Wheels Completely Came Off The Bus Today Due To Inadequate Diet Tracking; Redemption Achieved Nonetheless

Day 322

I’m not even sure what happened today, and I will explain why I don’t know and how to avoid this problem for yourself. To put it in one sentence, I failed to track today and suffered greatly because of it.

I see this over and over again, and the one thing that never fails is that my Pentamize tracking is the real glue that holds things together. Yes, I must have discipline to eat a reasonable amount and maintain a lifestyle that includes effective calorie-burning exercise. But those 2 things (especially diet) can’t be achieved (at least by me) without tracking everything.

I woke up and went to the bathroom and was still 80.6 kg this morning. That is a ridiculous disaster that will have me gaining weight no matter what I do. Sure, I guess I could work out for 3 hours and might burn it off. But my body is not prepared to work out that much in a day. So that’s not going to happen. I am just going to have to gain whatever I gain today and start tracking properly again.

Now, what happened? I mean, I should have been in the 79 range after getting up this morning. But my weight is way over that. Did I overeat? Yes, I am sure I did. But why did I overeat to this degree? The truth is, this is what happens when I don’t track everything. People have disagreed with me, not understanding how important it is to weigh yourself on a daily basis. Yes, some people don’t need this. But that doesn’t mean others don’t need it. I am one of those people, and today is just another example.

In my case, the weigh-ins are necessary even more than once a day. If I want to lose weight or maintain a certain range (around 75 to 77 for me), then the only way I have ever done that over a long period of time is to meticulously track my diet.

I suppose I wouldn’t have to track exercise results every day since I already have a pretty good idea of the results. But food intake varies to a large degree unless you are eating the same thing every day, including relatively the same amount. Thus, lack of tracking on an intraday basis means you are just guessing how you are doing on your diet unless you have some kind of fine-tuned internal system for doing it. I certainly don’t have such a “sixth sense,” so tracking multiple times a day is how I keep tabs on my diet.

Now, I am sitting at 80.6 kg and am destined to gain weight today. Like I said, nothing short of something crazy, like 3 hours of exercise, is going to work. So the damage is done, and I’ll likely have to recover from this over several days.

Let me summarize. If you are very consistent on your diet or exercise (meaning you eat or do the same thing and the same amount every day), then it’s not as important to do Pentamize tracking on a daily or even intraday basis. But if your diet or exercise varies on a regular basis, then tracking becomes more important and may become so vital that it’s an indispensable component of your weight-loss endeavors. It is that vital to me, and today proves it yet again.

Are there days when I do well despite not tracking on a meticulous basis? Yes, but that does nothing for a day like today. That’s like saying it’s okay to run a red light because you just ran a red light and didn’t have an accident. The point is you will eventually have an accident if you keep running red lights.

I was frustrated due to what happened when I woke up. At the same time, my body seemed to have plenty of energy. So I decided to run for 2 hours to make up for these tracking and dieting mistakes. I actually lost 2.1 kg and got all the way down to 78.2 kg. That means I actually lost .3 kg today! Even though negative thoughts had consumed me, I kept my head up and lost all that extra weight, anyway. Of course, it’s not practical to expect to run 2 hours every day. But when it’s time to sacrifice, it’s time to sacrifice.

The result today was achieved despite a lack of diet-exercise balance. Read tomorrow’s blog for more information on the topic of diet-exercise balance and why it is important. But also read this Day 322 blog post again as a good example of why such balance is important. Although turned out to be a success, it took 2 hours of exercise to do it. Is this realistic? Certainly not for me. So better balance is mandatory in the long run.

Last Blog Post Until Getting Back From Vacation

Day 298

This will be my last blog post until getting back from vacation. My family is going to London for 5 days. We fly back on July 21. So my next blog post will be an update on some amount of definite weight gain over this trip. Hopefully, I will stay below 79.0. But I am going to enjoy myself and not worry about it too much.

It’s still not clear whether I will be able to exercise on this trip. We are staying near Hyde Park, which apparently has some good trails. But I’ll have to scope it out first. And even if I do exercise, it won’t be every day. Hotels with gyms were a bit too expensive, so that option didn’t work out. Of course, it would be great to choose a hotel with a gym if you are taking a trip and want to keep up your exercise plan. But this is going to depend on your finances, and $300+ a night for a hotel with a gym seemed awfully excessive to me.

I have had a lot of ups and downs over the past few weeks. But all in all, I have still maintained my weight to a reasonable degree. 76.7 was my Day 297 weight, and that is 1.7 kg (about 3 to 4 pounds) over my target weight. As discussed recently, though, it is not easy to hit and maintain my target weight. I feel that a difficult weight keeps me motivated, while an easier weight to maintain may cause me to slack off too much. So as long as I stay within a few pounds, then I am happy.

Now, it’s understandable that I may get more than 5 pounds over my target weight if going on vacation. And this is going to happen even on a 5-day trip. That is okay as long as I stay committed to losing that weight when getting back home and resuming my normal schedule.

I don’t want to go too crazy on this trip as far as diet. But it just stands to reason that I am going to cheat. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to stick to your diet on a trip. But that is really hard when you are going to a new place and not familiar with the surroundings. Thus, for this London trip, I’ll just enjoy myself but try to place a reasonable limit each day.

I did one last run in the morning before going on my trip. When I woke up, my weight was a disappointing 78.2 even after going to the bathroom twice. Then, I ran for approximately 81 minutes, losing about 1.0 kg. I then weighed in at 77.1 at about 10 in the morning. I am going to weigh in at 12 noon, and this may be another day with a bit of weight gain. Although I am not happy with this, I drank a comparatively large amount of water yesterday. This may be a factor in today’s weight.

I decided to weigh in a couple of hours early, and my final weight was 77.0 kg. This is a gain of .3 kg, but you have to keep in mind that the weigh-in was early. So while I gained even more weight again today, I am still .3 kg to the positive since right before beginning extreme measures.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll be back in 5 days.

Gained Back Half The Weight Lost From Extreme Measures

Day 297

I am coming off of a very solid 3 days, with a weight loss of 1.2 kg. All 3 days involved extreme measures. In this case, I did “2 a day” running sessions each day.
They certainly had the desired effect, with weight losses of .5, .5, and .2 kg. The last day was tougher to squeeze out a loss for some reason. Without extreme measures on the 3rd day, I probably would have broken even or gained a little. Having that happen once out of 3 days is pretty normal, though. So it shows that all 3 days were a big success.

Unfortunately, my weight rose a lot yet again after running to end Day 296. I rose to 79.1 kg before bedtime. That is about the same as yesterday. But the problem is I am not doing extreme measures in the morning. So it may be difficult to break even and even harder to lose weight. Anyway, I have lost so much over the past 3 days that giving back a little might not be such a bad thing. It certainly won’t be a surprise.

Based on my weight before going to bed, it’s already clear that a 90-minute run is in the works tomorrow morning. This is the only way to even come close to getting back down to 76.1 kg.

I had a very unfortunate low weight loss overnight. I was 78.4 kg when getting up. However, that was pretty early, as I woke up very early for some reason.

I also had a much slower run than the past few days. My body seemed to be hitting a wall, so I just slowed down and kept that slow pace all the way to the end. And my heart rate was only about 108. My weight was about 77.3 after this long but slow session, which was a drop of close to 1.0 kg. That was still early, at about 8:30 in the morning. However, that is an alarming number because my workout is already done. The weight will now have to drop naturally over the next 4 hours or so before the official weigh-in. This is not going to be a pretty result. But maybe this was bound to eventually happen due to the enormous 1.2 kg combined loss of the past 3 days. So I will keep a positive attitude and accept this as a natural correction.

My weight is dropping some naturally, but not really on the dramatic basis that would be required to lose all the weight. At 11 in the morning, I weighed in at about 76.6 kg. That is definitely progress, but 2 more hours probably won’t be enough to lose the rest down to 76.1. Giving back some of the 1.2 lost over the past 3 days is not so bad, though. I would just like it to be .4 or less. Regardless, my extreme measures were very successful at reversing a very bad streak of weight gain even though I am giving back some of the recovery today.

The weight just wasn’t coming off anymore. I finished the day at 76.7 kg, which is a large weight gain of .6 kg.

This is exactly what I have noticed before when doing extreme measures. I will lose a lot of weight when doing the extreme measures. Then, I will gain some of that back right after ceasing the measures. In this case, I gave back half of what I lost. Here are the results for the last 4 days:

Day 1 – extreme measures – lost .5 kg (76.8 from 77.3)
Day 2 – extreme measures – lost .5 kg (76.3 from 76.8)
Day 3 – extreme measures – lost .2 kg (76.1 from 76.3)
Day 4 – no extreme measures – gained .6 kg (76.7 from 76.1)

This is still a weight loss of .6 kg over 4 days. While it is a downer gaining back half the weight in one day, the fact remains that the extreme measures worked to stop m previous streak of weight gain. So it’s still a big success.

Third and Final Day For This Stretch Of Extreme Measures; Lost .2 KG

Day 296

I might be doing some extreme measures to recover from my 5-day vacation, which starts on Sunday. But for now, today will be the last day for extreme measures. This is the 3rd day in a row, and it’s been very successful so far. I have lost 1.0 kg (down from 77.3 to 76.3) over the past 2 days. Interestingly, both days saw the exact same weight loss of .5 kg.

At 5 in the afternoon, I had risen to about 78.2 kg. If I want to do really well diet wise today, then I am going to need to slow down on food. I would like to not pass 78.7 kg. So it’s important to engage in some hardcore Pentamize tracking the rest of the day. The idea is not to starve. Placing a limit of about 78.7 should be good enough to set me up for the third day of weight loss in a row while still giving myself enough to eat and tide me over for the rest of the night and morning.

I was approximately 78.4 at 7 in the evening. So I am getting really close to that 78.7. It’s time to be extra careful here and not go over.

Well, I messed that up. After eating one last meal, I rose to about 79.1. Despite this failure, there is still a good chance to lose weight again on this last “extreme measures” day. If need be, I’ll just run even more than the last 2 days since this is the last day to maximize weight loss before my short trip.

When I woke up, I was at 78.0, which was also yesterday’s wakeup mark. However, I had awakened a little earlier. So this mark might improve before I start my first running session this morning.

Like yesterday, my first run today will be 40 minutes. This will give me the opportunity to directly compare with yesterday’s results. So far, it appears that I am a little behind, and it will be difficult to hit 77.2 by the end of the first run. However, this is fine because I can increase the duration of the second run if necessary.

I dropped to 77.7 about an hour after getting up (bathroom usage helped this reduction). This is looking a little better now, and it may give me a chance to avoid a really long second workout.

Note: The weight with a bathroom-type scale can only be an estimate since they tend to give slightly inconsistent readings. With the one I am using, it can be a difference of about a half a pound. So I weigh more than once to try to get a good estimate. This morning, I weighed again later and was 78.0 then weighed yet again and was 77.8. I believe that 77.8 is pretty close to the accurate mark. So I am setting this as my weight before the first run. All weights in this blog are estimates. But they are very close estimates. There are no figures that are 3 or 5 pounds off or anything ridiculous like that. We are talking fractions of a pound off at most. So the numbers are generally reliable, although it could be a problem with a contest or something like that. But since there is no contest here, slight inaccuries are not a concern.

I ran hard for 40 minutes, finishing at a heart rate of about 144. Despite that, the scale showed only a weight loss of .5 kg. That seems off, but it still puts me in good position before the second run. I am 1.0 kg above yesterday’s finishing weight. Now, it’s time to wait it out about an hour to 90 minutes before doing the 2nd session. Hopefully, I will drop some more by then and won’t have to run more than 75 minutes.

My second run was 77 minutes, and I lost about 1.0 to 1.1 kg. This dropped my weight to 76.1 kg. I was really thirsty right after the run. So I decided to call it a day there and have an official weigh-in of 76.1. This was a weight loss of .2 kg. Today is an example of a situation where I may have actually gained a small amount of weight even when running 90 minutes. I ran 23 extra minutes, and that time usually does cause a loss of approximately .2 kg. So it would have been around even. So the extra time appears to have been the major factor that allowed me to lose a little weight today.

My 3 days of extreme measures are over, and it was an awesome recovery. I dropped 1.2 kg (.5, .5, and .2), which was a drop from 77.3 to 76.1. Get the Pentamize book to learn more about extreme measures. My extreme techniques have never failed me yet. So this is one of the most vital aspects of my weight loss system.

Second Day Of This Round Of Extreme Measures And Lost .5 KG Again

Day 295

After an awesome day with a weight loss of .5 kg during a day of extreme measures, it’s time to do it all again. I started the day at 76.8 kg, and the goal is to lose more weight for a second day in a row.

I rose arguably a little too much during the day, reaching 79.1 kg by 7:30 in the evening. The good part is that I don’t really need to eat anything else, and I am not thirsty, either.

Since I was 78.3 when waking up this morning, things are looking pretty good so far. I might even be fairly close to that before going to bed. However, my weight will probably still be at least in the mid to high 78 range at bedtime. This should set me up for a nice weight loss in the morning after finishing my 2-a-day sessions.

For Day 294, I ran 30 minutes for the first session and 75 minutes for the second and final one. That is a total of 105 minutes, or 15 minutes more than a typical 90-minute workout. And my total weight loss was 1.2 kg. It was pretty easy since this was split into 2 sessions.

One session of 90 minutes straight feels a little more difficult than these 2 sessions even though these split workouts were 15 minutes longer. I might even consider doing this more often. But for now, I am just focusing on using this method as an extreme measure to lose weight. But whether I will do split workouts during normal weight maintenance phase is something I’ll have to think about.

I will probably do 30 and 75 minutes again even if that is not needed. It seemed like a good idea to do 2 more hard days of extreme measures, including today. This is important because of my 5-day vacation, which starts on Sunday. I won’t have so much time to do extra workouts on Saturday and Sunday. So this it is important to maximize my workouts today and tomorrow. However, there will still be time to work out once on Saturday morning and maybe Sunday morning.

My weight was 78.0 right after waking up and going to the bathroom. That was about .3 kg better than yesterday’s mark. 78.0 is also 1.2 kg above yesterday’s final weight. So this is looking good for more weight loss since I will have my two workouts plus lose some extra weight over the next 4 or so hours.

I’ll be doing an initial 40-minute run today and then will decide how long to go on the 2nd run after determining how much weight I need to lose for a good weight loss. Today’s goal, of course, is significant weight loss, not just breaking even. So tacking on some extra running time is normal in this spot. Of course, I am not going to run a total of 3 hours or anything close to that. But it may be a total of more than 90 minutes.

After running 40 minutes, I saw a big drop to 77.2 kg. That was surprisingly good, and I was 77.1 after urinating. This sets me up to smash yesterday’s mark of 76.8 kg. I think I will run 60 minutes, which will make for a total of 100 minutes. A run of 60 minutes will hopefully show a drop of at least .7 kg, but hopefully even more. At any rate, this is good for a second large daily weight loss in a row (using extreme measures on both days).

On my 90-minute run, I lost a fairly disappointing .7 kg. However, I could not have expected much more than that. And it got me down to 76.4 kg. The day ended at 76.3 kg, which made this the second day in a row to lose .5 kg.

In 2 days of extreme measures that consisted of 2 separate jogging sessions, I have lost 1.0 kg. That is a self-evident huge success. 76.3 is less than 3 pounds above my target maintenance weight. Since that target is just a goal (and a hard one to maintain), this weight is a good number in my mind. However, I have one more day of extreme measures, and it will be the same schedule as the last 2 days. The goal is to lose more weight. Breaking even is not good enough. So I need to watch my diet closely again today so the running gets me below 76.3.