Surprising Weight Loss On a 30-Minute Run Day

Day 154

Starting Weight: 81.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 82.2 kg
Weight After Run: approximately 81.6 kg
Final Weight: 81.4 kg

This was an interesting day because I was forced to scale back some on the exercise. As I elaborate on more extensively in yesterday’s blog post, I had quite a hard time on my 90-minute run. So today was the perfect time to reduce the workout session to 30 minutes.

I had a little trouble with my weight scale after the run. But I at least about .6 kd during this shorter workout. That is successful when you consider that my recent weight loss during 90-minute sessions has been 1.2 kg. I did intentionally run faster from the start than average because I knew from the start that the session would only be 30 minutes.

The somewhat surprising result is that I actually a lost a little weight again today despite the shorter jogging session. It’s surprising for a couple of reasons, but there is some history in my Pentamize tracking record that 30-minute runs can sometimes achieve good results.

The first thing that is somewhat surprising with this daily result is that my results have been really bad with anything that is 30 minutes of exercise or less. Even in full weight-loss mode, when I was losing about 2.7 pounds a week, my 30-minute days resulted in net weight gain. The second thing that is surprising is that I drank some fruit (11 ounces) at night and still somehow lost weight on the day. However, it was coconut juice that is 80 percent pure juice. So it did not contain as much sugar or other bad substances as a lot of juice does.

Now, I do have a short history of tracking results of 30-minute high-intensity runs. And I just about broke even on those runs. Of course, this means that I did lose weight on some of those workout days. And I noticed that a really hard run for 30 minutes resulted in a weight loss of about .8 kg on average. And yesterday resulted in about .5 to .6 kg of weight loss during the run. That ended up being a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

In the end, I think I was a little lucky today. My results with 30-minute runs that are much more brutal than yesterday’s session show that even those result in just about breaking even. And yesterday’s run was still in the moderate-intensity range or barely in the high-intensity range if it was. So while I lost weight this time, I wouldn’t expect to lose weight on average. This means I need to get back to 90-minute runs and continue this recovery period, which is going pretty good right now. And my best guess that I am successfully back on track (other than the regular exercise) is that I have cut down on bread and rice (carbs). This is the main difference that I see. I just can’t see myself losing weight or even maintaining unless I keep the carb counts down.

Yet Another Loss of .2 KG After An Evening Run

Day 151 of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

My weight started today at 81.8 kg. This is the best mark I have seen yet in this recovery period. Progress is still pretty slow but also pretty steady.

I had another successful day on this Day 151. My final weight was 81.6 kg. That is the second day in a row with weight loss of .2 kg. Also, I am averaging a loss of about .2 kg of weight for several days now.

My schedule got switched up today, but I still ran for 90 minutes. But instead of doing it in the afternoon, I did it at night. The change was made because I was taking care of my child at home while my wife was working. It was Saturday, so the child was at home all day.

My usual routine is to run in the morning or afternoon. If you work a typical day shift, then I recommend a morning run if you are the type of person who can get up early enough. However, the important thing is to fit in your regular exercise session whenever you can. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job done.

Of course, some are just not a “morning person.” So you may not be able to motivate yourself to get out of bed in time to work out. In that case, you have no choice but to do your exercise after work or school. If you work at home, then that is a bonus to the extent that you can decide when you want to work out (morning or a little later). Lately, I have opted to run in the afternoon because it’s so cold here.

It just seems easier to brave the cold in the afternoon than in the early morning. Also, since I run for 90 minutes, I would have to start running at about 6 in the morning to be done in time to take care of some business. This is exactly what I did in full weight-loss mode, and it worked great. I was even losing .4 kg on my 90-minute-run days on average for several months. However, that does not mean that morning workouts are better. It likely means that I was losing weight faster then because my body had a lot more excess weight to lose. Thus, I am not disappointed or concerned about the recent averaga weight loss of .2 kg.

Tha recent loss of .2 kg daily on days with a 90-minute jogging session appears to be natural because it’s almost exactly what happened after I had lost the initial 55 pounds or so in full mode. The loss slowed down. This was not a “plateau,” as I did continue to lose weight. It’s just that the loss was slower than before. For more on weight-loss plateaus and whether they are even real (this depends on how you define them), get my Pentamize Weight Loss System book.

I did ultimately stop losing weight once hitting about 75.0 kg. This is when it became apparent that it probably wouldn’t even be that healthy to try to lose more. No, I am still not really thin at 75 kg. But I can see my ribs when I suck in at that weight. And I would probably have to starve to lose any more. So that’s when I decided to transition to maintenance mode.

Lost .1 KG And Recovery Period Is Gaining Momentum Now

Day 149

Starting Weight: 82.1 kg
Weight Before Running In Afternoon: 83.1 kg
Weight After Running: 81.9 kg
Final Weight: 82.0 kg

It’s been a bit of whirlwind so far during my post-vacation recovery period. Today, I finally got back down to the 82.0 mark I was at the morning after flying home. That was actually quite a while ago, on February 6.

There are a few reasons why I have had trouble getting positive momentum for this recovery. The first reason was that I needed to rest and get back to this time zone. This is normal behavior after a trip and what most people would do even if they need to start losing weight again. The second reason is that I had trouble putting down the snacks and even had some more coke. That rampant cheating on vacation didn’t do much good for my motivation.

As they say, your body gets used to what you put into it. And I put way too much soda and junk food and rice into my body over the vacation. Those old habits were coming back, and I wasn’t able to exorcise them for a few days after returning from my Philippines trip. But I have slowly adjusted back to the diet that helped me lose about 68 pounds when in full weight-loss mode. As I have gotten back to my usual diet, that momentum is finally starting to show.

Today, I lost a nominal .1 kg. Any amount of weight loss is a success for me when looking at one single day. And added to the approximate .2 kg daily average over the 3 days before this (.7 kg), I have now successfully dropped from 82.8 to 82.0 kg over the past 4 days. This is exactly .2 kg per day on average.

I have now run about 6 or 7 days in a row. Most of these days have been 90 minutes. At 79 minutes, today’s jogging session was just a little bit shorter. That was not a planned thing. But by the time I got around to running, my daughter’s school was closing before the end of the usual 90 minutes. So the session ended up being cut by 11 minutes. Still, it is not necessary to run exactly 90 minutes every day even in a recovery period. That is especially true in this case, where the 7 kg or so that I aim to lose is probably going to take me several weeks to burn off.

Don’t think that you have to do my workout. Your own workout session is whatever you come up with after reading my book, which is the Pentamize Weight Loss System. Of course, you don’t have to buy it. But it also has my unique tracking system, which turned out to essentially be the “glue” of the overall system that helped me lose weight.

I expect to exercise at least 2 or 3 more days and possibly even more before taking a break. Actually, I may choose not to take any complete break days, meaning no exercise at all. Instead of a total break, I am thinking of running only 30 to 45 minutes if my body is getting tired.

Choosing What Time Of Day To Exercise – Day 81

Day 81
90-minute run and lost .2 kg
Final Weight: 75.1 kg

I am coming off a few somewhat bad days and need to try to reverse things today. Despite being a breakeven day, yesterday was actually not that bad because it was a nonjogging workout. So I didn’t expect to lose much weight. Just breaking even was fine and about the most I can expect with even a higher-intensity calisthenics session.

December 6 was really poor. For some reason, I shot up .4 kg despite running an hour. And the day before that, I had a break day that resulted in a gain of .3 kg. So I am coming off a streak of weight gain.

Although diet is always important in general (it’s vital to avoid overdoing it on the cheat days and unhealthy snacks), I vary my exercise activity quite a bit depending on recent trends. So a day like today will almost always be a long run because it’s time to try to finally have a decent day with at least some weight loss. 2 days of gain and one breakeven day are not making for a good recent trend.

I lost a good amount during the run of 1.4 kg. My weight before starting was 76.1 kg, and it ended at 74.7 kg. That is much better than I have been doing lately in terms of weight lost during the jogging session. One of the reasons for that is probably that I ran really hard the last 30 minutes or so. I even finished at about 156 beats per minute, which is way up there compared to my usual 125 to 140.

Things kind of went off the rails after the run. I ate too much and ended up at about 76.2 kg. This was just one of those times when you get hungry and can’t stop eating. No, I did not pig out or anything. But I definitely ate more than the optimal amount. Increasing from 74.7 to about 76.2 when the workout was in the afternoon instead of the morning is just plain overeating.

If you do a workout in the morning (meaning before eating anything), you expect to gain all of the weight back after the run and a little bit more. Then, on a good day where you don’t gain too much back, you will lose weight from the amount lost during sleep. But since this jogging session was in the afternoon, I should not have gained back all the weight lost during the run since I had already eaten a large amount of my daily food intake.

Similarly, if you have eaten all your meals for the day and then do your workout at night, it would be terrible to turn around and gain back all the weight after a good run. That’s because the idea of the evening workout would be to lose the weight gained from eating all your daily meals. If you turn around and put it all back on at night, you have defeated the purpose of the workout.

Some people get really hungry after a workout and have to eat something. If you are that type but also need to work out at night, then it’s important to hold off on your last meal of the day until after you exercise. Otherwise, you will just overeat again and again.

For me, the best option is probably to work out before you eat your first meal of the day. This avoids the problem of getting hungry later because of the actual workout. Yes, you will be hungry after the morning workout. But after this session, you will have a good idea of how much you can eat the rest of the day and won’t have any more exercise to do that might cause you to get overly hungry. I routinely worked out in the morning during full weight-loss mode. My Pentamize book will give you a full journal of exactly how I lost 2.5 pounds a week using this “morning workout” routine.

As alluded to above, there is one big advantage to working out in the evening. And that is you can determine exactly how much you need to work out to get below a certain mark. My book discusses this technique in detail. It’s called the Evening Dominator session. But it is best for people who have the willpower to abstain from eating at all after the evening exercise session. If you are able to just go to bed without eating, get a good night’s sleep, and then eat again only after waking up, then a regimen that consists of an evening workout is doable in a weight-loss plan. But this depends on your ability to abstain from eating after that workout.

90M break even
60M +.1 kg
90M -.6 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.4 kg
90M and -.2 kg
total 3383 and -4.3 kg
averages of 63.83 min jogging and -.08 kg in 53 days

Day 61 – Using Your Heart Rate To Check Exercise Intensity When Running

My results on Day 61 were a final weight of 74.7 kg. That means I broke even. My exercise session was a 60-minute run.

Yesterday was a good recovery day. I ran 90 minutes and lost .4 kg. Today, I wanted to follow that up with a decent workout because it would be nice to have 2 good days in a row after that really bad result on Day 59. So my decision was to run for one hour.

I started the day at 74.7 kg. Then, I ate a couple of meals and ran in the afternoon. After that run, I came in at 74.4 kg.

I had a small snack after the run, but not much water. I also set a record today on my heart rate at the end of the session. It was about 168, which is more than the 160 I set just yesterday. This is not a record that I usually try to set. In fact, moderate intensity is my typical workout. And even today, it was at 168 only because I ran my butt off the last 10 minutes. Although I didn’t check it, my heart rate was surely way below that for most of the run.

Let’s examine heart rate a little further. Keep in mind that your numbers will be different than mine. For example, a rate of 120 for me at the end of a run only applies to me. For you, the same intensity could be 100 or could be 140. It just depends on your own resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. My book will show you how to figure all this out for yourself. Get it from the home page.

In my case, I am often at about 120, and I would say I have averaged about 130 to 135 for the entirety of the time that I have been using my Pentamize tracking system. So the 160 and 168 from the past two days are way above my average. I have seen it at about 150 before when running hard at the end. Maybe I just ran harder than I thought I did. But I can’t conceive of doing this every day. It’s just too much for me. 160 is definitely in the range of high intensity. And my goal continues to be to maintain an exercise regimen that consists of moderate-intensity workouts. For me, that’s about 120 to 140 beats per minute.

Keep in mind that heart rate increases a lot when jogging. You might be able to get just as good or maybe even a better workout when lifting weights. But your heart rate would not be expected to rise as much as when running. However, if you are lifting heavy weights and working really hard, your respiration should go up dramatically even though your heart rate typically does not skyrocket.

The rest of the day, I did pretty much everything right. After my last meal, I was only at about 75.2 kg. That was only about .5 kg above yesterday’s official weigh-in. But for some reason, I didn’t drop much weight overnight. After waking up and going to the bathroom, I still got down to only 74.7 kg. That made it a straight-up breakeven day since it was the same weight as Day 60.

A breakeven day is never bad. It’s kind of downer because I am having a cheat day on Day 62. Someone is having a party that I will be attending at night. So I would have preferred to lose a lot of weight on this day. Nonetheless, it’s not good to complain about a one-day result. That’s really pointless in the end because the only thing that matters is the average result plus the gross weight gain or loss.

90M and -.8 kg
60M and +.1 kg
60M and -.1 kg
90M and +.5 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and -.4 kg
90M and -.4 kg
60M and broke even
total 2453 and -3.3 kg
avg. 61.33 min jogging and -.0825 kg in 40 days