The Difficulty of Diet Tracking For Complex Dishes (Day 69 Of Pentamize Maintenance Phase)

End Weight: 75.1 kg
Results: one-hour jog and gained .1 kg

After taking two break days in a row, it was definitely time to start exercising again. I ran for a nonstop jogging session that lasted one hour.

It’s always a bit of a downer when you gain weight on a day with a good workout. But today was only a gain of .1 kg. So that’s not a big deal at all. It just means I need to keep working out for a few days now. And I do have plenty of time in my schedule for that. So I expect to do some nonstop running for at least the next 2 days. Then, I will do a calisthenics workout that includes situps, pushups, and probably the scissors.

I ate more vegetables than usual today and don’t believe that I really overate all that much. This is another example of how the total amount you eat is probably more important than exactly what you eat. I don’t think that casserole was necessarily a good choice. It had some pork and cheese, as well.

One thing I have noticed when dieting is that complex dishes can make you eat too much. You don’t realize how much you are eating at one time. To avoid this, I prefer to eat whole foods or pre-weighed portions. For example, a food that I eat on a regular basis is some meatball patties that are packed together and each weigh 100 grams. Since I know they each weigh 100 g, it’s easy to track the weight of my diet.

Once you throw a bunch of ingredients all into one dish like a casserole, it becomes problematic for tracking purposes. You would literally have to get out some paper or a calculator and start tabulating calories or food weight. I teach more on tracking techniques in the Pentamize book.

Eating a casserole today was not necessarily the problem. In fact, it is very common to gain a little weight on a random day even when working out. But eating complex dishes on a regular basis presents a serious tracking problem and can potentially cause you to eat too much without realizing it. So I generally recommend whole foods instead of multi-ingredient dishes when you are trying to lose your weight or maintain where you are at now. This could even be true with salad, depending on the ingredients. A salad with 10 different ingredients could be deceptively high in calories.

The daily data below are only for the last 5 nonstop running sessions. But the averages are for the 44 running sessions during this 69-day period. That means I am jogging approximately 2 out of every 3 days. Specifically, it is 64 percent of all days. 9 have been break days, and the others were calisthenics exercise sessions.

60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
60M and -.6 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.1 kg
total 2723 and -3.4 kg
averages of 61.89 min jogging and -.077 kg in 44 days

Be Proud To Lose Weight (Pride And Having a Breaking Point Are Keys To Your Success)

Day 67 of this blog turned out to be a break day. This is unusual for me since I also took a break only 2 days ago. If you look at my average, I am getting in an exercise session an average of more than 6 days a week.

Today, there were 2 factors that convinced me to go ahead and take a break. I was still trying to get some research done, and I frankly was still sick. So instead of working out, I took a nap to try to feel better and recover. The fact that it was Thanksgiving probably helped me make that decision, as well.

The best news from today is that I actually lost .1 kg. That is the first day of weight loss on a break day during this maintenance period. 5 of the first 6 showed a weight gain, while the 6th was a breakeven day.

My break days have been such a disappointment, so it’s good to finally lose just that small amount. It’s the only good day I have had yet while taking a break. And during my Pentamize full weight-loss mode, I often even gained weight when doing a low-intensity 30-minute workout. And that was even while losing almost 70 pounds.

There is a caveat to today’s result, though. The fact that I was still sick and took a nap of 2 to 3 hours during the day probably helped me lose the weight. So I don’t expect this to happen on a frequent basis. Most likely, my regular schedule of about 6 days a week of working out probably cannot change. This is because I refuse to start gaining weight again. It just doesn’t make me feel good. I can’t do much in life. But the fact that I willed myself to learn how to lose weight means I am achieving something to be proud of. And I am not letting that up now.

When it comes to pride, it’s going to be a key to your weight-loss success if you are like me. I didn’t think that I was eating too much. But even when exercising, I still had trouble losing weight. And there were times where I was just not motivated to lose the weight.

What got me motivated was that I hit a breaking point. Until then, I didn’t really realize how big I had gotten. While I was not huge (5 feet 7 and 233 pounds), that was definitely not a healthy weight for me. It seems there is a tendency for some people to underestimate how overweight they are. It’s like the opposite of anorexia. You simply don’t realize how much weight you are gaining. And unless there is some breaking point where you realize that, then you aren’t going to be motivated to lose weight.

Those who finally get motivated and start to lose the weight will then have the chance to lose some and gain that pride.

I suggest having open and honest discussions with people that you love. Ask them how they feel about how you look and how much you weigh. It’s not about attractiveness. It’s about health. Talk to people that you trust and you know love you. And tell them to speak honestly because you need to hear their perspective. And if most of them or at least a lot of them say you really need to lose weight, you probably do. And this may allow you to finally reach that breaking point – that realization – that it’s time to get serious about losing weight.

Once you decide it’s time to burn the weight off, my very affordable Pentamize book can then give you more information about exactly how I lost the weight.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
broke even
+.5 kg
-.1 kg
total +2.1 kg
average +.26 kg in 8 days

Solid Weight Loss On a Recovery Day And One Hour Of Running

Day 66
60-minute run and lost .5 kg

My starting weight today was 75.4 kg. That was due to another poor weight gain of .5 kg on a break day. Hopefully, I can recover today because that is pretty bad.

I always maintain flexibility in my exercise schedule. This is especially important because I have a 3-year-old child. She was a bit sick in the morning, which meant that I needed to try to exercise early so I could watch her all day. Today would have usually meant a 90-minute run. But due to the rushed situation, I only had time to run for 60 minutes.

The result of my one-hour jog was good. My weight went down to 74.2 from the starting weight of 75.4. That was an unusually high 1.2 kg weight loss in one hour. I guess that’s possible because I ran really hard for the last 30 minutes and was sweating a lot. It was about 7 degrees Celsius outside.

My diet on this day was mostly meat, some milk, and a little fruit. I didn’t starve but also didn’t overeat, either.

My weight dropped to 74.9 kg by morning. And that was a very big loss of .5 kg. So it was the exact opposite of yesterday’s break day, which saw a gain of .5 kg. So at least I was able to erase yesterday’s bad result.

I got a headache today and was not even able to stay asleep all night. It’s not clear whether that affected my weight loss. Lack of sleep can cause you to lose less. On the other hand, you sometimes lose even more weight when you are sick. This is why one day of results doesn’t mean much. But from a psychological perspective, I am looking at today’s result as very good since it was a large weight loss of about 1 pound.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I won’t be eating too much since I am not back home in America. So it won’t be a cheat day for me. However, since I still have a headache in the morning, I don’t know yet whether I am going to work out. So whether it will be a break day or not has not been decided. As usual, I will play it by ear and see how I feel physically.

Incidentally, if you are the type of person that tends to get sick a lot, then this could be a problem when it comes to weight loss or maintenance. I can only suggest that you should not unreasonably give yourself excuses to not work out. If you are constantly taking a break day every time you have a small headache, that can end up completely destroying your good weight-loss days. So work out if you are physically able to do so.

Last 5 Jogging Sessions:

90M and -.4 kg
60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
60M and -.6 kg
60M and -.5 kg
total 2663 and -3.5 kg
averages of 61.93 min jogging and -.081 kg in 43 days

Break-Day Results And Some Off-Topic Comments On Sandy Hook

Day 65
Result: gained .5 kg on a break day

On Day 65, I ended up taking a break day even though that was not the original plan. The reason is that I got busy researching some stuff on Sandy Hook, which some people say was a hoax. Ultimately, it appears to me to have been a real event. But the government made some strange decisions that day and then made it worse by being so secretive about the investigation. But ultimately, it just doesn’t make sense to think that an entire town could keep such a secret. Such a wide-ranging conspiracy is to the point of virtual impossibility.

Anyway, I have been gaining weight on almost every break day during this Pentamize weight maintenance experiment. And today was no different. I gained .5 kg, from 74.9 to 75.4. This is exactly why I am still taking a break less than an average of one day a week. Otherwise, I would absolutely be failing on this weight-maintenance goal. As it stands, though, I have continued to maintain, mostly because of having only 7 break days over the 65-day period of this blog and maintenance phase.

As far as Sandy Hook goes, I am not going to do an exhaustive review of my research since that is not the purpose of this blog. Instead, let me just boil it down to the main point. If Sandy Hook Elementary School was in operation that day, then it was a real shooting. If it was not an operational school, then it was a hoax.

There is ample information from school photos, including multiple 2012 calendars and other seemingly current items, to show that the school was, in fact, in operation. Sandy Hook also had a newsletter that was in publication in the months before the shooting. And both the Newtown Bee and other publications, such as Patch, had multiple stories on Sandy Hook and its teachers and students in the years from 2008 to 2012.

Yes, there is something strange about the fact that the Wayback Machine doesn’t show updates from 2008 to 2012. But the Wayback Machine does not track actual activity. It only shows when the Wayback Machine takes a copy of the site and archives it. There are technical reasons why the Wayback Machine may have failed to archive copies of the Sandy Hook site over those years. To hang your hat on that and some selectively chosen pictures of an admittedly messy and out-of-code school is about as thin as it gets. But the people who think Sandy Hook was a hoax hang their hat on that. They are selecting suspicious things and largely ignoring the obvious things which show that Sandy Hook was an operational school at the time of the shooting.

Finally, I have yet to see one single local say that Sandy Hook had been closed down 5 years before the shooting. The only people insisting that it was closed down are nonlocals who selectively choose the most suspicious evidence, interpret it in the most sinister way possible, and simultaneously ignore evidence showing that Sandy Hook was in operation.

Are there other unanswered questions? Absolutely. An evacuation picture of the kids appears to have been rehearsed or something. However, that picture appears like it was possibly taken during a regularly scheduled drill on a totally different day. And the odd behavior of people like coroner Wayne Carver is likely chalked up to the fact that they were processing a crime scene the horror of which even these professionals had never seen before. They are still human beings and could have easily been flustered by such a tragedy.

Who cleaned up the crime scene? This is one of the most frustrating questions that authorities refuse to answer. It’s disgusting that they keep these details secret. But ultimately, there is just no getting around the fact that, out of about 20,000 residents of Newtown, I have yet to see one single local resident say that that school was closed on December 14, 2012. The suspicion aroused by a secretive investigation and incompetent medical procedures simply cannot erase that inescapable fact.

I don’t trust the government, either. They have lied to us over and over again. But that doesn’t mean every tragic event is a false flag. And the great bulk of evidence suggests a sloppy, secretive medical response and investigation of a real Sandy Hook shooting, not a government-staged event to get people’s guns.

A lot of these people actively refuse to look for evidence that this was a real shooting. It’s like they actually want it to be a hoax. These are the true hoaxers. However, others are genuine but legitimately inexperienced in how to investigate and find truth. So they become a victim of their own skepticism of the government, thus becoming overzealous in their search for a conspiracy.

I cannot blame people for their distrust of the government. And it just boggles the mind that Medevac helicopters were not called to the scene. But it’s still valuable to learn how to weigh all the evidence if you are going to search for the truth. Thousands of people in Newtown simply cannot be in on the same conspiracy or have a desire to pretend that Sandy Hook was an operational school. That is completely inconsistent with what we know about the world. It’s astronomically more likely that the authorities were incompetent that day compared to the likelihood that thousands of people would be in on a secret and all be able to keep that secret.

The totals and averages for the 7 break days during this period are posted below.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
broke even
+.5 kg
total +2.2 kg
average +.31 kg in 7 days

Day 64 – Nonjogging Exercise Session Finally Back To Good

One of the things that continues to bother me is that any workout without jogging is not resulting in weight loss. The past two sessions of this nature were really bad. I did a situps-only workout a few days ago, and it was a disaster. I rose by .7 kg. And the time before that, I rose .4 kg when doing calisthenics that did not include any jogging.

The good news today is that I did lose .2 kg after doing another 45-minute calisthenics exercise session. As with the other good days, though, this was a small weight loss. What really has killed me is that my days with weight gain are often terrible, while my good days are just so-so. So as it stands now, I have to continue my active slate of jogging sessions to maintain my weight.

I have never had one great day of weight loss by doing a calisthenics workout (pushups, situps, and similar nonjogging exercises). There is simply no evidence yet that I can maintain my weight without running.

Obviously, I cannot promise what kind of results you would get with any particular exercise routine. The important thing to learn here is that some people MUST engage in regular running sessions or a similar activity that raises the heart rate to at least a moderate level to expect to lose or maintain weight. It’s not clear what percentage of people have to do this. But it’s clear that I am one of them. And obviously, at least some percentage of people are going to have an experience just like me.

For now, I will continue to do these nonjogging sessions because of the other benefits involved. But I am proceeding with any delusion that I can prevent weight gain without jogging. It’s just out of the question for me at this point.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do runs just like me. I run all around town on the sidewalks. Some people find this boring and would rather do something else. For example, if you play basketball with some people, that could achieve similar results. What you want to do is raise that heart rate and keep it up for an extended period of time. How long depends on whether you are at low, moderate, or high intensity. It is possible to have shorter workouts with high intensity. I could only say that working out for 30 minutes or less has not been good for me even if approaching high intensity. Get my Pentamize book and learn exactly how to track your diet and exercise so you can determine for yourself the duration and intensity you need for your weight-loss or maintenance goals.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these all last 45 mins)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
-.2 kg
+.4 kg
-.1 kg
total +.7 kg
average .1 kg of weight gain in 7 sessions