How I Dropped 1.1 KG Even When Eating a Pizza

Day 377

In this blog post, I will be talking about how I was so successful yesterday. I lost 1.1 kg on a day where I ran for 60 minutes and even ate some pizza. It’s hard to beat that, ain’t it? It was sweet as heck. However, there is no way I could do this every day. It was a special result – in fact, a clear record for my 60-minute days and about as good as my best days with a 90-minute workout.

First, let me talk a little about today’s progress. I started at 75.9 kg, and my weight was a respectable 77.1 at 5 in the afternoon. At that time of the day, I was planning on having some smoothies in a couple of hours. I decided it was best to sacrifice until that time because I could end up eating too much if I eat again before the smoothies. If I naturally lose about .2 kg by that time, that would set me up really nicely for possibly another great 24-hour period. However, this would be a bonus but is certainly not necessary. Today, I drank more water than yesterday to rehydrate. That will probably end up raising my max above yesterday’s 1.4 kg. This is fine because 1.4 is far below my 2.0 guideline. That guideline remains in effect for today, as well.

When finishing up the smoothies and a little meat, I rose up to 77.7 kg, or an increase of 1.8 kg. As expected, that was more than the 1.4 from yesterday. But at the same time, it is below the 2.0 guideline. This may set me up for another good weight loss. But it’s hard to say because I finished eating at about 8:30 at night. So it depends on how fast my body digests the food. Smoothies typically go fast, but we’ll see.

The overnight weight loss didn’t go well at all. Even though I had dropped to 77.5 before sleeping, I was still 77.1 when waking up. The phrase “what a difference a day makes” definitely comes to mind here. Despite a pretty good diet day and maxing out at 1.8, I am in trouble of gaining weight even with a 60-minute run. However, this might just be the result of the body retaining more weight because of yesterday’s crazy result. Like I said, I knew that yesterday was unrealistic, and no one would need to lose that kind of weight indefinitely, anyway. I was just happy to finally have one day breaking even before starting the exercise routine. But as can be seen from today, that is not going to be possible all the time without a crazy level of near-starving. Yesterday, I maxed out at 1.4 and broke even before running. Today, I maxed out at 1.8 and was a full 1.2 kg when waking up. This might get down to .9 or something before runnning. But it’s certainly not going to get close to breakeven or even .4 (1.8 is .4 more than 1.4).

I actually had a very good run result, dropping 1.1 kg. Although that put me at 76.0, I had to end it there for the day due to scheduling. Perhaps I could have broken even, but I am recording a weight gain here of .2 kg. Still, that’s hardly bad coming off a record day.

Now, I will summarize why I think I was so successful yesterday despite eating a pizza. First, the pizza was one of those at the store that weighs about .3 kg (about .7 pounds). So we aren’t talking a huge pizza here. But it was not one of those mini pizzas, either.

The second factor is obviously that my weight only rose 1.4 kg. Clearly, that is small enough that some weight loss is highly likely.

Of course, running an hour also helps. Without the run, I would have pretty much exactly broken even. But the exercise took it from breaking even to being a record for days involving a 60-minute jogging session.

The final obvious factor is that I finished eating most of the food early in the afternoon. So that gave me something like 18 hours for digestion to take its course before I had to run and then weigh in.

It also helped some that I peed right after the run and lost an additional .2 kg or so. By that time of day, I often don’t need to go the bathroom anymore. So that .2 is an additional loss that I often don’t see in my Pentamize tracking.

As you can see, it takes a lot of positive factors and some luck to have the kind of day that I had yesterday. It’s literally the best I have ever done on a 60-minute-workout day.

To turn around today and gain .2 kg even though my max increase of 1.8 was only .4 more than yesterday shows how results from day to day can be wildly different. The difference in these days is .9 kg when you track the drop from max weight to final result (1.4 down to weight loss of 1.1 kg, compared to 1.8 down to a gain of .2 kg). That is, I dropped 2.5 kg yesterday and 1.6 today. It’s hard to explain such a big difference, but the key for me is that experience shows me that 1.8 is probably good enough for an average weight loss. That’s good since there is no way I can do the 1.4 all the time (it’s not quite enough food on a daily basis).

Best Day Ever With a 1-Hour Exercise Session

Day 376

I have just completed 2 disappointing days that both included one-hour jogging sessions. The best thing I can do today, though, is to just stick with the same thing and hopefully get better results. This will also be a one-hour exercise day.

A comparison of the past 2 days shows how unpredictable weight loss and maintenance can be. The first day, I did great on diet by only increasing my weight during the day by 1.7 kg. Despite that, I had a bizarre run result and ended up only breaking even by the end of that daily period. Breaking even is usually not a disappointment, but this one was so strange that it gave off a little bit of that feeling.

Yesterday was bad because I ate more and increased my weight by a max of 2.6 kg. Now, you might think that would put me at a huge disadvantage of about .9 kg since 2.6 is .9 more than 1.7. Yet, by the end of the day, I had gained .3 kg. One of the things that helped me is that I lost 1.0 kg during the run instead of only about .7. I can’t even begin to understand why this kind of difference occurs. But it helped me avoid a really bad day, and the .3 kg increase seemed almost like a relief. It could have been way worse.

Today, I am off to a good start. At 1:30 in the afternoon, I had only increased to about 77.7 kg, or a .8 kg increase. So the goal for the rest of the day is to eat only as much as I need to, without any eating just for comfort only. However, I didn’t eat for comfort yesterday. I legitimately felt like I needed more food for added energy to get through the day. Hopefully, I won’t feel this need again today because it would be good to have a little weight loss after 2 poor days.

At 4 in the afternoon, my weight had gone up to 78.3 after eating a pizza, drinking some water, and nibbling on a little bit of other stuff. That is still only a 1.4 kg increase. One more pretty small meal or 2 even smaller meals would set me up very nicely for a run in the morning. It seems possible at this point to limit my increase to 2.0 kg. At any rate, it looks like it will be well below yesterday’s excessive 2.6.

At 6, my weight had actually gone down .1, to 78.2 kg. That is only 1.3 kg over the starting weight. I didn’t even feel that hungry at this time, but I felt it was proper to eat a little something just to avoid possibly getting overly hungry later. Probably the best approach in this situation, at least for me, is to eat 2 small snacks the rest of the night. That would almost guarantee a big weight loss tomorrow morning. By “small snack,” I mean approximately .2 kg.

When I finished eating at about 6:30, my weight was actually 78.1, or only 1.2 kg over the starting mark. I presume that was because I ate only a small amount and also had gone to the bathroom. This is the best I have ever done in terms of diet, keeping in mind that it is my policy to not starve. Of course, anyone who starves would gain nothing. But that is not healthy.

At about midnight, I had dropped a lot to about 77.5 kg. And although my weight lost during sleep was only .5 kg, that was enough to drop me down to 77.0 kg at 8 in the morning. So over that previous 14 hours, I lost 1.1 kg. And that was before running. This is going to be a monster weight-loss day even if I have a fairly poor exercise result. In addition to that, I need to go to the bathroom before running.

I will be summarizing what happened today in tomorrow’s blog because this is a special day. Even though I am going to exercise, it is extremely rare for me to be at breakeven or actually even lose weight before the exercise. In my Pentamize tracking, I have only seen this a couple of times. There is good and bad to this. I can tell you that there is likely no way I could do this on a daily basis. As someone who is prone to gaining weight, it sounds good that you might be able to break even or lose weight even without exercise. But the fact that I can’t personally do this every day is actually a good thing in some ways. This will be explained in tomorrow’s blog.

I had a decent result for the run this time, losing about .9 kg. Before jogging, I had broken even for the day already by hitting 76.9 kg. So this run dropped me to 76.0 kg. And after finishing up the day in the bathroom, I got down to 75.8 kg. That made for a huge daily weight loss of 1.1 kg. And that was with a 60-minute run, not a 90-minute or 2-hour session. Of course, the big reason for this success was my diet. The exercise was obviously required, too, though, to get this kind of weight loss.

Oddly enough, this is the actually the lowest weight I have been at in months. Even with several weeks of 90-minute runs after vacation, I never got down to 75.8. As explained, I am going to go into a lot more details on this special day in tomorrow’s blog. That is the blog post for Day 377.

Gained a Little Weight Today, But My Diet Guidelines Appear To Be Adjusted Appropriately

Day 375

After rehydration and my first fairly big meal, I was up to about 78.3 kg. That, by itself, had already placed me 1.7 kg up. However, it was a pretty satisfying first meal that also gave me plenty of water to get rehydrated.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, I had dropped back down to around 78.1 kg. That was about .5 kg below the 2.0 kg goal. That is, if I plan on running only 60 minutes, then my goal should be to keep my weight at or below a max of 78.6 kg. It may have to go over, and, like yesterday, it can occasionally max out below that. But if it goes too far over 2.0, there is a substantial risk of gaining weight even with a 60-minute running session.

My diet got out of control today, but it may just be because I ate so little yesterday. The thing is that yesterday should have been a great day with weight loss instead of a breakeven one. But for some reason, the run result was really bad. Everything else was good, but that run result ruined it.

Now, coming into today, I am just a lot hungrier. I rose to about 79.2 at 4 in the afternoon. That was already an increase of 2.6 kg. This is now completely out of control if I am only going to run one hour. So I have to put the brakes on now even if I get a little hungry later. This could be a total disaster, depending on whether this weight comes off fast throughout the day and overnight.

By 8:30 at night, I had slowly drifted down to about 78.9 kg. Yesterday’s weight at bedtime was around 78.3 kg. So while I am way over now, there is hope that this number will keep steadily dropping throughout the night and while sleeping. It would also be nice to lose more weight when running in the morning.

Well, things just didn’t go as desired overnight. I slept about 9 hours and still only lost around .6 kg. I dropped from 78.7 to only 78.1 kg. In the 15 hours or so from 4 in the afternoon to 7:30 in the morning, I dropped only 1.1 kg despite not eating or drinking anything else and also getting plenty of sleep. Some days just can’t be salvaged because the body does not cooperate.

After my scheduled one-hour jog, I weighed in at 77.1 kg. That was a weight loss of 1.0 kg during the session. With only about an hour left until official weigh-in time, this is going to be another day with weight gain. Of course, this is not a surprise considering the 2.6 kg weight increase. I may break even or even lose weight with a 2.3 or something, but a 2.6 is major trouble. My 7-day-test result of .8 kg lost is looking like it may be better than average. But that’s okay. I am still just looking to break even overall with 60-minute exercise sessions.

I went to the bathroom and then finished up at 76.9 kg. That result, although bad, is kind of a relief. I was afraid it was going to be a lot worse. A gain of .3 kg underscores the fact that the increase of 2.6 is what really hurt me. It’s just too much for me personally if I plan on running for one hour. If it had been 2.3, I might have broken even (it’s hard to say for sure because there are too many variables involved). So today is actually kind of reassuring in the sense that it shows that my 2.0 guideline is looking more correct as time goes by. I strive for 2.0, knowing that it can’t be reached every day. But if I try for it every day and average close to that, then I should be able to maintain my weight running 60 minutes on a regular basis instead of 90. Perhaps I may be forced to run extra from time to time. But if it’s only once or twice a week, that’s much better for me than having to run 90 minutes almost every day.

In 9 days of 60-minute runs, I am now still under .5 kg, for a small weight loss that is averaging less than .1 kg per day. But just being in the positive is good enough. I know that I will have to run extra if I have cheat days and the like. However, just the fact that I can reduce sometimes and probably more than 50 percent of the time is a huge mental load off of my brain.

60-Minute Exercise Experiment Ends With Substantial Weight Loss

Day 373

I have arrived at the last day of my week-long experiment of 60-minute running sessions. Before starting this, I would have actually been happy to just break even. However, results have been way better than that, with a weight loss of 1.0 kg overall for the first 6 days. I am clearly going to lose weight by the end of this test, as there is no way my weight will go up 1.0 kg.

I am hoping to lose a little more weight today, but it’s important not to do anything dramatically different compared to the first 6 days. I want a test result of 7 typical dyas, not 6 typical days and then some crazy finish, such as starving or running like a madman.

I am going to stick to the diet guideline that I established on the 2nd day. That is to try to limit my weight increase during the day to 2.0 kg. Over the 6 previous days, I have gone up to but successfully stopped at 2.0 on some days and got up to about 2.3 on other days. On one strange day, I was under 2.0, but that has proven to be exceedingly difficult. So 2.0 is a good goal that is not excessively easy to meet, but is reasonable enough that I can hit it sometimes or at least try not to go too far over. Like I said, about the highest has been 2.3.

Today had a pretty good start to my diet. I ate and went to the bathroom and was still only up to 77.6, which is an increase of 1.2 kg so far.

Note: It would not be wise to specifically try to lose the .3 kg gained on the 6th day (yesterday and Day 372 of this blog). That is not the approach that I am taking because, as explained above, that would not be a typical day. I just want to have one more typical day of diet and exercise and get the final result for this test.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I rose to about 2.1, had something to drink, rose to about 2.3, and then dropped back down to 2.1. This was at about 5 in the afternoon. I am already in the danger zone, so a final meal weighing about .2 kg is my limit if that is possible. It probably is possible by just eating a little cucumber and a small amount of meat.

Well, things didn’t go so well. I rose to about 78.9 kg, or 2.5 kg over the starting weight of 76.4. However, there are no regrets here. I needed that food and will accept any result. This is my first week, and I am learning how to deal with my diet. It takes practice to nail down every aspect of a Pentamize weight loss plan. The exercise part is often easy, but there are so many possible diet choices that it can take time to find out what foods work for the amount of food you can eat and still lose or maintain weight with your chosen exercise regimen. Of course, the opposite can be true for some people. If your diet is in order but you have not done a lot of exercise tracking recently, then it may take time to test and make a good exercise plan.

I still may have a chance to lose some weight on this 7th and final day. But it’s not looking too good yet. Things can change quickly, though. I went to the bathroom and dropped to 78.8, so this will hopefully continue.

This last day just isn’t going well. I went to bed and weighed 78.5 kg, which was still 2.1 kg over. Then, I woke up at 7 in the morning and weighed 77.8 kg. That is a pretty average weight drop overnight of .7 kg. I will have to drop about .4 combined before and after the run plus have a decent loss from exercise of about 1.0 kg to break even today. This is not good, but I think it will be somewhat close to the breakeven point.

Right before my 1-hour run, I weighed in at 77.5 kg. That was a nice drop from the 77.8 right after waking up. And it was about 3 hours later, which is right around the rather typical .1 kg per hour of weight loss even when not exercising. I will now at least get close to breaking even. But it’s going to depend on whether I have a decent weight loss during the running session.

My weight lost during the jogging session was very poor. I only dropped to 76.8 kg, which is a measly .7 kg. I had about an hour left after that before the final weigh-in today and the final one for this 7-day test.

Although the last 2 days have been a disappointment, the test is still working out to a major positive. All I wanted to do is see if I could break even. I haven’t just broken even. I have lost weight even before finishing up with the final weigh-in. I am now .6 kg below the starting weight of 77.4. Hopefully, I can get that to .7 or .8 here in the next hour.

Right before it was time to weigh in, I needed to go to the bathroom. Maybe this will help, but today is definitely going to end in weight gain. Losing only .7 kg during the run is very hard to overcome, and nearly impossible after a daytime gain of 2.5 kg.

Fortunately, that did drop me to 76.6 kg. So I finished the day with a weight gain of .2 kg. This made for an excellent 7-day test with an overall weight loss of .8 kg. Although the last 2 days were bad, the first 5 were excellent. All I wanted to do was just see if I could avoid gaining weight over this one-week period. So this test was a huge success.

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1: lost .1 kg
Day 2: lost .5 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .2 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg
Day 6: gained .3 kg
Day 7: gained .2 kg

Weight After Day 7: 76.6 kg
Overall Loss and Average: .8 kg and avg. of about .11 kg per day of weight loss

6th Day Of Test Finally Shows a Weight Gain

Day 372

It’s amazing that I am still going strong for 5 days in a row for this new test. Every single day, I have lost weight when running for 60 minutes. I did not even do very well for my 60-minute days when first starting weight maintenance mode and checking different session durations. The one difference I am aware of this time is my diet has changed. And that is a result of more effective diet tracking and a strategy for much to eat on days that include a 60-minute run.

Today, my diet is getting off to a better start than yesterday. I shot up by 1.8 kg after the first meal yesterday. But today, I ate, went to the bathroom, and had increased only 1.2 kg. That was from 76.1 to 77.3. This is close to a 50% improvement on my diet. That includes water consumed after the run.

I was surprised when checking after a while and seeing my weight at 78.1 kg. That is a larger increase than expected. So this probably means I will need to have just one more meal and stop eating the rest of the night. I will probably be rising to approximately 78.4, which is pretty close to yesterday’s max increase. It would also be 2.3 kg over my starting weight. Since 2.0 kg is the goal, that is not too bad. Sometimes, it is just not possible to stay at or under that 2.0. So I am not too worried. I have lost weight all 5 days so far on this test. So no worries unless I go above 2.5, which would probably become a problem.

My weight rose to 78.4 kg, which worked out to the same 2.3 kg increase as yesterday. At that point, I felt like I may need just a little more food before sleep time. However, the problem is my weight already increased .3 kg over the 2.0 goal. This means it’s time to sacrifice. If I get down to 78.1 before bedtime, then I will eat a very small amount of food (about .1 kg only). Otherwise, the only choice is to abstain from eating completely.

Note that I do not endorse starving. If I really were feeling some strong hunger pangs, then I would eat and take the risk. And if I saw in the morning that I was way over the amount needed to break even, then I could work out extra or just accept the weight gain if it’s not a total disaster. At any rate, I am not going to change the 60-minute run time in the morning because I am on my 6th day of a 7-day test for these one-hour workouts.

I ate one last small meal, waited a while, and then weighed in at 78.1 kg. That was right before bed and was exactly 2.0 kg over the 76.1 starting weight. So while I went past 2.0, things will be okay if I drop a decent amount while sleeping.

I just couldn’t sleep last night for some reason. So I got back up and was finally able to go to bed at about 4 in the morning. I weighed 77.5 at that time. That was a good start and already .6 kg than what I weighed when trying to go to sleep. The next weigh-in was right before my run, which was at 10:45 in the morning. For some reason, I still weighed 77.4 kg. That is very strange to see almost no drop in 6+ hours. Well, maybe this is better because losing weight every day while running 60 minutes is completely unrealistic, especially when I do get up to a 2.3 kg increase. Still, not losing hardly any weight over 6 hours is usually weird. But I barely went to the bathroom, so it is possible.

Over the first 5 days of the current experiment, I lost 1.3 kg. So a bit of gain today is not going to significantly hurt the overall results. But this could be pretty bad, pending the results of the run. And it’s extremely windy out there, which is probably going to slow me down and reduce the overall weight loss during the session. Nonetheless, you have to have some days with weight gain. Otherwise, whatever you are doing is not sustainable at all unless you are planning on dying pretty soon.

I lost 1.0 kg during a jog that ended with a heart rate of about 136. That was enough to reduce my weight to 76.4 kg. However, even after a small pee, I was still 76.4. So that was today’s final weight, which means that I gained .3 kg.

I have one day to go in my test. No drastic measures or anything are called for, which wouldn’t even be good for a test because it would skew the results. So I will try to limit my increase to 2.0 kg, have a decent run, and see what happens.

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg

Day 1: lost .1 kg
Day 2: lost .5 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .2 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg
Day 6: gained .3 kg

Weight After Day 6: 76.4 kg
Overall Loss and Average: 1.0 kg and avg. of about .17 kg per day of weight loss