That is like 11 or 12 hours and losing only .4 kg. It just does not effectively get worse than that (although technically possible).

This 79.0 mark was about 3 1/2 hours before the final weigh-in. So perhaps I would have lost .4 kg or something like that. But even at that, I would have gained .3 kg.

I think this tendency to not lose much weight overnight after an exercise day has finally hit home so hard that I will never be surprised again. I mean, if I only lose .4 kg in over 10 hours, why would I ever be surprised. It would be self-destructive to worry about this further. The pattern is clear now:

1. I lose weight on the snacks-only diet when exercising. We’ll call the average weight loss “X.”

2. I gain weight the next day even with the snacks-only diet UNLESS I exercise again. Let’s call the average gain “Y,” and Y is the figure that does not include any exercise. You can easily compute this by simply waiting the full 24 hours without doing any exercise.

There is no way for me to avoid the “Y” weight loss, but this does not really matted as long as I am psychologically prepared for it. The key to success comes down to this:

X must be higher than Y. In that case, it’s a net weight loss. If Y is higher than X, then it’s a net weight gain.

The ONLY ultimate consideration is to keep X above Y. For example, if X is a weight loss of .3 kg and Y is a gain of .2 kg, then you have a net loss of .1 kg.

However, this equation does not consider things like break days. In that case, you may have to do some extra exercise to make up for any deficits. The equation is limited to determining what happens when you do actually follow your diet. You will have to find a way to make up for any mistakes you make if and when you fail to follow it on one or more days.

Although my overnight results were terrible, I did manage to get all the way down to 77.6 after jogging for 90 minutes and walking for an additional 30. So I actually lost .7 today to follow up yesterday’s .9, for a huge 2-day weight loss of 1.6 kg.

I need these 2 big days because I just found out that I can’t run on Friday as previously planned. But I still have Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Over the past 2 days, I have lost down from 79.2 to 77.6. Overall, these are 2 of the best combined days that I have ever had. I don’t remember the exact record, but this is in the ballpark.

Huge .9 KG Weight Loss Even With Reduced Exercise Session

After yesterday’s surprising and frankly unjustified weight gain, I am now on a 1-day streak of gain after 2 days of loss. None of these days involved exercise, but today’s 24-hour daily tracking period will include a 90-minute run. I will not be able to track how much I gained or lost without exercise, but it’s pretty clear by now that the average no-exercise result for the snacks-only diet is close to breakeven at my current weight range.

Today, I was at .9 kg after the first 3 snacks. This is a pretty typical start for a snacks-only day. It’s not especially great or bad but does demand good discipline the rest of the day. Actually, it doesn’t usually matter how good a day looks at any point in time because one mistake can blow it with a snacks-only diet. Just one snack that is even only .2 kg over can cause a gain for the day. So it’s important to always maintain discipline regardless of what has happened during the early, middle, or latter part of any particular day.

After the 5th snack, I weighed in at 80.3 kg. This is a reasonable 1.1 kg daily increase. If I were not going to run in the morning, this figure would give me a chance to lose weight. So with a run, I will definitely be losing plenty of weight by the end of that running session. This is to be expected when coming off a period with no exercise. So today is going to be good and get me into the 78 range. It’s tomorrow when I may have an upward adjustment and not do so well. I will be running 90 minutes again, though, and continuing to run until at least Friday.

A good short-term goal is to be in the 77 range on when weighing in on Friday morning (the end of the Thursday tracking day).

My weight was a solid 79.3 when getting up (after going to the bathroom). A loss of 1 kg overnight is just what the doctor ordered after yesterday’s strange results. It also means that I probably would have lost weight even if I had not run to end the day. On a related note, it’s not so important to get a non-exercise result since it’s now safe to conclude 2 things about the snacks-only diet, at least in my current weight range:

1. Since I am about breakeven with no exercise, any large deviation from that is likely just a weird anomaly; and

2. I must exercise to stay in shape even with this diet, and the results are so good that there is no reason to worry much about the occasional off day.

My run was less than 90 minutes today. I did a combination of running, biking, and some walking in the middle for about 70 minutes. This was not the intent, but I was short on time today and cut it short of the planned 90 minutes. Despite that, my final weigh-in was a very nice 78.3. This is exactly what I was going for. That means I lost a huge .9 kg today even though I did not even do the full 90-minute exercise session. This kind of result usually occurs only if I run for 90 minutes, but it’s possible with less exercise when you have both a good non-exercise result and good loss from exercise. This is most likely to occur if I do not exercise in the preceding days (at least 2 days). That was today’s exact situation, so that’s why it was possible to get such a good result today.

Shocking Low Overnight Weight Loss Causes a Daily Gain

I am now trying to lose weight 3 days in a row without exercise. The idea is to keep this streak going and then exercise when I end up with a weight gain. That could be at the end of today or might be later. But it won’t be too long because, as I have discovered recently, I can’t even lose weight every day with exercise. And that’s with a snacks-only diet, not my old diet.

My performance is off to a so-so start today. I ate two bowls of cereal and milk and some other smaller things for the first 2 meals and increased .5 kg, to 79.5.

Right before the 4th snack, I weighed in at around 79.9 kg. That was a big jump from before, as my 3rd snack was possibly the biggest I have had in 3 days (it included both rice and bread, which is courting overkill on the carbs). It’s probably going to be difficult to stay at or below my 1.2 kg guideline today. Nonetheless, I weighed in at about 79.9 again about an hour after the 4th snack. At that point, it seemed like there was a decent chance to have my 3rd day of weight loss in a row.

I’ll be having 3 chicken patties for the last snack and a little of something else. Maybe it will be a banana. That sounds like a good way to finish off the day, after which I will only be drinking coffee and will not have any more food.

I did have that banana and was only .8 kg at bedtime. That looked really promising as far as losing weight today. But the weight does sometimes stick in place, so it’s the usual waiting game. Even yesterday, I only lost .2 kg in the last 5 hours. Things can get brutal like that, so it’s important to always look at the bigger picture.

In fact, it is especially vital to look at the bigger picture on a day like this because what I am about to write is pretty shocking even to me. Despite being 79.8 (only .8 over for the day) at bedtime, I was still 79.3 with only 30 minutes to go before the final weigh-in. Almost unbelievably, I lost only .5 kg in all those hours, including sleep time. However, I am pretty much so used to these crazy streaks that it isn’t going to faze me beyond the couple of minutes of initial shock. This kind of thing still stings me, but the sting doesn’t last too long.

The streak isn’t just over. It’s probably over with a sizable weight gain (.3 up with 30 minutes to go). There is no way I am going to eat less because I would be starving. So the only possible other thing to do is exercise. That is not really a bad thing, though, unless you consider exercise to be bad.

Although the streak is over, I will not be able to run today at the end. However, I will have time tomorrow. So the plan is to keep up the snacks-only diet for this coming day and run tomorrow morning, which is part of the same day for tracking purposes (my days end at 11 in the morning at this time).

I finished at 79.2 and a gain of .2 kg.

Banked Some Weight Loss 2 Days In a Row And Fully Recovered From Cheat Days

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I actually lost weight without exercising. My weight was reduced from 79.4 to 79.2 kg. My max increase of about .7 kg was very low and would be hard to repeat. In fact, with such a low max increase, I was expecting to lose a little more weight. But the good thing is any day with a 1.2 kg or less gives me some chance of losing.

As expected, I gained more today during the daytime. After my 3rd meal, I had gotten up to 79.9 kg, which was .7 kg over. Since .7 was yesterday’s max, this meant that I was destined to gain more today. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is still a chance of losing weight again by the time of tomorrow morning 11 o’clock weigh-in.

I didn’t take the time to check in right after the 4th snack, but my weight right before the final snack was actually 79.8. My weight actually went down between the end of my 3rd snack and shortly before the 5th and last meal.

The last snack was a little bigger, and I was at 78.1 at bedtime. But that was still a very nice .9 kg over the starting weight. Such a number shows a very good chance of losing weight over this 24-hour period. My guideline for that is still about 1.2 kg if not exercising. Being .3 under that at bedtime is in no way a guarantee, but it shows potential. After losing .2 kg yesterday, this would be my 2nd day in a row of losing some weight.

I got up early, but my weight had gone down to 79.1. That 1.0 kg drop was already enough for a daily weight loss with 5 hours to go. However, I never get too excited at this point in the day. The last 2 hours are sometimes really good and sometimes strangely show no weight loss at all. At any rate, I am quite happy because it’s been a while since having 2 days in a row of weight loss. I will still be more or less breakeven on the snacks-only diet with no exercise at day’s end. Of course, any cheat days require me to exercise. I have no solution at this time to recover from cheat days except through exercise.

My plan is to abstain from exercising until next week. I will finally have more time to do that because my child is headed back to school.

Exactly what I said above happened. From 6 to 11, I suddenly lost almost no weight. However, I went down slightly to 79.0. All in all, though, a loss of 1.1 kg from bedtime to final weigh-in (about 13 hours), was still good. And it helped me produce a daily weight loss of .2 kg. That also completes 2 days in a row of weight loss (.2 on both days and .4 all together). Finally, I have completely recovered from the 2 cheat days and even lost .2 for good measure. And this was done with no exercise.

This is not to say that not exercising is a good thing. It is most certainly not. But it’s good to test your diet plan and see if you an break even without exercise. Then, when you don’t have time to get in a workout, you can at least break even on average if following a diet that allows you to do that.

First Snacks-Only Day After 2 Cheat Days; Thoughts On Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

It is time to get back to a disciplined diet after 2 days with very little self-control. I feel very lucky to have gained only .2 kg over these 2 days, but that’s not a reason to let up at all. I had my cheating fun, and it’s time to get back to a snacks-only diet.

Today started out very well. After the first 3 snacks, I was still only .6 kg over the starting weight of 79.4. That is the best I have seen in a long time. Yes, I definitely have a lot of extra weight to lose in the next 2 or 3 weeks, as 79 is getting too high. But this is a great start if I can keep this up the rest of the day.

Although I did not exercise per se today, my daughter and I played on the playground in this apartment complex. That was a little bit of exercise and a smallish amount of sweating. After the 4th snack and playing, I was back down to only about 79.8 (this is an estimate). That is about the lowest my weight has ever been after 4 snacks since it is only .4 kg over the starting weight. Maybe I lost more weight than expected running around the playground. But I can’t imagine that it was more than .2 kg, if that.

Today, I basically had 5 snacks, but it could be called 4 and 2 really small ones to end the day since they were about 45 minutes apart. My weight was still only 80.1 after the last snack. That is only .7 kg over the starting weight and is one of the lowest maximum daily weight gains that I have ever recorded.

I am laughing inside at a recent story where someone supposedly chided a mother for feeding her child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a store. “Whatever” is what I say. I had 2 or 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today and am losing weight. If it works for you, no need to listen to anyone. One thing I can say about losing weight is that I don’t read much that is helpful, and a lot of it is actually misleading and contradictory. Who is to say that you should not eat peanut butter? Depending on whom you talk to, it’s a good source of nutrients. And while eating too much bread is bad for weight loss, the body also needs some carbohydrates. And the jelly is usually not good for you, but moderation is the key. How am I losing weight today if a small amount of sugar is so bad? Moderation makes anything possible. I used only one piece of bread for each sandwich and used only enough jelly to make it “go down easier.” Every human being is not going to sit around eating nothing but broccoli, spinach, and turnips. Yes, spreading a quarter of an inch of jelly on a sandwich is probably bad. That is just common sense that you are overeating when you do that. Spread it thin and use only one piece of bread.

I had a decent but not great weight loss overnight and was 79.4 in the morning. That put me at breakeven for the day, but with 4 more hours until the weigh-in. I feel a little bit constipated, but this has not stopped me from having a good day.

During those 4 hours, I was able to finally go to the bathroom. My weight did not go down much over this period, but I did finish at 79.2, for a daily weight loss of .2 kg. With 4 hours to go, I was hoping for more. But any loss where no exercise is involved is a good loss.