Day 166: Broke Even Today After Great Weight Loss Yesterday

Day 166 of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

Weight At Beginning Of Day: 80.4 kg
Weight Right Before Afternoon Run: 81.4 kg
Weight After Running Session: 80.2 kg
Final Weight: 80.4 kg (broke even this time)

Let me first recap Day 165. I had an excellent result, with a weight loss of .6 kg. That followed a trend of several days of smaller amounts of weight loss. So for 4 or 5 days now, I have lost at least a little weight every day. However, Day 165 was the big breakthrough that allowed me to totally recover from the cheat day that I had on Tuesday.

My vacation recovery is going pretty good now. The max was 82.8 kg, ad I just dropped to 80.4 on Day 165. This is 2.4 kg, which is between 5 and 6 pounds. And this occurred over approximately 3 weeks since the first week after returning on February 5 was not a full recovery period. I was still adjusting back to this time zone and finishing up some snacks and stuff that we had brought back from our trip.

5 pounds over 3 weeks is just fine. Although it is less than the 7 to 8 pounds that I would often lose in full weight-loss mode, I don’t believe it matters much at all because that faster weight loss occurred when I weighed much more. So at this point, I would not expect much more than roughly 4 to 6 pounds of weight loss per month. So that should mean between 2 and 3 months to fully recover and get back down to 75.0 kg.

To reach 75 kg again, I need to lose 5.4 kg. And 5.4 kg is close to 12 pounds. So we are probably still looking at at least 2 months to completely recover.

Going forward, if I take any other vacations in the future, I need to devise a way to not cheat so much and also make sure to at least get close to my regular level of exercise. 2 to 3 months of recovery is a much longer time than I am comfortable with as far as being in a recovery period. It’s just too long because recovery requires more exercise. And I prefer to reach my target goal and slow down at least on some days. I don’t really want to run 90 minutes all the time indefinitely. Although I am happy with doing that frequently, I have to do that almost every workout during recovery.

As far as this Day 166 goes, I just broke even. I don’t feel bad about this because the big trend of weight loss the past 4 or 5 days cannot continue forever. During the course of my Pentamize tracking, I have not had a whole lot of periods of 6 or 7 days of weight loss in a row. 3 or 4 days in a row is common. But after that, it becomes much less common, as the body tends to correct in the other direction.

The key is to keep up the good work and not really rest until I have met my goal. I have decided to take a break day if I can get down to 79.9 kg. That does not mean a complete break, as I will at least run or do something for 30 minutes. If I get down to 78.9 kg, I will allow myself to take a complete day off. But it will not be a cheat day in terms of diet. This will be only an exercise break, not a diet break. Until reaching 78.9, any breaks will be reduced exercise, such as 30 or 45 minutes, but not a total break.

Huge Loss of .6 KG When Working Out Late At Night

Day 165

Starting Weight: 81.0 kg
Weight Before Running: 81.9 kg
Weight After Running: 80.8 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: about 80.9 kg
Final Weigh-In: 80.4 kg
Result: lost .6 kg

I finally had a good breakthrough on Day 165 and lost back all the weight gained on the Tuesday cheat day. So that means it took me 4 days to recover from that cheat day. I was 80.7 on Tuesday morning. Thus, I lost it all back plus .3 kg more. If you took a cheat day once a week, you would basically risk never recovering. This is exactly why I try to limit cheat days to once or twice a month, but certainly not more than 3.

It should be noted that my weight before running on this day was taken in the evening, as I had to wait until after 8 at night to exercise due to scheduling issues. So after the run, I only ate one small meal and drank coffee. Even with that schedule, my weight before running was lower than most of my days lately when running in the early afternoon. This tells me that I had good diet discipline today. The only way I was going to mess it up was to eat too much after the jogging session. And although I was a little hungry, I did avoid that. Instead, I ate a small meal that was really more like a snack. It was mostly some small meatballs and an apple.

Although the schedule here was not the one I usually follow, it certainly worked out great this time. I lost .6 kg, which would be a great day even in full weight-loss mode. It’s even better in this maintenance phase.

Another likely factor in today’s success was that I completely avoided eating bread and rice. It was definitely a low-carb diet. Although I didn’t count the total carbs (this is not the Pentamize way of tracking), it’s a sure bet that completely eliminating bread and rice helps. Of course, you would ruin that if you eat a bunch of mashed potatoes or something else that is high in carbohydrates.

I am happy with this loss of .6 kg because I seem to be getting anywhere from a breakeven number or a loss of .1 or .2 kg in the past few days. However, these big days do come at random and unpredictable times. Not eating bread and rice may have been a big factor, and it is an important contributor over time, at least in my successful weight loss. But as to whether it was a major factor today, I don’t know that there is any way to tell for sure since one day of results is a mere anecdote. Maybe I just ate less and didn’t realize it since I don’t track every single ounce that goes into my body. Instead, I focus on weighing in at different times of the day to see my progress. That is, I typically weigh myself, not my food. But this is more appropriate when you eat small meals, not big meals.

If you have a tendency to eat big meals and are not careful about how much you eat, then you could end up overeating by accident. That’s why I recommend small meals instead of big ones, at least for Pentamize tracking. I am not making a medical claim here. The point is I learned to eat small meals and lost about 68 pounds doing it, when combined with all the other Pentamize weight loss techniques.

Days 163 and 164: More Days With Weight Gain Is Okay In Weight Maintenance Phase

Day 163

Second Day Rediscovering My Key Workout Intensity Trick

Starting Weight: 81.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 81.7 kg
Weight After Running: 80.6 kg
Final Weight: 81.2 kg
Net Result: lost .2 kg

Day 163 was the second day in a row where I consciously sought to slow down and have a less intense exercise session. Yesterday, I still lost 1.2 kg during the run when slowing down. And today, I pretty much did the same, losing 1.1 kg. The weight lost in these 2 24-hour periods was also similar. Yesterday, it was .1 kg, and it was .2 kg today. Thus, even when purposely exercising at a lower intensity, I have managed a loss of .3 kg across these 2 days. An average of .15 kg per day is just fine. There isn’t really much else to report on this today. So I am adding Day 164 into this same blog post. However, Day 163 is further evidence that just slowing down and letting your body work at a more natural and less stressful pace is often exactly what the doctor ordered and may still allow you to lose weight. Of course, this also depends on your particular body, how long you work out, and your diet.

Day 164 is going to explain the concept of why you will have more days with weight gain during maintenance phase, and the fact that that’s actually okay as long as you maintain over the course of time.

Starting Weight: 81.2 kg
Weight Before Running: 82.1 kg
Weight After Running: 80.7 kg
Ending Weight: 81.0 kg
Net Result: lost .2 kg (same as yesterday)

Day 164 has continued a trend of losing .1 or .2 kg every day for the past 3 days. So while it’s not super fast recovery from the cheat day on Tuesday, it is steady recovery. And .2 kg of weight loss is good during a maintenance phase, which is what I am in now. However, I will need to keep up the pace for a while since this is still the recovery period after vacation. So while this is my Pentamize maintenance phase, the fact that it is a recovery period means that most of my days should be producing weight loss.

Conversely, if you are just in normal maintenance phase and have already reached your ideal weight, then you will have more days with a small weight gain since the goal is to break even. Let me give you an example. If you lose .1 kg on a Friday in maintenance phase, it is okay if you have a lighter workout and gain .1 kg on a Saturday. The end result is that you still break even.

The example above is not meant to imply that you should gain weight on purpose. The point is to find the right diet and exercise level that is going to allow you to maintain your weight over the long haul. However, if you find that you start gaining weight again, you may be forced to reinstitute your full weight-loss-mode regimen. Then, once you get back to your ideal maintenance weight, be aware of what mistakes you made before that caused you to start gaining weight again. You may have either started eating too much or exercising too little.

We can all get a little complacent at times. You don’t have to be perfect. I am in recovery mode yet again right now. But it is vital to track your diet and exercise so you can determine how to adjust. These adjustments could be in diet, exercise, or both. It depends on your situation and what numbers you are seeing with your tracking. I have a wealth of information on tracking methods in my Pentamize book, which is available from the home page.

How To Work Out Even When Your Body Feels Tired

Day 162

Starting Weight: 81.5 kg
Weight Before Running: 82.4 kg
Weight After Running: 81.2 kg (81.0 after bathroom break)
Final Weight: 81.4 kg
Result: weight loss of .1 kg

After a really bad weight gain on Day 161 (yesterday), Day 162 saw a modest recovery. I did lose .1 kg, and my workout was the typical 90-minute nonstop run. While that is not as much as I thought I might pull off, it’s at least going back in the right direction again.

Today would have been a good day for a hard run, particularly since I gained a huge .8 kg yesterday. Often, I will run hard after a bad day to try to make up for the previous days’ weight gain. However, things didn’t work out that way. My intensity was much less than I had anticipated. But it still didn’t stop me from losing a small amount of weight.

I just felt tired today even though it was good timing to try to recover from a cheat day. When I was writing my Pentamize book during full weight-loss mode, I had many “tired” days like this and had to track everything to make sure my intensity level was high enough. I write in my book a lot that I am definitely a slow runner. However, I have tracked thoroughly to determine the intensity levels that allow me to lose weight, along with intensity levels that are simply too low to achieve results.

Ultimately, you really just have to measure how much weight you are losing during a workout to figure out whether it’s going to be enough to lose weight overall. Alternatively, you can do this with your heart rate. But what I discovered is that everyone has a pace that is a middle ground between totally killing yourself and working out at such a slow or light pace that you don’t get results. Only so many people like high-intensity workouts, and I am not one of them. So the key here is to work out hard enough to get results but not so hard that you have to take excessive break days to recover. And I do mean both physically and mentally.

To put it in a nutshell, you need to slow down if your body is tired. But you need to track using my Pentamize techniques or some other method to know when you are going too slow.

It’s easy to know when you are going too fast because your body will be forced to slow down due to the extreme intensity. But it’s harder to know if you are going too slow. That’s where your tracking comes in. Personally, I discovered that anything above about 4 to 4 1/2 miles per hour can get me some decent results. Even I don’t know the exact number, as that would be hard to determine. But I know if I run 3 miles per hour, I’ll probably not get good results and might even gain weight absent starvation.

What I am saying here is that you need to slow down on days when your body feels tired but you know you need to work out, anyway. However, you can take this so far that you end up wasting your time with a fruitless exercise session. Slow down when you have to. But in the meantime, start tracking your exercise and diet every day to determine what intensity level is too low. You don’t really have to track what intensity level is too high because your body is just going to naturally slow down from exhaustion on its own.

How To Prevent Weight Gain From Parties And Celebrations

Day 161

Starting Weight: 80.7 kg
Weight After Heavy Lunch: 82.2 kg
Weight Before Run: 82.1 kg
Weight After Run: 81.1 kg
Final Weight: 81.5 kg

Day 161 was my first cheat day in 2 to 3 weeks. In fact, I often go a good month or more and have only one cheat day. Today’s terrible results show you exactly why I can’t afford to have many cheat days.

I just destroyed more than a week of progress in one day. And this is the norm. In fact, some of my cheat days have been far worse. I even had a weight gain of over 2 kg (more than 4 pounds) on a cheat day over the recent holidays. Today, I increased by .8 kg. And this occurred despite running for 90 minutes.

What causes such a big weight gain in one day? Well, I had a huge coke, a steak, and a bunch of french fries for lunch. After that, I had a whole bag of popcorn. And then I ran for 90 minutes and actually did get back down to 81.1 kg. That is only .4 kg over the morning weigh-in. Realistically, I would have had to pretty much starve the rest of the day to avoid weight gain. But that is not something I do on a regular basis, but certainly not on a cheat day. So I topped it all off with a fairly big dinner that included some rice. So while I didn’t exactly gorge myself, it is true that it was a nice cheat day with a lot of enjoyment with the food and drink. I had hoped to not gain quite so much. But it was only a mild disaster that should not get me down too much mentally and emotionally speaking.

This was only a cheat day because of a birthday celebration. The thing about celebrations is that they can completely destroy your weight loss plan if you know a lot of people and are constantly meeting up with them. We all know people that are meeting others and eating out or partying 2 or 3 times a week or more. You probably already know that you are not going to successfully lose weight if you are constantly meeting people and eating stuff. Even just having a drink or two can hurt your plan if you are doing this multiple times a week. So if this situation applies to you, then you are going to have to come up with some countermeasures. I’ll just give you a few things that you can do.

First, you could eat either before or after a celebration or party. This is not a great option for some people, who do get quite tempted when they show up to a party. But it’s good if you can maintain the discipline to not eat.

Second, you could take your own food, depending on the situation. Of course, some places might not allow you to bring your own food.

Third, if it’s at a restaurant and everyone is ordering individually, you are just going to have to pick something on the healthier side if you are going to eat.

The fourth situation is a gathering that is just serving something like finger food. This should be easy for you because you can just take small amounts of whatever is there, making up one of your usual small meals or snacks. But you need to time it so that meals consumed before and after don’t make you overeat on that particular day. In other words, if you are meeting at 6 p.m., you could make it the last meal of the day. If you are meeting at noon, then that would be your lunch. Don’t eat your normal lunch.

Regardless of how you handle parties and celebrations, keep in mind that drinking is just as bad as overeating. If you drink coke or sweetened juice, the sugar can get you. If you drink alcohol, such as beer, the carbs may get you. Drinking almost anything but water or certain other unsweetened drinks, such as tea and coffee, can be very dangerous to a dieter. So don’t forget to factor in any drinks that you have because drinks can actually be the worst habit for some people. For example, the coke that I drank on this cheat day was probably worse than the food. I ate less than what I eat on many cheat days. But I still had a lot of coke. It’s okay because it was a cheat day. But my point is that doing it two to three times a week would be a disaster. Don’t let parties and celebrations be an excuse to cheat except on special occasions (about once to twice a month on average).