A Word On Exercise Crazes And Fad Workout Routines

Day 176

Starting Weight: 79.4 kg
Ending Weight: 79.2 kg

Today, I had a running session of only 60 minutes. As opposed to yesterday, I did pick up the pace at the end. However, that was only about 7 or 8 minutes of really hard running. And my heart rate was still only in the range of about 125 to 130 at the end. That was lower than I was expecting. Nonetheless, it was a good workout for one hour, during which I lost approximately .9 kg.

My body and mind were just not going to handle 90 minutes today. But my current goal of reaching 78.9 so that I can take a break has still not been met yet. Thus, I can slow down but will not allow myself to take a complete break day. It is possible that I will be able to lose .3 kg tomorrow and finally take that break. However, I am only going to run for 75 minutes. So it might be difficult to reach that goal. Nonetheless, my feeling is 75 minutes strikes the appropriate balance at this time for what I need to do in terms of my body and reaching this short-term goal.

It’s gotten to where I almost like running sometimes. But I still frankly don’t like it that much. It’s just not something that interests my mind. Even after all this time, my only goal remains to lose or maintain weight. And for now, I still need to lose a little bit more. But I have lost about 7 pounds since coming back from vacation. That is roughly a pound a week, which is within the normal range. I like to do it faster, but this is a lifestyle change that I have made. So it doesn’t bother me too much. I talk about this a lot in my Pentamize book.

I have mixed emotions about people who have a need to go to the gym and do some kind of trendy workout craze just to exercise. On the one hand, that can increase someone’s interest level, resulting in at least some exercise. On the other hand, there are at least 2 potential problems with this. The first is that the exercise craze the person is participating in might not be the ideal exercise for weight loss or maintenance. The second is that the intensity level might not be right for that person. In a sense, crazes are the opposite of what you should be doing, which is to individualize a workout plan. A good trainer could do this for you, but you can start out by getting the Pentamize system (my book is offered on the home page).

I have seen some people get great results with Cross Fit or other types of workouts. So I am not saying it can’t work. The key, though, is to determine what works for you. And often, it’s not going to be the latest exercise craze. What will help is finding out what works for you and sticking with that. For me, it’s jogging all the time. For you, it could be running, weightlifting, or alternating among a variety of physical activities.

Pentamize Blog – Day 175 – An Update On My Physical (Injury) Condition

Day 175

Starting Weight: 79.5 kg
Weight Before Running: 80.4 kg
Weight After Run: 79.2 kg
Ending Weight: 79.4 kg

Today, I had a pretty slow run. It was certainly much slower than yesterday’s hardcore run. At the end of that session, my heart rate was a whopping 156, which is high for me. But today, it was dramatically down to only about 118 at the end. Yet, my results were still quite good in terms of the weight lost during the workout. It was still around 1.2 kg, which is quite typical recently. Yesterday’s brutal ending segment shot me up to a loss of 1.5 kg during the session. So while it wasn’t as good today, the results are just fine and would not be expected to be as good as Day 174.

My legs definitely felt a lot more tired compared to yesterday. So I just kept a slow pace all the way to the end. In terms of diet, I did pretty well. The only thing that was really disappointing today is that my weight while sleeping hardly went down at all. At bedtime, my weight was approximately 79.7 to 79.9. But even after weighing in later in the morning, I still only dropped to 79.4 kg. This was still a loss of .1 kg for Day 175. But it was just a bit of a downer that my weight didn’t go down more overnight. However, I didn’t drink that much water yesterday. So that may have been the reason for the minimal weight loss overnight. This now makes 2 days of weight loss in a row after the poor gain of .4 kg on Day 173. I am back on track and ready to go.

My body isn’t in the best of shape, but it’s very far from the worst. I don’t have any serious injuries. But at 47, my body does feel older in general. I certainly can’t sprint like when I was 17. However, I can jog for 90 minutes with no problems. Relatively small pain in various parts of my body (I’m talking lower body here since I am not even doing upper-body exercises lately) comes and goes. In particular, my right knee and one toe on my left foot have been experiencing pain. And to be honest, my ankles still hurt a little on a regular basis. None of this pain is preventing me from doing my jogging sessions. Rather, I just slow down when necessary.

My back is not hurting as much as when I was overweight by over 50 pounds. So I have not been using the back bench (incline bench that people also use to do situps) lately. However, I do occasionally feel a little pain in the lower back. It would probably be a good idea to use the back bench a little on a regular basis just to try to maintain a stronger lower back. My experience has been that running, by itself, does not necessarily fix a weak lower back. Stretching it by using that bench seemed to help me a lot. Of course, you’ll need to see a doctor if you have a serious back problem. There are many different kinds of problems, and some could be serious. In my case, it’s just a matter of trying to keep the lower back muscles in shape. So neglecting the back bench is probably not a good idea even though I am still running on a regular basis.

How The Hare And The Tortoise Relate To Weight Loss

Day 174

Beginning: 79.9 kg
Weight Right Before Running: 80.7 kg
Weight Right After Running: 79.2 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: about 80.1 kg
Final Weight And Result: 79.5 kg and lost .4 kg

This is the best exercise result I have had in a very long time. I think it may have bee due to the extreme intensity of the last 10 to 15 minutes of the run. Although that doesn’t sound like a long time, you can lose quite a bit of weight in a short period of time when raising it up to high intensity. I have even lost .9 kg before in a 30-minute hard run.

Today was a great single recovery day. This overall recovery period is going slowly but steadily. However, today was the best day. There could be many reasons, as pinpointing exactly why you have a good day is not really possible. What is often easy to do is to determine when you have a really bad day. An example of that was just yesterday, when I ate a bunch of popcorn and chips and ended up gaining .4 kg.

Note: I explain more in yesterday’s blog post for Day 173 that I do often eat snacks. And it’s still possible to lose weight. But I try to keep them to a minimum. Read that blog entry for more details on this issue.

So I completely reversed yesterday’s weight gain by losing the same .4 kg today. And the 1.5 kg of weight loss during the run is the best I have had since coming back from vacation.

Let me talk a little about high intensity and my experience with it. First, I don’t really do high intensity for a few reasons. These reasons might not apply to you. For example, there is more pain involved in high intensity. As a result of the increased pain, you need a really high level of motivation to push through a high-intensity workout if you experience this pain. Perhaps some people can do these high-intensity workouts and don’t have the same experience. Great athletes perform at a high level all the time. So you might like high intensity. But for me, it’s just too hard to do on a regular basis.

Another reason is that I like to keep a pretty steady and consistent schedule. And you just can’t do a high-intensity session every day unless you are a real hardcore athlete. I am not. So it’s not really an option for me.

Finally, even good athletes have more injuries when performing at high intensity on a regular basis. This hurts that whole plan of having a consistently good workout. Once you are injured, then that can mean forced break days that you shouldn’t really be having if you have to lose or maintain weight.

So to put this another way, I am a tortoise when it comes to speed and intensity. But I am a tortoise who gets the job done because I consistently work out, avoiding injury as much as possible by exercising at a reasonable rate. Some hares will beat me, but some will get too tired and quit. Others will get too many injuries. I am happy being a slow tortoise as long as it allows me to lose or maintain my weight.

Snacks And Their Weight and Effects On Your Diet

Day 173

Beginning: 79.5 kg
80.5 before starting afternoon run
79.3 kg after the run
79.1 kg after bathroom
80.3 kg after some bad snacks (puts me in danger of gaining weight on the day)
79.9 kg (this was expected and resulted in a weight gain of .4 kg)

Day 173 was one of the worst days I have had in a while. When I lay out what happened, it will become clear why. This turned out to be kind of a cheat day, but not a really big one. So the gain of .4 kg is just something that I have to live with for making this mistake.

I sat down with the family to watch a movie, which we don’t do all that much. And when you watch a movie together, you know what tends to follow. Here come the snacks. We had a bag of popcorn and a bowl of chips. I ended up eating almost all of the popcorn, which is actually not that bad of a snack by itself. Of course, I wouldn’t eat a bag of microwave popcorn every day. But as snacks go, it’s not terrible compared to, say, a bunch of cookies or ice cream. However, I also had way more chips than what I should have had. And all of this combined caused me to gain weight.

I was actually doing pretty good up to and after the workout. But that increase from 79.1 kg to 80.3 kg due to the snacks is what did me in. That is not necessarily a huge increase in terms of weight. But when you are eating junk food, your body is less likely to efficiently process that food. Instead, it is more likely to get stored as fat. This is why, although you can easily eat 3 or 4 pounds of vegetables a day, it would be a horrible idea to eat 3 or 4 pounds of chips. Although the weight is the same, the end result is going to be a lot different. This is where diet tracking can be a little tricky.

It’s not just the weight of the food you must consider because a pound of Food A has different calories than a pound of Food B. However, I noticed in my Pentamize tracking that I could eat a small amount of snacks every day and still lose weight. But if you are going to do this, you must understand that the weight of those snacks must be very small. 3 pounds of sweetened chocolate is not going to be good for you. Today, if I had just had a couple of handfuls of chips, things would have been fine. I went overboard. And although it wasn’t 2 pounds of chips, it was enough to put me over.

It’s impossible to generalize and tell you how much you can eat in snacks every day and still not ruin your weight-loss efforts. It depends on a combination of many things, such as how much other food you are eating, what snacks you are eating, how much you are eating, and your metabolism. The only way you can get an answer to this kind of question is to meticulously track everything and see what kind of results you get. That is why I created the Pentamize system.

Tips For Diet And Exercise Tracking When Working Out Late At Night

Day 172

Beginning Weigh-In: 79.7 kg
Pre-Run Weight At Night: 80.7 kg
Post-Run Weight: 79.6 kg
Ending Weight: 79.5 kg

I ran very late today. My jogging session was from 9 to 10:30 at night because my wife was coming home late. It’s still cold outside, so I prefer not to run in the early morning. So I typically wait until she gets home when my daughter is here all day.

As it warms up here in Denmark, I will probably switch back to exercising in the morning. This worked out great for me in Pentamize full weight-loss mode. However, any time of day can work as long as you get the exercise in and watch your diet. It’s just that your diet schedule may need to be accommodated based on your exercise schedule.

I will explain how my diet schedule changes when I work out at night. It actually doesn’t change too much. However, there are some important things to consider in terms of eating habits when you have a typical nighttime sleep schedule and work out pretty close to bedtime. If you aren’t careful, you can end up overeating.

If possible, the most ideal way to arrange your diet schedule when working out late at night is to eat everything before your exercise session. This is a particularly effective tracking technique because you could weigh yourself before exercising and determine how much you need to lose during the workout to lose weight on the day. To do that, though, you’ll need to have a decent idea about how much weight you lose when sleeping. The Pentamize book I wrote also shows you how to track this. But it’s pretty much as simple as weighing yourself every day and then averaging it out.

The problem with trying to eat your last meal or snack before an evening workout is the activity of exercise may make you hungry. How hungry an exercise session makes someone differs from person to person. When I was in my teens and 20s, I wasn’t really hungry right after exercising. But now that I am in my 40s, I tend to get a little hungry right after a workout. So my usual practice is to try to eat only a small snack after a nighttime workout session. However, if you use this method, you need to know about how much you will eat after exercising in addition to how much you typically lose when sleeping. Then, you would add or subtract as necessary to estimate how much weight you need to lose during your exercise session.