Lost .7 KG Even When Eating Pizza

My diet is a little bit off so far today, but not in an especially bad way. In fact, I am almost at the usual time for my 4th snack but have still only had 2. I will discuss 2 options in this blog post for dealing with this situation. The reason it’s important is because, with the size of snacks in a snacks-only diet being so small, you really should not be skipping. So if you fall behind, it’s arguably good to make up for it by eating additional food the rest of the day.

True, the goal of a diet plan is usually not to add food. But it’s not actually adding in this situation. Rather, you are making up for a missed snack. Now, someone may think, “Hey, I am dieting, anyway. Might as well eat one less snack today.” The problem with that approach is that you may get so hungry that you end up going on a mini-binge later in the day or eat too much the next day.

If you fall behind a snack, there are 2 simple options:

1. Eat an additional snack at the end of the day; or
2. Eat 2 snacks in 1 for the next snack or some other later snack on the same day.

Which of these options you choose is going to depend on several factors. But let’s just keep it simple and say you should pick the one that is most practical or convenient for you. For example, if you usually eat your last snack close to bedtime, then you might not even have time to eat an additional snack later. In that case, doubling up on one snack might be better for your situation.

If you do have time to fit in an extra snack before bedtime, then it’s going to depend on whether you are prepared to eat 2 snacks in 1 and whether you like that. Some people do, and some don’t. Snack preparation is also a factor. Are you prepared to eat 2 snacks in 1? While it’s often a matter of eating the same thing twice or having an extra helping, only you know whether or not you are sufficiently prepared to do that. In my case, I am not a big fan of doubling up because I like to keep my mental focus on eating small snacks. So I will probably eat a little extra at the end of the day today.

Right before the 3rd snack, my weight was still at only 79.3, or a .3 kg daily increase. This has the potential for a monster day if I keep the proper diet.

I ate 5 snacks in all before bedtime (including half a pizza), but my weight was still great. My max was about 80.1. If I lose 1 kg overnight, that would set up a monster day. But regardless, it looks like I will be losing plenty of weight.

Losing .1 kg is tough in this spot because I don’t have much to lose to begin with. But I did go down to 79.4 by wakeup time. After that, results got even better. I went to the bathroom, ran for about 85 minutes, and then had a final weigh-in of 78.3 kg. It was raining and a little cold and windy, too. But that was a decent loss of around 1 kg from the running session, and I lost a big .7 kg today.

I am happy to be back in the low 78 range and need to keep this up for a few days. The expectation is to be in the low 77 range or possibly even the 76 range after Friday morning’s run. But I am worried too much about the results and prefer to focus on doing the right thing. If I do, the results will be sufficient.

Good Weight Loss Despite Lack of Tracking

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like tracking my weight all day long even if I am at home and have the ability to do that. It can get tedious at times. As a general rule, though, I recommend tracking several times a day.

If you have a very steady diet, it would not be necessary to track that much if you already know your typical or average results. The more variable your diet or exercise is, though, the more often you will generally need to track.

Because my diet is somewhat variable, I do need to stay on top of my daily weight gain. Even with a snacks-only diet, I am often eating various different food items that can possibly cause me to overeat. I don’t have weight or calorie counts on everything, so body-weight tracking is very valuable in my case.

Despite my general need to track thoroughly, I just didn’t feel like it today. However, I did try to follow my snacks-only diet and appear to have done a decent job. My starting weight was 79.3. After getting up and going to the bathroom, I was at 79.9. So that had me at only .6 over for the day. This is an approximate figure, as I was in a hurry to start running.

The plan was to do 90 minutes, but I was a little bit short on time. Nonetheless, I was able to get in 79 minutes. After that, I went to the bathroom and weighed in at 79.1 kg. That was with about 2 hours to go for the weigh-in. And I was already at a daily weight loss at this point in time.

Despite the lack of tracking today, I avoided any major mistakes that would have caused me to go over. I credit the snacks-only concept with this result. But if you don’t have a good understanding of your own diet and eating habits, not tracking could be a big problem. If you can’t do everything in your head, then that is what the scale is for.

I have practiced the snacks-only method for around 2 months now, so I can occasionally relax the tracking and do a whole day’s diet on “feel.” But before starting the snacks-only routine, my meal sizes were all over the map, resulting in lots of nasty surprises if I did not rigorously track my weight. The snacks-only diet might not work for everybody, but I certainly recommend at least trying it if your health professional says it’s okay for you. This routine has helped me avoid a lot of diet mistakes, and that’s especially true on a day like today (because of the failure to track).

I finished the day off at 79.0 kg, which is a daily weight loss of .3 kg. This is very good when considering my failure to properly track throughout the day. It is also a .4 kg loss the past days after the enormous increase of 2.2 kg the 2 days before.

I’ll be running every day for probably 5 days now. That plan will not change unless my daughter gets sick and has to stay home from preschool. The goal is to also continue following the snacks-only diet for all of those days. At this point, I don’t want to set any specific short-term goals except to just stop cheating on this diet. It’s killing me and making me have to work out way too much.

Slight Weight Loss With a 90-Minute Running Session

Today started out quite well. I was up from 79.4 to about 79.7 after a couple of snacks.

The 90-minute run result was very poor. I ran and got down to about 79.0, but this was in the afternoon (the middle of the tracking day instead of in the morning and near the end).

I did not track the rest of the afternoon and evening, but my weight was back down to about 79.7 at 5 in the morning. That left 6 more hours to hopefully get back down to 79.4 or better.

I was flirting with the idea of running again, but that would be pretty brutal since I already have 90 minutes of running during this 24-hour period. Any more would be pushing beyond a realistic amount since it could result in injuries if done on a regular basis. Also, it looks like I will be close to breakeven today. So there is no urgency to lose additional weight now.

At 9 in the morning, I had dropped to about 79.3. So today should show a weight loss since I will not be eating or drinking anything until the 11 a.m. final weigh-in. Actually, 79.3 already shows a loss of .1 kg.

I didn’t lose any more today. That was a nominal loss of .1 kg. More was expected, but I can’t really complain about any loss. I may have consumed a little too many smoothies yesterday in the early evening. Digestion from those and additional food that I ate later in the day than usual could be delayed. So tomorrow will hopefully be a better day as long as my diet discipline is good.

Due to a lack of tracking after the run, I am not actually sure whether I overate today. The less you track, the more likely you are going to be completely guessing what happened. I can only guess that I may have delayed digestion today because I ate most food in the early evening and later. At any rate, it’s not always possible to track after every single meal. But if you can’t track, it’s best to have a pre-arranged set of meals or snacks so you don’t accidentally overeat.

Because I don’t like being that rigid about food choices, my preference is to avoid overeating by tracking. I talk about this constantly in this blog. But if you have not read about it yet, then I will just summarize that you need to determine an estimated maximum weight increase and track closely enough to avoid going over that mark.

Tomorrow needs to be a good day. I plan on following a snacks-only diet (I did not follow this precisely today because of the smoothies) and doing some exercise. The small .7 kg loss from the run today is also something that I can hopefully improve on. Unfortunately, about the only way to fix that is to hope for the best or increase intensity. I am not going to increase my intensity for various reasons, but I have to remain confident that my average result is going to be a lot better than today’s dismal .7.

Second Day In a Row With a 1.1 KG Weight Gain

I am back up to .9 kg over for the day before the 3rd snack. This is hopefully not a repeat of yesterday’s fiasco. But that’s a pretty fast increase that gives me pause.

I’m not sure if the fast early rise in weight really matters all that much since one of my rules is to never starve or skip snacks, anyway. However, there is still value in knowing where you are in the middle of the day. And that value comes from the fact that tracking allows you to slightly modify the size of your snacks the rest of the day (or part of the day) by making them a little smaller.

There is a difference between starving or skipping meals (snacks) and merely modifying the size of your snacks or meals. In this case, I know that .9 is a typical weight after 3 snacks. For some reason, though, I am up to .9 after 2 meals and right before the 3rd one. I don’t know why except that it is not clearly due to overeating. So it may just be water retention. At any rate, the idea is to make the next couple of snacks on the smaller side compared to usual. This will at least reduce the odds of gaining weight by the end of the day.

Eating somewhat smaller snacks has a lower risk of unwanted side effects than starving or skipping. If you skip or starve, there is a serious risk of getting overly hungry and actually eating more than you would have if you had not skipped at all. You may skip a snack that is .2 kg, but it does no good if the next one you eat is .5 kg. That means you will often be eating .1 kg extra compared to not skipping at all.

I am not saying there is no risk at all of making your snacks smaller the rest of the day. In fact, I am not even attempting to present scientific proof of anything here. It is possible that “downsizing” could backfire, as well. But since you are still eating something every couple of hours, it is generally easier to maintain discipline.

As for what I just did today, my weight actually only went up .1 kg after the 3rd snack (to 79.3 kg). So this method is working fine for me so far today. I am 1.0 kg over with 2 snacks to go.

I did okay until the last snack, when I rose to 79.9 kg, or 1.6 kg over. I did not fail to follow my diet, though. The last snack was bigger, but the average size of snacks eaten today seemed fine. A 1.6 increase is a bit high and puts me at risk of gaining some weight unless I exercise.

Oops. I totally blew it after writing the paragraph above. Someone brought some KFC home. I didn’t eat that much of it but did drink almost 2 full cups of coke. This turned into a partial cheat day, and I paid dearly for it.

When waking up, I was still at 79.6 kg. I am now going to be back in the 79 range from the 77 range in only 2 days. The good part is that I know I can recover from this with hard work. And it isn’t really that hard since my runs don’t have to be fast. They just have to last a while.

There is just no way that I can cheat and not gain weight. If I can’t stop cheating, that is always going to mean more exercise. I can do that as long as I avoid injury. Because constant running has produced ankle soreness, I really need to be more careful with the diet cheating.

My final weight today was 79.4 kg. That is another increase of 1.1 kg, which is the same amount as yesterday.

Huge Gain Of 1.1 KG Today (No Exercise)

Today, I will be attempting to lose weight for the 4th day in a row. The last 3 days are so good (lost 2.0 kg) that I would be happy with any amount of weight loss and would not even be all that upset with a breakeven result or slight weight gain. However, because I will not be running on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning, it would be nice to have one more good day here, including a Thursday morning run.

30 minutes before the last snack of the day (I’ll still have water but no more food), I weighed in at 79.4. This is shocking, and I have no idea how that happened. I have tried to follow the typical snacks-only diet and do not appear to have made any big mistakes. I am really at a loss for words as to how that happened.

Well, there is nothing I can do about this now. Maybe it is water that is still in my body but will be gone by morning. At any rate, I am not going to skip the last snack. Regardless of what happens here, I knew a day like this was bound to come because of the large weight loss the past 3 days. Just the other day, I said I would never be shocked again at low overnight weight loss. Yet, here I am shocked again, although this is a different situation. Yes, I used to increase like this a lot during the day under my old diet. But this is far and away the most I have ever seen on a snacks-only diet day. The day is not even over yet, and the 2.2 is already .4 over the previous (estimated) high mark of about 1.8. Disaster unless this weight comes off naturally in the next 16 hours.

The last snack was delayed for about an hour, and I did manage to lose approximately .4 kg over that time. I was at about 79.1 and then had a final snack.

Wakeup time was an unmitigated disaster. I was still at 78.8 even after a large pee. I don’t even know how that is possible. But I said I would never be surprised at a low overnight weight low in this situation.

Due to a scheduling change, I cannot run, either. So I am going to have a huge weight gain today, but I might fit in a run tomorrow to make up for this disaster at least a little.

I did have 4 hours left after the 78.8 weigh-in. But that’s not likely going to help all that much. With 2 hours to go, I had gotten down to 78.6. That still had me at a huge 1.4 over for the day. On the bright side, I lost so much the past 3 days that I am still .6 kg under if including this disastrous day. It’s still a nice step in the right direction, and I have to get used to this kind of thing happening. This wild swing is supposed to occur and cannot be avoided short of starvation or dehydration.

Things got even better after going to the bathroom again. I shot down to about 78.3, so a huge, potentially unprecedented disaster is turning into a regular disaster. Even if I do still gain about 1 kg today, it is more than offset by the past 3 days of excellent results. It does put me back in the 78 range, which is the most disappointing part. But that will be fixed next week.

I did not go down any more and finished at 78.3 kg. It is odd that the last 4 hours showed more weight loss than overnight, which included a full night’s sleep. At any rate, I refuse to be surprised any further about those kinds of weird things and will focus on overall results.

I gained 1.1 kg today, rising from 77.2 to 78.3. But since I was 79.2 4 days ago, that is an overall weight loss of .9 kg in 4 days. That is a solid average of over .2 kg per day when including this terrible day. All in all, I am happy.