Day 64 – Nonjogging Exercise Session Finally Back To Good

One of the things that continues to bother me is that any workout without jogging is not resulting in weight loss. The past two sessions of this nature were really bad. I did a situps-only workout a few days ago, and it was a disaster. I rose by .7 kg. And the time before that, I rose .4 kg when doing calisthenics that did not include any jogging.

The good news today is that I did lose .2 kg after doing another 45-minute calisthenics exercise session. As with the other good days, though, this was a small weight loss. What really has killed me is that my days with weight gain are often terrible, while my good days are just so-so. So as it stands now, I have to continue my active slate of jogging sessions to maintain my weight.

I have never had one great day of weight loss by doing a calisthenics workout (pushups, situps, and similar nonjogging exercises). There is simply no evidence yet that I can maintain my weight without running.

Obviously, I cannot promise what kind of results you would get with any particular exercise routine. The important thing to learn here is that some people MUST engage in regular running sessions or a similar activity that raises the heart rate to at least a moderate level to expect to lose or maintain weight. It’s not clear what percentage of people have to do this. But it’s clear that I am one of them. And obviously, at least some percentage of people are going to have an experience just like me.

For now, I will continue to do these nonjogging sessions because of the other benefits involved. But I am proceeding with any delusion that I can prevent weight gain without jogging. It’s just out of the question for me at this point.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do runs just like me. I run all around town on the sidewalks. Some people find this boring and would rather do something else. For example, if you play basketball with some people, that could achieve similar results. What you want to do is raise that heart rate and keep it up for an extended period of time. How long depends on whether you are at low, moderate, or high intensity. It is possible to have shorter workouts with high intensity. I could only say that working out for 30 minutes or less has not been good for me even if approaching high intensity. Get my Pentamize book and learn exactly how to track your diet and exercise so you can determine for yourself the duration and intensity you need for your weight-loss or maintenance goals.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these all last 45 mins)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
-.2 kg
+.4 kg
-.1 kg
total +.7 kg
average .1 kg of weight gain in 7 sessions

Day 63 Of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog: Lost .6 KG On a Recovery Day

Since yesterday was a cheat day, this Day 63 would usually include a very good workout that is designed to help me recover from the weigh gain that always occurs when I cheat. Often, this would be a 90-minute run. But several factors made me decide to just run for one hour.

First, it was raining again. Now, I don’t avoid my exercise just because it is raining. In fact, I wrote often on this blog about how I do work out even in bad weather. Even when it’s freezing here, I still run outside for up to 90 minutes. However, just because I work out doesn’t mean I am necessarily going to run in the rain for an hour and a half.

Second, I just ran a little too hard the past couple of days in a row. And my body just wasn’t up to the task of running yet again for 90 minutes.

Despite having a weak body and running in the rain, I knew it was still important to get a good workout to try to recover at least a little from the cheat day. So I opted to run exactly one hour.

There was some bad news at the end of the run. I only dropped .6 kg, which is about 1.3 pounds. This was probably due to the fact that it was cold, plus the fact that my speed was pretty slow. The drop was from 76.0 to 75.4. However, the good thing is that I had not gained all that much weight before the 3:45 p.m. run. Despite having a meal and a small snack, I went to the bathroom twice, presumably because I ate so much the night before. So I had only risen from 75.6 to 76.0.

After the run, my plan was to have a couple of smallish meals the rest of the day. This appeared to be my only option since 75.4 was only .2 kg below the morning weigh-in. That is just not room enough to have a lot of food.

The rest of the day, I just kept to my goal of eating a couple of small meals. And that worked fine. My final weigh-in in the morning was 75.0 kg. That was a good loss of .6 kg. And that puts me right back exactly where I was on Day 1 of this blog. That is clearly a success. It’s somewhat of a downer that I am often hungry and can’t take many break days. But my resolve to keep the weight off has kept me going.

The 6 days below are only for jogging sessions, not break days or other kinds of workouts. Since I have lost 3.0 kg on nonstop jogging days in a total of 42 days, that means I have gained 3 kg on break days or days with other workouts. So my jogging sessions are clearly what are allowing me to maintain my weight. Break days are really hurting me, and other workouts aren’t showing good results yet.

60M and -.1 kg
60M and -.4 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
60M and -.6 kg
total 2603 and -3.0 kg
avg. 61.98 min jogging and -.071 kg in 42 days

Gained Too Much Weight On a Cheat Day Despite a 90-Minute Run (Beer Does That)

Day 62
Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

Today’s results were really bad. I had a weight gain of .9 kg despite running for 90 minutes. But I am not disappointed. The reason for this is explained below.

Today was a cheat day. And unlike most of my cheat days, I did the cheating at night at a party. My preference is to do my cheating earlier in the day so there is time for all the bad stuff to digest. Also, doing it early can also give time for you to exercise a few hours after eating a big meal. That was not possible this time since the party was scheduled at night.

Like my usual approach, I only ate one big meal. And it actually was not even the worst thing. Probably the most detrimental thing was that I had 4 beers and quite a lot of coke.

Before going to the party, I tried to limit the damage by going on a 90-minute run. Before starting that session, I had a fairly big breakfast and was at 75.5 kg.

Compared to the past 2 days, my speed was slower. Instead of that crazy heart rate of 160 to 168, I was back down to close to 140 at the end. This is much closer to my average. My body just couldn’t handle running faster than that due to the higher-intensity workouts the past 2 days. Still, I had a fairly good result, dropping to 74.4 after this jogging session.

Right before going to the party, I went to the bathroom and weighed myself at 74.2. Then, all the cheating resulted in a weight of 76.4 kg after getting back from the party.

Sometimes, I have seen a large drop overnight after a cheat day. But I didn’t drop all that much this time. My weight was 75.6 kg after getting up and going to the bathroom.

The 75.6 is just about the highest I have been since doing this blog. It is Day 62. So since I didn’t drop as much as desired, the only real option is to do another good workout on Day 63. I have not yet decided whether to make it 60 or 90 minutes. But the minimum is certainly one full hour because my body doesn’t feel like doing a shorter high-intensity run. I just can’t handle those most of the time, which is why I do the slower runs for a longer period of time to begin with.

By the way, the extremely detailed weight tracking that you see in this blog entry is one of the keys to my weight-loss success. I teach you exactly how to do this for yourself in my Pentamize Weight Loss System book. You can get a digital copy of the book from the home page.

Overall, the past 6 days with jogging sessions have been a roller coaster. But it is due to the fact that I had a semi-cheat day and one full-on cheat day (today).

90M and +.5 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and -.4 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
total 2543 and -2.4 kg
avg. 62.02 min jogging and -.059 kg in 41 days

Day 60 – Updated Weight-Loss Results After 2 Months In Maintenance Mode

Today is what I like to refer to as a recovery day. Yesterday, I had a disastrous result that was a weight gain of .7 kg. That is about 1.5 pounds. I have no clue why I went up so much. But when this happens, my usual route to recovery is a 90-minute run since those workouts have been the best for me in my Pentamize tracking.

Yesterday’s weight was 75.1 kg. I was up to 75.5 by the time of the afternoon run. And although it was pretty cold, I ran really hard for my usual pace and finished at a heart rate of 160. In fact, that is the highest heart rate that I have tracked at the end of a run since developing my tracking method.

Despite the record, I lost only 1.3 kg during this jogging session. That may have just been because it’s cold outside now, resulting in a little less sweat. However, that was a drop to 74.2 kg. So I have a pretty good chance of losing weight and having a good recovery today.

My weight after all meals was approximately 75.6 kg. That is higher than I would have wanted. But if I lose the typical amount overnight, it will be a good result at the time of the morning weigh-in.

My weight went down to 74.7. That is a loss of .4 kg in one day.

The swings the past few days have just been crazy. I feel the need to at least try to stop this crazy swing and try to have another good day on Day 61. So my plan is to jog for an hour.

Updated Results After 2 Months On Pentamize Maintenance Mode

I have been jogging for over a year now on a regular basis. But I did not fully develop my Pentamize tracking system until June of 2016. So I have had about 6 months of daily tracking under my belt.

The first 4 months of daily tracking occurred when I was still in full weight-loss mode. Over that period, I lost about 50 pounds.

The past 2 months have been maintenance mode since I had met and exceeded my target weight (by 10 pounds) in September of 2016. My starting weight was 75.0 kg, and I have just weighed in for today at 74.7 kg. Although that’s a very slight loss, it’s negligible. But this is a good thing because the goal in maintenance mode is to maintain your weight since there isn’t much left to lose, anyway.

There is just no way I am losing much more weight, anyway. That’s the reason I went into maintenance mode to begin with. So over these 2 months, I have been very successful at maintaining.

The thing that is kind of a downer is that I have to work out so much to maintain my weight. I am either jogging or doing a calisthenics workout (pushups and situps mostly) an average that is actually more than 6 days a week.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to exercise to lose the weight and now still have to exercise to maintain my current level. There’s just no way I can imagine staying in shape without exercising.

I suppose that having to exercise is actually a good thing, though. It has other health benefits besides losing or maintaining weight. The shocking thing for me, though, is just how much I have to work out to maintain. I would have thought I could do it on 5 days a week and be able to take more break days. If that is possible, it would only be if I run about 90 minutes a day those 5 days a week. Then I could possibly take a break day twice a week. But for now, I’ll just stick with 6+ days a week. Maybe I’ll try running 90 minutes 5 days a week when it gets warmer here. But it is freezing here on some days, so running outside almost 8 hours per week is something I will avoid until spring.

Day 59 – A New Workout With Only Situps And Crunches For 45 Minutes

I have started a new kind of workout today. It is another type of session that has no jogging. But this one is situps only. Yes, I did a full 45 minutes with abs only.

This abs workout consisted completely of situps or crunches on a back extension bench. At least for now, it is really hard for me to go all the way down and back up on this incline bench. So I go part of the way down and back up.

I am doing sets of 15 of these situps, along with 15 crunches. The way I do the crunches is to go all the way down on the bench and then push back up a little. So it’s similar to doing crunches without the bench.

This was the first time doing this workout, and I dropped from 75.2 kg to 74.9. That is a loss of .3 kg during this situp session. It will take some time before I can determine the average weight loss during this situps-only exercise routine. But I will continue doing this for 45 minutes.

The other type of 45-minute nonjogging exercise routine is still on the table. That consists of situps, pushups, and the “scissors” exercise.

I decided to add sessions with situps only to see if my abs can be firmed up a little. There is still a little fat there, but not a whole lot. I never had a six pack or anything like that. So the expectations are not high. But can I just firm the belly up a little bit more by focusing on abs? That is what I am trying to determine.

On the first day of this new workout type, I unfortunately kept rising and rising in weight for some reason. I got all the way up to about 75.8. And by 9 or so at night, I had only dropped back down to around 75.7. That’s going to be a very bad result. But it’s meaningless as to the new situps workout because the reason for this rise appears to be a natural upward fluctuation. I won’t know the results of this new workout until at least 2 or 3 months down the road since I will only be doing it about once a week. Even 10 days of results don’t mean much since one bad or good day can seriously skew the results of a 10-day period.

45-Minute Situps Workout
1 Session and Gained .7 kg
Average .7 kg

Obviously, that is a dreadful first day for this situps-only workout. I can’t even imagine why it’s so bad. Nonetheless, it’s time to look forward and run 90 minutes to make up for this. Psychologically, bad days can be really disappointing if you are not used to them. But if you just keep your head up and come back the next day and work hard, you will learn to take a bad day like this in stride. It’s nothing but a temporary speed bump. See the Day 60 blog for results of my “recovery” from this bad day.