Gained More Than 3 Pounds On a Cheat Day

Day 407

It is now November 1, 2017. This will be the last cheat day in a while. I am almost certain that this cheat day is going to spell disaster for the “slow” 60-minute runs. It doesn’t look like I will be able to recover from a big weight gain due to a full cheat day. But I am going to continue and finish 30 days of these tests, including the cheat day, just like I included the cheat day for the fast 60-minute runs. Neither of the past 2 days was a full cheat day, so this 30-day period will have only one legitimate cheat day (that is today).

We had a buffet meal at one of the local restaurants, and my weight rose dramatically to about 79.8 kg. And that was at 4:30 in the afternoon, with plenty of time before the end of the day. I guess I’ll push this puppy to at least 3.0 kg before the day is done. It’s at 2.6 so far.

I continued munching the rest of the day, and the results were exactly what you would expect. Although I did not weigh myself before sleeping, my weight was still 80.0 when getting up, and that was after peeing. So this is even worse than I was expecting. I will probably be somewhere in the 78 range after running later this morning. And it will probably even be in the high 78s.

Well, this was expected, and I don’t like it. But I need to test these slower 60-minute runs to see how bad it can get with a break day. It’s already pretty much a foregone conclusion that a regimen of slower 60-minute runs is not going to work. I had already gained .2 kg before today, and there is probably no way to physically recover from this weight gain. Some dreams are fantasies. And thinking that I could run slow for 60 minutes and maintain my weight appears to be nothing but a pipe dreak.

So it’s probably back to the drawing board. But the good thing is that all I have to do is make some simple adjustments since my record of Pentamize tracking has given me enough information to know what does work. I already know that 90-minute runs are great, and they do work at a slower pace. I have also maintained with 60-minute runs when there is a focus on running a bit faster. So maybe recovering from cheat days with longer runs and doing mostly slower 60-minute runs on a typical day is best. And when I eat a little too much but not so much that it is a cheat day, I can run a little longer on those days to make it up. I think one thing is clear from my testing of 60-minute exercise sessions so far. That is that I can at least do them the majority or a large portion of the time and maintain my weight. This is a positive because it at least means not having to run 90 minutes all the time. And since that was the entire goal to begin with, it’s a net positive.

I ran later than usual, but my weight was still 79.6 when starting. It is certain now that I will be in the high 78s or, if my results are really bad, possibly in the low 79 range.

I ran and worked on keeping a pretty slow pace, and my heart rate was about 124 to 128 at the end. And I lost .8 kg, which at least reduced me to 78.8. That had to be the final number because time was already running late on doing the weigh-in. As a result, I gained a hefty 1.6 kg on this cheat day. My 60-minute run result was fine (.8), but it was obviously not going to be enough to avoid this rotten result.

Going forward, I want to do at least a few more days of the slower 60-minute runs. I may suspend the plan to do a full 30 days if it becomes obvious that there is no way to make back the weight gained on this cheat day. It was pretty obvious already that cheat days were going to be a huge problem if the idea is to ONLY run 60-minute slow sessions and nothing else. I don’t see how I am going to lose the 1.6 kg gained from this cheat day. But I will give it a few more days to see what happens.

Note: The numbers below are misleading if you don’t know the whole story. Today is a cheat day that messed everything up big time. The key is to look at the difference between the hard runs and the slow runs, but also to keep in mind that I will need a few days to see if I can recover from this cheat day with slower runs. I probably can’t. But the tracking results will be valuable, and I can always recover later by doing more exercise.

Total 60-Minute Days: 41
Result: gained 1.4 kg (77.4 to 78.8)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 7
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: gained 1.7 kg (currently 78.8)

Days 405 And 406 – Gained a Little With Pretty Poor Diet Choices

Day 405

Today was a kind of cheat day, but it was certainly not a full one. Instead, I had some coke. However, at the same time, I did try to go easy on the food. So while coke can be a problem because of its sugar content ( I drink real coke, not the fake stuff), keeping food intake down on the same day can at least somewhat counteract this cheating. Thus, all things considered, I consider this only a small cheat day.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, I had increased to about 78.7 kg, which is 1.5 kg more than the start of 77.2. However, that was after going to the bathroom. So at that point, my daily max increase was about 1.6 kg. For a semi cheat day, this is a pretty good start. But it also means I have to be really careful the rest of the day. I am .5 kg below the danger zone.

I also had some fried chicken, a little bit too much rice (but certainly far less than a cup), and yogurt. Because of the rice, I will abstain from eating any bread today. This is in keeping with my goal of keeping carbohydrates to a minimum.

By the end of this partial cheat day, I had maxed out at about 79.2 kg, which is the exact mark for the 2.0 Danger Zone since the day started at 77.2. I went to bed weighing 79.1 and woke up at 78.4. That spells trouble. I doubt that I can get myself down to 77.2 now. That is 1.2 more kilograms. However, I did wake up at 7 in the morning. So there is hopefully time to at least get close. Of course, I kind of expect to gain a little weight today because it’s a semi-cheat day. However, a real cheat day would have me max out at way over 2.0 kg. So this one was not too bad. I can at least come somewhat close to breaking even.

Well, I have had a change of plans and will have to average today and tomorrow. I am 78.2 at the time of this writing, which is at 9:45 in the morning. So I will eat now, work out later, work out again tomorrow, and then average the two days. This is not normal for my Pentamize tracking, but something came up. So I have no choice but to do this. If I had exercised on Day 405, I most likely would have gained weight. It would have probably been about .2 to .3 kg. But since I did not exercise at all, this will require two workouts over the next 28 hours or so.

Day 406

From 10 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening, I actually did okay on diet. However, I was out playing with my daughter and one of those indoor gym places with the slides and everything. I definitely lost some weight climbing around on that stuff. But I was not able to weigh myself to determine how much. I suspect it was probably about .4 kg or something pretty low like that. And when I checked my weight at 6:30, it was 79.5 kg.

From 6:30 in the evening until about 12 noon tomorrow, I will actually be running 2 sessions to make up for the missed workout for Day 405. During that time, I will only be drinking water and maybe having one small snack. To get back to even for the past 2 days, I will have to lose back down to 77.2 kg, which is a total of 2.3 kg. I don’t know how likely this is, but it’s probably doable if I lose a lot of weight while sleeping tonight.

I ran for about 58 minutes in the evening, and that gave me a pretty nice drop to about 78.6 kg and 78.5 after urinating. Then, I did have a small snack and some coffee. However, I now probably have some decent chance of getting down to 77.2. That’s not to say it’s going to be easy or is likely. But it seems like I have a chance.

Wll, I did come close to making it, finishing at 77.3 kg. That is a weight gain of only .1 kg across the 2 days, for an average weight gain of only .05 kg. And this was in addition to eating ice cream and having even more coke today. As far as my run goes, it was a typical loss of .7 kg, from 78.2 to 77.5. Then, I went to the bathroom and lost an additional .2 kg to finish the day.

Total 60-Minute Days: 40
Result: lost .1 kg (77.4 to 77.3)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 6
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: gained .2 kg (currently 77.3)

Gained Exactly 1.0 Kg On Cheat Day

Day 378

My wife was having some friends over for lunch. And this is usually when I decide to take a cheat day. So that’s what today turned out to be, and the results were expectedly pretty bad. I gained 1.0 kg despite having a one-hour running session.

Despite gaining weight here, I am still happy because of my new-found ability to either lose weight or at least maintain with 60-minute runs. And these are not high-intensity runs, which is very important for me because I just don’t have the joint health (knees and ankles), lungs, or frankly even the desire to keep up a schedule of high-intensity running. So it must be medium intensity.

Because this was a cheat day, there was no way to stay close to my new guideline of 2.0 kg for daytime weight gain. I actually went up about 3.4 kg this time. That was due to an increase from 76.0 to 79.4. While substantial, I have gained a heck of a lot more than that on some cheat day. So 3.4, which is about 7 pounds, is not as bad as it sounds if you have not ever actually weighed yourself throughout an individual day. This includes drinks, which can greatly increase your weight in just a matter of hours. I actually recently gained 9 pounds in the middle of one day on a cheat day.

A lot of weight you gain from pigging out is just going to fall off overnight while you sleep, although results obviously vary. In this case, my weight went down to about 77.8 kg before starting my run. So it had dropped 1.6 of the 3.4 kg overnight plus a little extra time before running.

A cheat day plus a break day can be really bad and is obviously not recommended. In this case, I ran and lost about .8 kg during that session. So that dropped me to 77.0, which was also my final weight for the day. So what was a max increase of 3.4 got reduced to 1.0, or a little more than 2 pounds. So while the max was a substantial 7 pounds, you can see that sleep plus exercise can lower that dramatically in the same 24-hour period. In this case, the 7 pounds became 2 pounds, meaning I lost 5 pounds from sleeping and exercise. With no exercise, it still would have been a loss of close to 3.5 pounds. The extra lost from exercise, though, is very helpful in reducing the time needed to recover from a cheat day. That is why it is so good to at least exercise if you are going to have a cheat day. If you don’t, that could end adding several days to your recovery period, depending on the situation.

As has happened a lot lately, it seems like it’s going to be pretty difficult to stay really close to 75.0 on a regular basis. I get down there and then have to take a break or something. Then, it’s back to recovery. But for now, I am going to stick with 60-minute workouts after one break day. Normally, I don’t take a break day after a cheat day. But something was telling me I needed it. You can read more about that in tomorrow’s blog post, which is Day 379.

Final Result Today:

77.0 kg and gained 1.0 kg from a start of 76.0

Second Partial Cheat Day Results In a Little More Weight Gain

Day 325

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how I actually gained 9 pounds at a party. That sounds alarming. But after sleeping and also running for 90 minutes, that amount dropped to about 2.2 pounds, or exactly 1.0 kg. This kind of wild swing can occur when your weight increases by a large amount in a short period of time. If a lot of the weight is water, then it will come down really fast and may completely leave your body overnight or over 48 hours or at least a short period of time. But if a lot of it is food, then you may end up having to work hard to lose it all. In yesterday’s case, the extra 1.0 kg even after working out shows that I have some work cut out for me to lose that. But at least it’s not 9 pounds.

Today, we still had food left from the party and had some of the coke left over. So this ended up being the second partial cheat day in a row. In fact, my weight rose right back up to the 82 range again. I went to bed at about 82.2 kg.

Note: Although I rose to a similar max weight today, that does not mean I cheated as much. Yesterday, I started at 78.1 kg. But today, my starting weight was 79.1 kg. So the amount consumed, including food and all fluids, was about 1 kg less than yesterday. This means I didn’t cheat as much. However, unless I lose a large amount of weight overnight, I will still be at risk of gaining some weight even by the end of the morning running session. This is not the end of the world. Increasing by 3 kg during the day is very risky. I try to stay below 3 kg, and that includes any amount from water. Once I pass about 3.0 kg, I am in serious risk of gaining weight on the day even if working out for 90 minutes. Be aware that this 3.0 kg figure could be different for you since people have varying metabolism efficiency and other biological factors.

After going to bed early and sleeping for roughly 5 hours, I was 81.5 kg. That was a fairly fast drop of .7 kg. Hopefully, that number will continue to go down. I was not able to get back to sleep and finally just got out of bed at about 2:30 and decided to get online and do some surfing and a little work. More sleep would probably be better for losing even more weight. But I will hopefully continue to drop until it’s time for my run, which will be early today. I need to run at about 7 in the morning and will probably go ahead and do 90 minutes again.

I was able to finally get back to sleep after dropping to about 80.9 at roughly 4:30 in the morning, and then woke up at 7:30 at 80.6 kg. This was actually a much better drop overnight than last night, where I was still 80.8 or so at 11 in the morning.

Although the overnight drop was better today, the run result was not as good. I ran for 80 minutes, and the last 25 minutes or so were hard, with a finishing heart rate of about 156. Yet, the scale said that I lost only 1.1 kg, which reduced my weight to 79.5 kg. With a couple of hours to go before weighing in, I am at risk of gaining a little weight today because it will be hard to get down to 79.1. Nonetheless, my overall result is still better than yesterday, when I gained 1.0 kg. I am already doing better than than despite the poor run result because today wasn’t as bad of a cheat day as yesterday.

Today, my ankle was hurting pretty badly at the start of the run. So the first 30 minutes or so seemed even more like a warmup than usual. That may have negatively affected my overall result even though the last 20 minutes were great. By that time, my ankle was not hurting nearly as much.

My final weight was 79.4 kg, which was a daily weight gain of .3 kg. I just didn’t seem to be dropping much after the run. So I just weighed in a couple of hours early, and I am fine with this particular weight gain today since it was a partial cheat day, anyway.

Gained About 9 Pounds At a Party (Read Full Post For Clear Analysis And To Avoid Confusion)

Day 324

As the headline suggests, you need to read this full blog post to avoid confusion. Otherwise, the headline is misleading. Although gaining weight today, it was not a full 9 pounds over the 24-hour period. The purpose of this post is to show an example of large weight gain from having a party and then how that weight may come back off quickly. However, this is not an endorsement of cheating on your diet because, depending on the situation, all of the weight won’t come back off, leaving you a lot of work to do to lose it all back in the ensuing days and possibly even weeks.

After 2 days of weight loss, that progress was destined to come crashing down because we had a little party at the house. So I had no chance today to break through that 78.0 barrier and get down to the 77 range. But this is fine as long as I am in good spirits and ready to get back to work.

My weight rose pretty dramatically today due to all the cheating. Mostly, I drank a large amount of coke, a lot of meat from the grill, and a good deal more rice than I would normally consume. That was topped off with a little ice cream, as well. But the biggest culprit was probably all that coke.

Starting at 78.1 kg today, my weight rose up to about 82 the 2 or 3 times that I checked it during the day. And when I went to bed, it was at about 82.1 kg. That is a huge 8.8 pounds. Now, if you have never weighed yourself during the middle of a day, don’t be shocked at this number. Although it is a heck of an increase in some respects, a lot of that weight increase is fluid only, including a lot of water. The recommended daily intake of water is about 4 pounds all by itself. So depending on how fast you drink it, you will rise fast like this, especially if you also overeat at the same time.

Note: I am in no way saying that gaining about 9 pounds is the norm. In fact, to compare with my own numbers, this increase on a normal day is more like 7 pounds instead of 9 pounds. Thus, I shot about 2 pounds over today when measuring at bedtime. And it is very common for me to lose a little weight even when gaining 7 pounds during the day. But doing this after gaining 9 pounds is just not going to happen unless that 2 pounds is from water only. Well, most of it today was from food and coke, and that is the 2 pounds that is going to probably stick for a while even after a workout. That is also the part that is going to require a hard recovery.

After sleeping for about 5 hours and getting up at about 4:30 to 5 in the morning, that weight was plummeting pretty fast. It dropped from 82.1 to 81.1. So at least it is falling, which is to be expected when a good deal of the weight is from water. If the weight increase is from pure water, you can expect a very large drop over the next 12 hours or so, including sleep time. However, a lot of my weight was from coke. Since that has a lot of sugar, you won’t drop as much. However, you can still drop a great deal even when drinking non-diet coke because it is mostly water.

Correction: After weighing more closely, it looks like my weight was more like 81.3 to 81.4. It then dropped to about 81.2 by 7 in the morning. The weight is not dropping as much as I expected. But there are times when it does drop dramatically overnight. In fact, just recently, when coming back from vacation, my weight dropped from slightly over 83 down to 81.0 overnight. That is a drop of over 2 kg and over 4 pounds just overnight. Today, the drop is less. Sometimes, you may see a good recovery drop over 2 or 3 days instead of a huge drop in one day. While I don’t have a ready example, I have seen that in my Pentamize tracking.

Even at 10 in the morning, my weight was still about 80.9 kg. This was far greater weight than I was expecting. At a minimum, my weight seems like it should have dropped to at least 80.5.

I was thinking about running 2 hours, but this isn’t in the cards for me today from a mental perspective. So I am going to run for 90 minutes and hopefully at least get down in the mid 79 range. That will still be a huge overall gain on the day, but will certainly be way less than 9 pounds.

After a solid 87-minute run, I weighed in at 79.2 kg. That was a very good loss of 1.6 kg, down from 80.8 kg. Then, I officially weighed in at 79.1 kg after urinating.

Looking at the whole day, I gained right about 1.0 kg. Although that is a large gain, the result is pretty much what I expected – a big gain but nothing like the approximate 4 kg that I had increased between weighing in yesterday and going to bed last night. So that 9 pounds mentioned above is highly misleading if you don’t look at the whole picture.