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This Pentamize weight-loss blog is to track results of my permanent weight-loss maintenance phase. It is a journal-type blog. I include daily results of my diet, exercise, and any weight loss or gain.

Links to each blog (journal) entry can be found below. Just click and read to delve into my daily activities. I also show what exercises are working and even what happens on days when I do no exercise at all.

The difference between Pentamize maintenance phase/mode and the full weight-loss mode is that I am no longer trying to lose weight because I have found the weight that felt like the right stopping point. I am 164 to 165 pounds, which is down from 233 pounds. Also, I was 152 as a senior in high school. So the amount I am now is only about 12 or 13 pounds more than I was at 17 years of age. Not too shabby. I am not model material, not very muscular, and don’t have a six pack. But I have never had a six pack and have never been buff. This is the right weight for me. And that’s why I transitioned from full weight-loss mode to maintenance mode.

What you see in this blog is a less aggressive version of the Pentamize Weight Loss System that you can learn about in my book, which you can buy from this website’s main page for only $20. It’s a system that centers around tracking your diet and exercise activities so you can quickly learn what is working, what is not working, and make adjustment as necessary.

I won’t give all the details in this blog. But you will certainly be able to get a sense of my hardcore tracking techniques. I don’t play around with weight loss like I used to. Once I developed the system by experimenting with different regimens, the results showed a weight loss increase of about 350%.

Probably the most valuable thing you can learn from this blog is that both diet and exercise are key components of a successful weight-loss plan for most people. You don’t have to get both aspects perfect. But you definitely must find the right combination that results in more calories leaving your body than calories going in.

This blog shows my weight going up a little and down a little. But since starting maintenance mode, my weight has stayed about the same. I expect that to continue. Why? Because I tracked everything (diet and exercise) for more than 4 months in full mode, losing about 50 pounds during that time. I know what it takes for my body to lose weight, so I have just slowed down a little from full mode in order to maintain my current weight.

While you will get a glimpse of how I maintain my weight by reading this blog, the book will help you individualize the tracking system for you and also give you my full weight-loss results. Also, my system works with any diet or exercise plan. You just learn how to track everything regardless of what you are eating or what kind of workouts you are doing. So there’s a lot of flexibility in the Pentamize system.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. Don’t leave spam like I see on other weight-loss sites. I will just delete it and ban you. Comments are for discussing Pentamize or weight loss in general, not for advertising other products.

September 19, 2016 – The Beginning Of Pentamize Maintenance Mode