Day 49 – Really Messed Up By Eating Too Many Carbs Today And Not Doing My Weight Tracking

Summary of Today’s Results:

Day 49
45-minute mixed nonjogging workout
weight gain of .8 kg

Today, I started out great with a near-record low weight of 74.2 kg. I actually held that for 2 straight days. But disaster then struck due to some mistakes that I made.

First, this was not a cheat day. But I did treat it kind of like a cheat day just due to the fact that I didn’t effectively limit my food intake or do enough tracking.

For one, I ate a whole lot of carbs today. I had spaghetti and way too much garlic bread. Before really kicking my weight loss into overdrive during my full weight-loss mode, I ate a lot of bread and rice. When I dramatically cut down on those high-carb foods and started tracking everything using my Pentamize methods, I started losing about 2.7 pounds of week for close to 3 months.

Today, I lost my discipline and rose to 76.2 kg by the last meal. That is 2.0 kg from the morning weigh-in. And the last meal was at about 6 in the evening. So this is going to be a disaster by morning unless I have an unusually high amount of weight loss overnight. My weight dropped to 75.9 by 8:15. This is helping a little, but I’ll likely just have to try to make up for this the next 2 or 3 days. There is so much more to lose that it would take a personal record to get anywhere near 74.2. It’s very unlikely to happen. My weight will hopefully get down to at least 75.0. But nothing more can be expected.

Pretty much like I predicted, my morning weight was 75.0 kg for the morning weigh-in. That is a disastrous increase of .8 kg.

I can tell you the main problem that I had here. If just superficially looking on the surface, the obvious basic reason is that I simply ate too much food today. But one of things I discovered when developing my Pentamize Weight Loss System is that there are ways to track your diet to avoid overeating.

You see, it’s really easy to accidentally overeat. I certainly didn’t wake up this morning and tell myself, “You know, I’ll overeat today and increase my weight by almost 5 pounds by bedtime.” Of course, no such thought entered my mind.

I explained my tracking system to someone, and he claimed it was unnecessary. You know why he thinks this? Because he does not have a weight problem. Those who do have a weight problem due to excessive eating need an effective daily tracking program. This is the MVP of my weight-loss system, and I teach it in my book.

I simply failed to use my own system today. And that’s why I gained so much weight. It’s not solely from eating a lot of carbs. No matter what you consume, you can still overeat. But my two failures were lack of a balanced diet and failure to track my diet. Those two mistakes on the same day risk disaster.

My workout today was my new 45-minute hard workout. Unfortunately, the results are not going to be good. And it’s going to be a little misleading because the workout is fine. It was my diet that sank me today. Nonetheless, I will track today’s results and keep on tracking this new workout until I have at least 20 days of results. It’s always important to focus on recovering from a bad day of weight gain instead of negatively dwelling on it. Learn your lesson and move on to greener pastures.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (each day is exactly 45 minutes)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
total +.6 kg
average .15 kg of weight gain in 4 sessions

Day 48 – Rain Can’t Stop Me: Part 2

This was a Saturday, and I waited for several hours for it to stop raining. But it never stopped. So I went ahead and made the best of it despite the rain.

My workout was a 1-hour run, with most of it being in the rain and splashing through water puddles. This slowed me down enough that I just didn’t lose much weight during the workout. I dropped from 75.0 kg to only 74.5 kg. Compare that to yesterday, where I lost .8 kg instead of only .5. Also, it’s pretty common for me to lose a full kilogram when running for a whole 60 minutes.

I previously wrote a blog post and explained that even rain won’t stop me from working out. For some of you, your only choice may be to exercise outdoors if you want to jog. I also don’t have any other options. I can’t even run in place in my apartment building because it would shake the other apartments. So when it rains, my only option for a jogging workout is to just get out there in the rain and get it done.

If you can brave the inclimate weather, I would do it. But this depends on how hard it is raining. Of course, you don’t want to run in a downpour. However, you are going to have to come up with some kind of game plan if it frequently rains in your area and causes you to cancel your workout sessions. Doing pushups, crunches, and similar calisthenics in your own house is something you can do if you have no other choice. The point is that your weight loss or maintenance is probably going to suffer if you are constantly canceling sessions due to weather.

On this Day 48, I finished the run at 6 in the evening. Thus, I still need to eat one more meal. This might cause me to gain weight today. But I won’t get down about it because I at least got out there and finished the run even though it slowed me down. Even if I gain weight, there is always something positive to focus on.

The jump to 75.4 after eating and drinking was even more than expected. Still, though, I kind of expected to gain weight today because the loss was so big yesterday. And when combined with the fact that I had to run slowly due to the rain, it didn’t make for a good set of factors for positive results today.

Despite the late jump, I somehow dropped all the way back down to 74.2 kg in the morning. That is a big drop. I have no idea what is going on the past 2 days, but my weight is dropping nicely at night. With the huge drop, I managed to break even today.

The 6 previous jogging sessions are listed below, following by averages for all sessions recorded since I started this Pentamize blog. These comprise 32 days of nonstop jogging sessions in 48 days. I am now .8 kg below the starting maintenance weight of 75.0. Click here for more updated averages for all types of sessions, including break days.

45M and +.5 kg
60M and +.3 kg
60M and +.2 kg
90M and -.6 kg
60M and -.7 kg
60M and break even
total 1883 and -2.1 kg
avg. 58.8 min jogging and -.066 kg in 32 days

Day 47 – A Good Psychological Tip For Exercise – “Just Slow Down”

Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog
November 4, 2016
Day 47
Result: end weight of 74.2 kg and large weight loss of .7 kg

In the morning, I was still experiencing some abdominal and side pain from the gallstones. But I finally felt better in the evening. So this made it a little easier to run for one hour as compared to the past few days.

I do understand that some people may have certain kinds of physical pain that is so unbearable that they cannot jog or do other types of exercise. For me, there is nothing in general that stops me from working out most days. I have the gallstone problem. But unless the pain gets really severe, it does not stop me from working out. I just go more slowly than usual. That is one of my common-sense psychological methods.

You can use small but important psychological techniques like this to help you exercise. And I go into them in more detail in my Pentamize ebook. It can be purchased from the home page of this website.

I definitely did not starve myself today, and my weight had risen to 75.4 by the time of my 7:30 p.m. run. And I went back to 74.6 as a result of the run. That is a loss of .8 kg.

After the run, I was still hungry and decided to eat some chicken patties, a couple of meatballs, and a piece of bread. That caused me to rise back up to 75.1 kg. This is a very good ending point for the night, and I will undoubtedly lose weight today by the time of the morning weigh-in.

Actually, I am not sure why I am doing so well today as far as losing weight. I ate an average amount and ran at an average speed. But these daily results are impossible to understand, anyway. The important thing is to learn exactly how to track every key metric in a weight loss plan so you can measure every aspect of your performance. My book can help you personalize this tracking for yourself.

My results were even better than expected. I dropped to 74.2 kg. That is a bigger drop than average for me as far as weight lost while sleeping. The overall weight loss of .7 kg during this 24-hour period is way more than average. Sometimes, you just have a really good day, just like you sometimes have a really bad day.

I had a very good day today and am not even tired. So the plan will be to work out again tomorrow. I have plenty of energy to do that. In fact, I may even go 90 minutes, giving me some chance of dropping below 74.0 kg. However, it’s possible that my weight will bounce back up since I just lost so much today. So it’s not wise to set a one-day goal for actual weight loss or gain. Rather, your daily goal should simply be to stick to your regular diet and exercise plan.

Day 46 – Is Exercise Mandatory To Lose Or Maintain Weight?

My results for Day 46 were a weight gain of .3 kg on a break day. This is a very typical result for my exercise break days. Note that this is not a cheat day. I ate a reasonable diet. By “break,” I only mean that I did not exercise. My final weight was 74.9 kg, up from 74.6.

I have been taking a break day during maintenance mode about once a week. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it a different way), exercising this much is an apparent requirement for me to maintain my current weight level. I am just about 5 pounds into the BMI overweight range. But I don’t personally consider that to really be overweight. So I don’t care about that. What I do care about is making sure that I don’t start gaining weight again.

Right now, at 46, I am in the best shape I have been since I was about 30 years old. There’s no going back to being lazy for me. It’s in my blood now. And I simply refuse to gain a bunch of weight again. The only thing that would push me to that lifestyle again is a medical condition that is completely out of my control. As long as I am in control, I refuse to go back to being obese. There is just nothing positive to it.

Today just seemed like a good time to take a break. So I didn’t work out at all and tried to limit myself to a decent amount of food intake. I didn’t count calories, which is not my normal practice and not how I lost almost 70 pounds with Pentamize tracking. But I do know from experience that I eat roughly 2000 calories a day.

In my book, I definitely do not teach people to not count calories. But I focus on weight tracking, which can also include food weight. Get my book to learn my entire tracking method.

I will give you one important piece of advice about USDA calorie guidelines. Simply put, DO NOT TRUST THEM as the be all and end all to dieting. I have eaten substantially less than recommended calorie counts before and still gained weight. You must track your own results and not rely on a government or other medical chart that tells you how much to eat. These are necessarily based on average figures and say nothing about you on a personal level. My Pentamize book shows you how to track for your own success.

As for me, I continue to do poorly on break days. Today, I gained another .3 kg. That makes for a disastrous average of .34 kg of daily weight gain over the 5 break days that have been recorded during this Pentamize maintenance-mode blog. Looking at this, you can easily see why I have no choice but to maintain a regular exercise schedule. It appears to be impossible for me to maintain weight unless I stay physically active.

This is what bugs me about diet books or plans that claim you don’t have to exercise. There is no way that I am overeating. I actively use psychological and other techniques that helped me lose about 70 pounds. And during that entire period, I gained weight on days with little to no exercise. This is not just during maintenance mode. It also occurred during full weight-loss mode. I have absolutely proven that my weight goes up when I don’t exercise. So I would be very skeptical of any diet plan that says exercise is not necessary. It might not be for you personally. But if you are the average person, you are running a huge risk by not establishing an active workout schedule.

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
+.3 kg
total +1.7 kg
average +.34 kg in 5 days

Small Weight Gain On Day 45 Of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Mode

Day 45 Results:

1. I did a 45-minute nonjogging workout.
2. I lost approximately .2 kg during the session.
3. My final weight was 74.6 kg. That is a small weight gain of .1 kg.

After 2.5 hours of jogging the last 2 days, it’s time to step back from running today. So it’s the perfect time to do a hard mixed workout. My new 45-minute workout is good for this since it involves no running.

Once again, I just didn’t feel that well, with a little more pain from gallstones. So the afternoon workout never got done. The good part is that I am doing well on maintaining my weight. I was still at only 74.7 or so in the early afternoon. And at 6 in the evening, I was at 74.9 kg.

The pain is a little less right now. So I will go do my workout even though it’s late.
I was able to complete the workout at night. My abs are still sore, but my upper-body muscles (chest and biceps) are quickly getting accustomed to pushups and dips. Additionally, I can do a lot more now. In fact, I was able to complete pretty much all 6 sets of 30 pushups with proper form and no breaks. As far as dips, I have been doing sets of 7. I was able to do the first 5 sets of 7 with no breaks. But on the last set, I couldn’t push back up on the last 2. This is better than before, though.

The idea is to increase the number of reps soon, but not the number of sets. I am thinking that an increase to 35 pushups and 8 dips per set is the kind of small increase that I need. That will allow me to progress slowly without getting a lot of soreness. There will be no increase yet in the number of situps. However, I am using a machine that allows me to hold my legs in place and bend backwards to do the situps. And I can go down a little further instead of increasing the number of reps.

I ate too much after the workout, gaining more weight than expected. By morning, though, I dropped back down to 74.6 kg. That is a weight gain on the day, but it’s only .1 kg.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these all last 45 minutes)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
total -.2 kg
average .067 kg of weight loss in 3 sessions

It’s probably time for a break tomorrow. I am still not feeling well and having some pain from gallstones. But I don’t use this as an excuse unless the pain is just so intense that I don’t have enough energy to work out. In fact, I worked out the last 3 days despite having some pain. But tomorrow feels like a natural break day.