Day 21 of Pentamize Maintenance – Another Mixed Workout Achieves a Little Weight Loss

The below figures are my results from Day 21 of Pentamize maintenance mode.

October 9 74.9 kg (60 minutes of a mixed workout; lost .1 kg)

After a mixed 60-minute workout with about 30 minutes of pretty light running, I lost .6 kg. That put me down to 75.2 from 75.8. But I still have to finish a meal and have some water. So we’ll have to see where this ends up. Well, it ended right back at 75.8 kg. And it’s 8 at night. So I might gain a little by morning. However, I had lost back down to 75.5 kg by bedtime and lost .6 kg during sleep. So the 74.9 kg in the morning was just a tad better than the October 8 weigh-in of 75.0.

You will see on Day 24 that I actually decided to get a little more intense on my mixed workouts. Up to this day, I did a lot of the mixed-workout time on an elliptical machine. But when I tested this machine one day, I found that I lost virtually no weight at all despite doing the elliptical for 30 straight minutes. I am moving away from that because it seems like a waste of time.

Below, I am going to give you the individual and average results for my 2 mixed sessions since starting this maintenance-mode blog. But it is way too early to start drawing any conclusions. Without giving you all the information from my book, I can say that you have to work pretty hard in a mixed session if you expect to lose weight. The danger of it is that you will go too easy. It’s also really hard to get into shape to do weightlifting, calisthenics, and similar exercise. You are going to get really sore, and some people hate that.

Yes, it is true that if you look at only the first 2 days of mixed workouts, they are running better than full jogging days so far. But that is likely a hot start more than anything else. One bad day could wipe this out. Nonetheless, the only bad thing so far is that I clearly gain weight when I don’t exercise at all. Thus, it’s just not going to be possible for me to even maintain weight without exercise. At least it seems that way and backs up what I learned during full weight-loss mode. Get my Pentamize book from this website’s home page for full results and my entire “full weight-loss mode” method.

Mixed Workouts (weightlifting, calisthenics, and some jogging)
90M -.1 kg
60M -.1 kg
Total 150M and -.2 kg
avg 75M and -.1 kg

Days With No Workout
+.6 kg
+.2 kg
total +.8 kg
average +.4 kg in 2 days

Results from nonstop jogging sessions can be found on this page.

Days 19 and 20 Of My Pentamize Weight-Loss Blog – Juice May Be a Diet Killer

A lot of people touting weight-loss methods talk about juicing. And I am certainly not going to say in this blog that drinking vegetable juice is a bad choice. It might be a good way to go for a lot of people.

But there is a totally different side of the coin when it comes to juice and diets. Fruit juice is a different animal than vegetable juice, especially when we are talking about processed juice. In fact, almost any kind of processed drink is something that should get you concerned if you are serious about maintaining a diet.

On Day 20, I had a terrible day. Despite running 60 minutes, I still gained .3 kg, which is almost .7 pounds. One of the reasons for this was likely because I drank some processed coconut juice. It was about 15 ounces. That, by itself, is more than a pound. And while the actual coconut and water content is probably okay, all the added sugar and other junk could be a major risk to your diet.

In my Pentamize book, I teach methods for both exercise and diet tracking. One great way to keep from overeating is to eat foods and drink drinks that are low in weight. So drinking a pound of juice in one sitting is already a risk from that perspective.

In my case, I like to stick to water and pure black coffee. Although I drink juice, it’s a small amount added to the water to make the water tastier and easier to drink. I hardly ever drink fruit juice. And I do love juice. But even pure 100% fruit juice can be a problem if you drink too much. Although you can eat pounds and pounds of vegetables, fruits are higher in carbs and calories per serving. No, I am not one of those people with the crazy idea that fruit is bad for you. Just like anything else, it is certainly fine in moderation. All throughout my full weight-loss mode, when I lost 50 pounds, I ate grapes, apples, and other fruit on a regular basis. But I mostly avoided juice except small amounts added to water.

On Day 19, I did an Evening Dominator session, running 55 minutes. This was another successful day, and I lost .2 kg by the time of my morning weigh-in. My weight dropped .8 kg during the run. I lost about .7 kg overnight, which is pretty close to my average. Get my book for the Evening Dominator lesson.

Day 20 was a totally different story. I peaked at 75.7 kg on Day 19. But I peaked at 76.4 kg on Day 20. So I was already way over. I can only surmise that the coconut juice was a substantial factor in this excessive weight gain during the day. But I did go out and run for 64 minutes. That dropped me by .6 kg. However, the damage was so bad that that amount was not enough to recover on the day. And I gained .3 kg by morning, finishing at 75.0 kg.

This was not all bad news. There are going to be days when you give yourself a reward. And even after this Day 20, I was at 75.0 kg yet again. That was the starting amount for my maintenance mode. So after 3 weeks now, I was doing exactly what I set out to do – maintain my weight.

After Day 20, I had run a total of 953 minutes in 17 nonstop jogging sessions. That was an average of 56 minutes and a total weight loss of .7 kg (about 1.6 pounds). As you can see from these numbers, weight loss is a slow and methodical process. But if you have a winning regimen and just keep going, the pounds do come off. It’s about persistence and patience. I actually did a whole lot better than this during full weight-loss mode (2.5 pounds a week). This maintenance mode will naturally have lower averages because I already lost the weight.

Day 18 In Maintenance Mode – Double Down And Try Even Harder When You Gain a Little Weight

Entering Day 18 of my Pentamize maintenance phase, I was in a bad way due to gaining weight on both Days 16 and 17. On Day 16, I gained .2 kg. And on Day 17, the bottom dropped out for some reason. I gained .5 kg. I ran 30 to 40 minutes on these days.

Well, there are a couple of ways to analyze Days 16 and 17 and then respond to them. But the real key is to maintain a good attitude and recover from this bad streak of weight gain.

First, this could just be a temporary bad streak. And in that case, there would be nothing to worry about. Even working out much longer than 30 or 40 minutes, I occasionally gained weight or only broke even 2 to 5 days in a row when completing my Pentamize full mode. And I worked my butt off during that time. So it was not a result of slacking off.

Second, though, you have to consider whether what you have been doing in terms of exercise is enough over the course of time to result in weight loss. 2 days of results is usually not going to be enough to make this determination. I will give more recommendations on this in my Pentamize ebook, which you can purchase from the home page.

In this case, I was already doing a number of longer running sessions. And after 2 bad days where I didn’t really work out that long, my batteries were recharged and ready to have a good workout.

My max workouts are 90 minutes except for a rare special run or something once every blue moon. So I took the attitude that it was time to reverse the trend by doing a 90-minute run. I run outside and try to time it so I get back home at just the right time. I was a little early this time and finished at 79 minutes.

By the way, this was an Evening Dominator session, a special technique that I teach in my book. And it worked like gangbusters. I completely erased Day 17’s weight gain of .5 kg (about 1.1 pounds) and lost the same amount. My weight was 74.9 kg when weighing in after getting up in the morning. The following shows the roller coaster for these past 3 days:

Day 16: 74.9 kg
Day 17: 75.4 kg
Day 18: 74.9 kg

Those swings are somewhat unusual but hardly surprising. After Day 18, my averages for jogging sessions improved to 55.6 minutes and .05 kg per day. Yesterday was only .02 kg per day. So you can see that averages can swing wildly in the early stages of either full or maintenance mode. But after you get 50 days or something like that, the average won’t move so much like that in a short period of time.

You can view all of my maintenance-mode stats here.

So what should you learn from this blog entry?

You are going to have bad streaks. It’s inevitable. Don’t let it get you down. Instead, focus on recovering from a bad streak. That usually means doubling down and working even harder to reverse the recent trend of weight gain. Never tell yourself that you are destined to fail. That’s the easy way out. The harder but successful way is to try even harder.

Also, you need to find your average at whatever workout you are doing. Short streaks won’t give you an accurate picture. Both losing and maintaining weight are processes that occur over weeks and months. You aren’t going to find your winning formula in 2 days. You are going to find it by tracking everything over a longer period of time. In the meantime, work harder than usual on at least some days. This will allow you to track harder workout sessions that you can compare to shorter ones. Eventually, you will see what works.

Pentamize Blog – Days 15 to 17 – 3 Completely Different Weight-Loss Results With Almost The Same Workout

This weight-loss journal entry covers 3 different days. They are for Days 15, 16, and 17, and I am journaling my maintenance mode. The Pentamize ebook covers my full weight-loss mode and has over 100,000 words that lay out exactly how I lost about 2.5 pounds a week.

The interesting thing to glean from these 3 days is that I got quite different weight-loss results despite doing 3 jogging sessions of almost the same length. If you are not used to tracking on a daily basis, you might be surprised by this. But as you learn the Pentamize way of daily tracking, this will become the completely expected norm and not a surprise at all.

When you see varying results, it could be little body changes or could just be the delayed effect of exercise or the lack of exercise. You’ll never really know what the reason is unless it’s something really bad you do. For example, if you go out and eat 5 pounds of food at a buffet restaurant on Tuesday, you know darn well why you gained a pound or two on that Tuesday. But if you stick to your normal weight-loss diet, then you won’t know the exact reasons. The key is to stay the course and keep up the good work of sticking to your diet and exercise routines. The average is always going to be the key metric that determines success or failure.

Day 15
October 3 74.7 kg (37-minute run and lost .1 kg)

I had decided to run 45 minutes. But I had a pretty good run and ended up just stopping at 37 minutes since I made it home at that time. My weight loss during that run was around .6 kg. And since I started the day at 74.8 kg, the net result was a weight loss of .1 kg.

At the end of this day, my totals and averages for nonstop jogging sessions were 57.1 minutes and .08 kg of weight loss daily over 12 days.

Day 16
October 4 74.9 kg (40 minutes and gained .2 kg)

I basically ran the same as the day before. It was actually 3 minutes longer, and I had a bad result. Instead of losing .1 kg, I gained .2 kg.

I was up to 75.6 kg and went on a 40-minute run. I lost .7 kg to get down to 74.9. But I was still a little hungry and thirsty. So my weight will go up some before bedtime. I was about 75.3 before hitting the sack. Strangely, I hardly lost any weight at all overnight, getting back down to 74.9 kg. This is not a problem, though. I am still basically even during the maintenance period.

My averages went down a little after this day. And they got even worse after Day 17. The blog entry on Day 18 will show how I recovered.

All Nonstop Jogging Days In Maintenance Mode
avg. 55.8 min jogging and -.06 kg in 13 days

Day 17
October 5 75.4 kg (30 minutes and gained .5 kg)

That was not a pretty result. I went out and ran 30 minutes at a moderate pace. That was apparently not enough, as I gained half a kilogram. I was not aware of doing anything out of the ordinary in terms of diet on this day. So it appears to have just been one of those days where things went badly for some unknown reason. This is no reason to feel bad. But it may be a reason to reassess things. This is what I wrote down at the time:

“Like in full weight-loss mode, I think it’s still clear that 30 minutes is just not going to be enough unless it’s a high-intensity workout. I am going to have to have some longer workouts in the next few days to reverse the trend.”

I averaged my maintenance-mode workouts of around 30 to 45 minutes at this time to see what kind of results I have been getting with this kind of workout. I was at a weight gain of .6 kg with these workouts when not doing an Evening Dominator session. You can learn about that in my Pentamize book. With an Evening Dominator, which is a special technique, I was losing weight at this point.

After Day 17, the following were my averages for all nonstop jogging days (not just runs of 30 to 45 minutes, but also one-hour and longer runs):

avg. 53.9 min jogging and -.02 kg in 14 days

You can see that the average was dipping badly over the past couple of days. All of that changes on Day 18, where I had a really good day.

Day 14 Of Weight Maintenance: What Breaking Even After a 1-Hour Run Means

Day 14 of my Pentamize maintenance phase was October 2, 2016. I ran for one hour and broke even during this one-day period. I both started and ended at 74.8 kg, which is 164.9 pounds.

A lot of people may have a kneejerk reaction to this and think that it was a failed day. After running a whole hour at a moderate pace, I didn’t lose any weight. Well, that is what I used to think. And occasionally, I will slip into that negative mindset again. But it’s just not the proper way of thinking when it comes to weight loss.

I actually had a pretty good one-hour run today, losing 1 kg during the run. I ran extremely hard the last 13 minutes, which is probably why I got the same results in 15 minutes less time than on September 30. If I did not have a lot of experience with my Pentamize system and daily weigh-ins (months of experience and over 10 pounds of weight loss per month in full weight-loss mode), I would think there is something wrong with breaking even. But the experience has taught me that there are days where even a great workout will not result in overall weight loss. It’s a timing issue and does not negate the value of a good workout.

First, you almost certainly would have gained weight without the workout instead of just breaking even. So there is a benefit even in just breaking even on a day. Second, the benefits of a good workout could be seen on the next day or gradually over the coming days instead of all in the same exact 24-hour period.

Having a good workout and only breaking even and being upset about it is usually an instance of looking at the glass as half empty instead of looking at the good water that is there. Of course, this is especially true in a maintenance phase since the goal is to break even, anyway.

There are plenty of reasons why someone might have a good workout and still break even or even gain a little weight on the day. Just looking at a single day, it’s simply impossible to say what the reason or reasons would be. But just something as simple as water retention or delayed digestion could be the answer.

The right mindset to take here is that you are on a long journey and driving through a mountainous area. At times, you will go up. Other times, you will go down. Still other times, you will hit a stretch of flat land.

I want you to compare this Day 14, which had a one-hour run, with Day 15, where I only ran for 37 minutes. I broke even today, but I lost a small amount of weight the next day even though I barely ran half the amount of time. The key is to find a winning average, not to have a winless record. Having a winless record is basically an impossibility in weight loss.

Now, how do you know if a particular workout and diet routine is producing a winning average? That is the purpose of my book. I show you how to track and interpret that tracking. Order my Pentamize book from the main page.

My overall results on maintenance-mode jogging sessions so far can be seen below. You can also click here for all results, including daily tracking.

total of 648 minutes and -.9 kg in 11 days
averages of 58.9 min jogging and -.08 kg