Trying For 10th Day In a Row With No Weight Gain; Thoughts On Mental Burnout

I have now achieved 9 days in a row without gaining weight on any of those days. I did break even on one, but the other 8 have resulted in weight loss. This streak is so good that it is motivating to keep maximizing my exercise sessions to keep alive as long as it can naturally keep going.

There is one thing I do not want to do, and that is to push the intensity of my workouts past the level of slight discomfort. I can certainly keep running the same duration of 90 minutes until the streak is over. But pushing the intensity is something that has its limits. For example, my speed stayed fairly low yesterday the whole way through. I got up to a heart rate of about 128 at the end. However, there were some “spurts” during the session where I picked up speed in an attempt to have enough weight loss to keep things going. The point is that my life doesn’t depend on this streak. Running 90 minutes at a “slightly uncomfortable” intensity is something I can do for days and days. But pushing it to a heart rate of 160 every day is a no-go for me. It will totally burn me out on a mental level. No streak is important enough that a mental burnout is acceptable.

For me, consciously avoiding mental burnout is my norm and is different than a weight loss challenge like you see on TV or challenging yourself to lose 5 pounds in a week to fit in a dress or something. Those are comparatively bad in my opinion because I want a permanent lifestyle change, not possible but aggressive short-term results that simply can’t be achieved for a long period of time due to the required intensity level.

Every time in the past that I have stopped working out has been due to mental burnout except one time where I recently took a break due to a physical neck injury. That was actually when I got up to my max weight of 106 kg (233 pounds). That was so high for me that I made the decision to never go there again. And if I am never going to go there again, it’s also important to try to avoid necessary injuries that might come from high-intensity workouts. While it’s sometimes possible to keep on exercising despite injury, any additional pain also brings an increased risk of mental burnout. So the two are very related, depending on your personal situation.

If you are prone to injury, do you really want to push yourself physically beyond a reasonable level just for short-term results? Are short-term results really going to make you happy if the results don’t end up being permanent? Think about these things and the risk of mental burnout when planning your exercise duration and intensity. If you agree with my approach, then you may have to increase the duration of your exercise session to burn enough calories. That is one thing that Pentamize tracking techniques help you develop – the right combination of intensity and duration for your own exercise regimen.

I woke up a bit late today (8:30) after sleeping late (2:30 in the morning). When going to bed at 8:30, my weight was around 79.3 kg. I had finished eating at approximately 79.8 kg. At 8:30, my weight was 78.8 kg, which is just about what it was yesterday. If I can manage to lose .3 kg before running, then I will easily lose weight today. Otherwise, this could be close. Of course, the only thing I can do before running is go to the bathroom and also avoid eating and drinking. So there is nothing special to do now until wait. I will run at about 10:30 in the morning.

Despite running at 11, my weight didn’t seem to want to drop after waking up. I was still a 78.7. But the run result was great. I knocked off 1.6 kg during a run that was not so fast at the end (about 136 kg). However, my average speed seemed to be above average. I didn’t measure my exact speed and don’t usually do that. But I kept up a good pace during this session, just estimating from my breathing and the overall feeling of intensity.

After hitting the bathroom, I ended up suddenly getting down to 77.0 kg. That is a large daily loss of .5 kg. I didn’t really expect that result. It means I have also recovered completely from the London vacation. It took about 3 1/2 weeks to recover. I’ll talk more about this successful recovery period in my next blog post.

Is Putting Pressure On Yourself To Exercise Hard a Good Thing?

Day 313

Today was a mixed bag in terms of diet. I intentionally decided to give myself a reward after losing .7 kg yesterday. So we bought a liter of coke, and I had a few cups of it as my reward. However, as far as the rest of the diet went, I did not cheat. Thus, while my coke reward was probably a little too big, it was not completely over the top, either.

The results throughout the day and overnight were pretty good. I had risen from the start of 78.5 to about 80.5 by bedtime. This 80.5 was better than yesterday’s bedtime weight of approximately 81.0.

When I woke up, I had dropped .8 kg, which is not so great but okay considering that I cheated a little on my diet. That got me down to 79.7 kg, which is at least .5 kg better than yesterday. That figure did not change over the next couple of hours before the run. So it may be difficult to even break even today. It’s probably going to all come down to the weight lost during my run. Incidentally, a breakeven day would not be that bad. Yesterday was so good that my body might not be ready to drop anymore until it somewhat stabilizes. However, I won’t know that for sure now because of today’s cheating.

The difficulty in getting to yesterday’s finishing mark of 78.5 is that, while my diet results were good enough overall, my weight lost during the run yesterday was an above-average 1.5 kg. And that was partially due to a rather fast run, where my finishing heart rate was about 164. It would be hard to replicate that result today. For some reason, I had gotten an energy boost yesterday, which might not come today.

From this point until official weigh-in time, I will have to drop about 1.2 kg to break even or more in order to actually lose weight on the day. So it should be possible to at least break even with one more 90-minute run today. However, regardless of what happens today, I am going to reduce my run time tomorrow, probably to about one hour. Keeping that in mind, I will attempt to have at least an average run result today in anticipation of probably lesser results tomorrow. When possible, it is valuable to plan at least a day ahead like this so you can modify your exercise intensity to fit the situation. In some cases, you may even be able to reduce your intensity a little if you know you are going for a hard run the next day.

Personally, I don’t usually plan high-intensity exercise because it’s impossible to predict how much energy my body will have on a particular day. But in today’s case, I will at least try to have a decent run that is at least average. However, I will not promise myself to run at a particular pace or anything like that because it’s too much mental pressure for my tastes. If you are like me, you may wish to avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself, particularly in terms of exercise intensity. However, I do, in fact, pressure myself to finish a run based on a scheduled duration. This is the only way I can maintain my weight or lose in a recovery period. Pushing myself in terms of intensity is too much for me. But the reason I can hold myself to a set duration for a workout is that my intensity can easily be modified by just running slower if necessary.I have enough willpower to finish my workouts even if I don’t have the willpower to do the workouts at a high intensity. This has been the key for me.

A lot of people blindly recommend high-intensity workouts. But if, like me, you find the pressure of such intense exercise simply too great to withstand over time, then my method of simply increasing the duration while keeping roughly a medium-level intensity may be the key to get weight-loss results for you.

At 9 in the morning, I took off and had a pretty good 90-minute run. My pace was similar to yesterday’s good run. However, it wasn’t quite to that level at the end. I finished with a heart rate of about 144. There was just no way I was getting back up to yesterday’s near-record pace. Still, this seemed like a solid jogging session to me. And I will be happy regardless of the results because the effort was definitely there.

My scale was acting crazy, registering between 78.0 and 78.4 kg. After weighing in several times, it seemed the best estimate was 78.2 kg. So I lost about 1.4 to 1.5 kg on the run and lost .3 kg today overall. That makes about 1.0 kg in the past 2 days. This is a very pleasing result heading into tomorrow’s shortened session of about 60 minutes.

Using a Catchphrase To Help Motivate You For Exercise

Day 310

I will be sharing a little psychological exercise tip in today’s blog post. By no means am I a psychologist or mental health professional or anything like that. As always, I am just sharing the little things that I have personally tested and successfully used in losing weight and now mostly keeping it off for almost a year now.

Although I have now lost weight 5 days in a row (this is bound to end soon, but I am trying to keep the streak going), it has not been without its challenges. My diet has been decent except for today, where I ate too much at the end and have now jeopardized my streak. But the more difficult aspect has been my mental state when it comes to exercise. I am not at a high emotional level for some reason. In order to get through this, I have found it helpful to keep repeating a catchphrase in my head when running.

My catchphrase is not really catchy at all from a marketing perspective, but it works for me. Here it is:

“Human beings were not made to lounge on the couch.”

Like I said, it’s probably not going to be catchy for most people. I am not a songwriter or don’t write “hooks” for songs or poetry or whatever. But I just came up with the phrase that helps motivate me. My mind works via logic more than feelings. And this is the kind of logical message that keeps me going when I don’t feel like running.

It seems clear that humans are built to hunt and gather food for survival, and that hunting and gather involves significant physical activity. Most people would agree that sitting around and lounging on the couch is not what nature intends for us. Yet, this is what a lot of us tend to do in the modern world because someone else prepares all the food for us as far as hunting and gathering and other types of food processing. Even if you cook, that is limited physical activity and certainly won’t be enough exercise for many people to avoid being overweight.

So while my “lounging on the couch” phrase may not be catchy, it’s what works for me. And how I use this is simple. I just keep repeating over and over in my head when I feel like quitting during a run. That’s really all there is to it, and this simple method has helped me a lot the past couple of days. I really needed that help the past couple of days, as both showed a very modest weight loss of .1 kg. This quite clearly means that I would have gained weight on both days had I failed to complete my 90-minute runs.

Your job is to find and use a catchphrase that helps keep you motivated. It might not be the one I use, and that’s perfectly fine and expected. The beauty of my Pentamize techniques is that I try hard to make things customizable. You can choose any diet if that is what works for you. The same goes for exercise plans. Everyone can and probably should have a different plan since bodies and minds differ drastically in many respects.

Today, I ate a little too much pizza at the end of the day and also had a can of coke. This hurt me badly, as my weight rose from about 80.5 to 81.3. However, I woke up at 3 in the morning and weighed in at about 80.6 kg. So it seems like that weight is dropping pretty well overnight. Sometimes, you are naturally bailed out from a mistake even though you don’t deserve to be bailed out. The weight drops more than expected despite your diet mistakes. Well, hopefully I am getting bailed out here from an unexpectedly high weight drop overnight even though it is not deserved. The key, of course, is to avoid consistently making these mistakes because you won’t get bailed out like this every time. The mistakes usually eventually take their toll.

Before my 6 a.m. run, I dropped a little more to 80.3 kg. This means that I dropped about 1.0 kg overnight. That may be enough to save me from losing my streak here. But I am still 1.5 kg above the starting weight of 78.8 kg. So this will probably require the run plus some extra something, such as going to the bathroom or some extra natural weight loss.

My run had a disappointing result of 1.0 kg, which took me down to 79.3 kg. While it was a pretty slow run with an ending heart rate of 120, only 1.0 kg is disturbingly low. I can’t begin to understand why that is so low. This left me .5 kg above the starting weight and now has me in trouble. I do need to go to the bathroom, and that is going to help at least some. And it actually helped a great deal. An hour after the run, I was down to 78.8 kg. This left about 1.5 hours before the weigh-in. I should be able to lose at least .1 to .2 kg during that time. If so, that would extend my streak of weight loss to 6 days in a row.

For the third day in a row, I lost .1 kg, finishing at 78.7. This one feels better because I cheated too much last night on my diet. It seems to be a stroke of luck that I was able to lose that much weight. Such a result should not be expected, and I have to do better to keep this streak alive.

Day 47 – A Good Psychological Tip For Exercise – “Just Slow Down”

Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog
November 4, 2016
Day 47
Result: end weight of 74.2 kg and large weight loss of .7 kg

In the morning, I was still experiencing some abdominal and side pain from the gallstones. But I finally felt better in the evening. So this made it a little easier to run for one hour as compared to the past few days.

I do understand that some people may have certain kinds of physical pain that is so unbearable that they cannot jog or do other types of exercise. For me, there is nothing in general that stops me from working out most days. I have the gallstone problem. But unless the pain gets really severe, it does not stop me from working out. I just go more slowly than usual. That is one of my common-sense psychological methods.

You can use small but important psychological techniques like this to help you exercise. And I go into them in more detail in my Pentamize ebook. It can be purchased from the home page of this website.

I definitely did not starve myself today, and my weight had risen to 75.4 by the time of my 7:30 p.m. run. And I went back to 74.6 as a result of the run. That is a loss of .8 kg.

After the run, I was still hungry and decided to eat some chicken patties, a couple of meatballs, and a piece of bread. That caused me to rise back up to 75.1 kg. This is a very good ending point for the night, and I will undoubtedly lose weight today by the time of the morning weigh-in.

Actually, I am not sure why I am doing so well today as far as losing weight. I ate an average amount and ran at an average speed. But these daily results are impossible to understand, anyway. The important thing is to learn exactly how to track every key metric in a weight loss plan so you can measure every aspect of your performance. My book can help you personalize this tracking for yourself.

My results were even better than expected. I dropped to 74.2 kg. That is a bigger drop than average for me as far as weight lost while sleeping. The overall weight loss of .7 kg during this 24-hour period is way more than average. Sometimes, you just have a really good day, just like you sometimes have a really bad day.

I had a very good day today and am not even tired. So the plan will be to work out again tomorrow. I have plenty of energy to do that. In fact, I may even go 90 minutes, giving me some chance of dropping below 74.0 kg. However, it’s possible that my weight will bounce back up since I just lost so much today. So it’s not wise to set a one-day goal for actual weight loss or gain. Rather, your daily goal should simply be to stick to your regular diet and exercise plan.

Day 30 Of Pentamize Maintenance And a Couple Of Psychological Exercise Tips

Pentamize Weight Loss Maintenance Mode Blog
Day 30
Summary of Day’s Exercise And Results: ran one hour and lost .1 kg

Today is one of those days where I dropped my child off and then was going to run. And I walked around for about 5 minutes deciding whether to just take the day off or go on my jog. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like exercising.

Ultimately, I decided to run. Even at the beginning of the run, I just didn’t really feel like running an hour. But I used another technique to help me run the full time that I had already decided to at my morning weigh-in. Although I did lose weight yesterday, it was only .1 kg. So my thinking was that one more good run was needed before I could take a break.

Actually, there are 2 psychological things I did here today. One got me to exercise, and the other kept me running the full hour.

First, you have to keep in mind that getting started is actually probably the hardest part of exercise from a psychological perspective. Once you get your feet moving, then your mind tends to easily shift gears into workout mode. Of course, I am generalizing. But from a psychological perspective, it’s true that getting started is half the battle. In fact, it’s probably more than half the battle.

The key here is to just start moving. Whatever it is you are doing, just start moving at a slow pace. I don’t care how slow it is to start. Just move. And then it becomes easier to pick up the pace that you need to get a good workout.

Now, this next tip is part psychological. But part of it is just common-sense planning. In my case, the plan was to run an hour. And to do this, you want to run away from your starting point about 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a straight line. But as long as you run out 30 minutes such that you have to run back 30 minutes, then you will run the full hour. There is a psychological aspect here, too. If you know that you are going to waste a lot of time if you walk back, then you have an extra incentive to keep running. In fact, you might even time your workout such that you are going to be late to work or something if you don’t get back on time. In that way, you have multiple incentives to complete the return trip in 30 minutes.

Let’s summarize. When you don’t feel like exercising, just start moving slowly. You don’t have to start fast. In fact, starting slowly is my own standard procedure at the beginning of a run. Just move, and that’s half the battle. And if you are running or doing a similar exercise, move away from your starting point half the time that you are going to exercise. That way, you know you need to keep up the pace for the return trip in order to finish on time.

I lost 1.0 kg during the run, and I was at 74.5 kg at 12:30 p.m. This is the best start to a day that I have had in a while. Normally, I would already be at about 75.0 kg. So unless I screw this up, it’s going to be a big weight-loss day. At 2:30, I was up to 74.9 kg. This is back up to my morning weight.

At 5, I had eaten a small amount and was at 74.8. It feels like one more small meal will be good enough. It would be nice if that put me at no more than 75.0. Then, I would be in for a huge weight loss overnight. I may just take a break tomorrow. But I may opt for a 45-minute mixed session.

My last meal saw me rise to 75.3. So that wish of 75.0 was too good to be true. But I am in good shape to lose weight by morning.

It was a bit of a downer that I lost only .5 kg during sleep. But that put me at 74.8 kg, which is still a loss of .1.

In 23 days of jogging during maintenance mode, I have now lost 1.2 kg, which is an average of .05 kg per day for these nonstop jogging sessions.