Weight Going Up and Down Is Quite Normal In Maintenance Mode

Day 235

Starting Weight: 76.6 kg
Ending Weight: 76.4 kg
Result: lost .2 kg

In yesterday’s blog post, I lamented my bizarre results and even said it was one of the worst I have ever had. To an extent, that is true. But the weird weight gain appears to have mostly been due to the fact that I retained water overnight. So a one-day result should never be looked at too negatively unless you did something really bad to cause it, such as eating 4000 calories of food or something ridiculous like that.

There is also something else that I have not written about too extensively. I am in maintenance mode now and not full weight-loss mode. When you are in maintenance mode, you don’t even expect to have a net weight loss since you are already at or at least close to your chosen permanent weight. Unless you have chosen a permanent weight that is still too high for your own good, then you don’t really expect to lose much more weight.

Once it is determined that you are not going to lose much more weight even with a good diet and exercise plan (such as the Pentamize system), then it’s almost a given that you are going to gain weight on many days. You really can’t go down much more. The only other natural way to go is up as soon as you hit a day where you retain water or even slightly overeat or underexercise. Then, as long as you stay on track with your plan, you will lose that weight again.

This is a kind of yo-yo effect, but I am NOT talking about yo-yo dieting. That is a completely different concept that consists of NOT STICKING TO YOUR DIET. Yo-yo dieting is largely self-inflicted longer-term damage due to failure to maintain your weight-loss or weight-maintenance lifestyle. I am not talking about that. I am talking about short-term weight gain and loss while actually maintaining a successful weight maintenance plan.

Even with a good maintenance plan, you are still going to experience ups and downs. But they should be small ups and downs, such as 2 or 3 pounds. They should not be 10-pound swings, as that suggests a serious problem with either your actual plan or sticking to that plan. 10-pound swings (about 5 kg) should not happen on a regular basis if you have a good maintenance plan. But smaller weight gain of about 1 kg is pretty normal.

Over the past 3 days, I have experienced what I believe to be a terrible trend of weight gain. I am still not sure what is going on and hope it’s just a natural trend that is going to fix itself. If I keep on going up for 2 more days, there may be something I need to modify. But for now, it’s important to just keep tracking. And yet again, you should be able to see the value of Pentamize tracking.

It can be disappointing when you have a spike of weight gain and are tracking that every day. But at least you are keeping tabs and can determine if there is a problem. If you gain 2 kg on either full or maintenance mode, then it’s definitely time to check and see if you are still following your plan or have possibly veered off course unintentionally. But if you don’t track, you could end up gaining 4 kg without realizing it. And it takes some extremely hard and long work to lose back 4 kg. I recently spent about 3 months losing back 6 kg. That was a brutal 3 months with almost no break days at all.

After 3 seriously bad days, I got off to a super start today. I rose from 76.6 to only 77.1 by the time of the 3 p.m. run. Additionally, it was warmer today, and I lost 1.5 kg during my 90-minute nonstop jogging session. So that put me at 75.6 kg, which is the lowest I have been since December. Of course, it’s not the end of the day yet. So I need to exercise decent diet discipline to finish in the 75 range. The point is that this is a great start.

My first meal plus rehydration after running put me back up to 76.6 kg. That was very good because it was my exact weight at the morning weigh-in. For the rest of the day, I should ideally limit myself to 2 small snacks and only water and black coffee. That should be enough to give me needed energy while also allowing me to lose weight over this 24-hour period. In fact, depending on how much I lose overnight, there is potential to lose half a kilogram. But it’s pointless to set such a specific goal because it’s impossible to predict with that kind of accuracy. So I just want to watch my diet the rest of the day.

With my last meal and some more water, I rose a bit too much to 77.3 kg by 7:30 at night. However, this is actually not bad because a fair amount was water. I obviously can’t get dehydrated. A good rule of thumb is to try to keep your weight gain after a workout to the amount you weighed before the workout session. In this case, I was 77.1 at the start. And having finished eating for the day at 77.3 kg, this is pretty good. It probably won’t make for a huge day. But I should be losing some weight by morning.

I went to bed at 77.2 and got up after approximately 8 hours and weighed in at about 76.7. This is a pretty good mark, with about 3 hours left before the official weigh-in.

After 3 hours, I dropped an additional .3 kg, weighing in at 76.4 kg. Although that was not a big weight loss, it was still a decent loss of .2 kg. Anything loss at all was going to be good after the terrible results of the past 3 days.

One of My Worst 24-Hour Results Ever

Day 234

Let me start by reviewing the past couple of days, which have been pretty bad. On Day 232, I ran for 60 minutes and gained .3 kg. Yesterday, I ran for 90 minutes and gained .1 kg. It appears that too much spaghetti was a big factor in this small weight gain yesterday. As for Day 232, it’s not really clear to me why I gained so much that day. Nothing stands out as a possible reason.

The last 2 days have shown a gain of .4 kg. This is a bad trend now and needs to be reversed. So today’s goal is to eat a little less, get in my normal exercise, and then hope for the best.

A good way to do this is to track even more intensely than usual. And in doing that, I found out that I was 76.8 after the first meal. And I did eat some more spaghetti, but I was more careful about how much.

By 3, I did have some more food and a lot of water and increased to 77.8 kg. It’s time to slow down now and reduce as much of that as possible (just by waiting for nature to take its course). I should be okay because a lot of the water weight is going to come right back out.

After rising to 77.9 from water, I started dropping and was at about 77.5 by the time of my run. I am a little hungry and will eat a final small meal after the workout. However, this is a very good situation compared to yesterday, where I was at about 77.9 right before the run. That’s a huge difference of .4 kg, or getting close to a full pound. The difference appears to be that I stopped eating at about 3 in the afternoon.

I had a decent weight loss for my 90-minute run, dropping from about 77.5 to 76.4. Although 1.1 kg is less than my average during Pentamize full weight-loss mode, it’s still a good loss in fairly cold weather. And it’s certainly better than recent days of hitting only .9 and that one bizarre day that showed only a loss of .7 kg.

Things got bizarre after the run. I had some water and a small final meal and rose to 77.1 kg. This was more than expected, but a lot of it was just water. So I expected my weight to come back down by morning. Strangely, I literally weighed myself at 77.0 when waking up. Even after going to the bathroom, I was still 76.8 kg.

There is something extremely bizarre about these numbers. Even though it was water, I had only dropped .3 kg overnight, including going to the bathroom. That is pretty much the lowest drop I could imagine. It’s still not time to weigh in yet.

As discussed before, the reason I don’t want to do an extra session yet is because I am trying to gauge whether the weight lost via those sessions gets put back on in ensuing days. The way this would happen is due to the fact that most of the weight lost is from water. However, working out extra should still provide some long-term benefits. It’s just less than the instant benefit because the instant benefit is an immediate loss that could be even more than 1 kg, depending on how long and hard the extra session is.

I am not sure what is going on. But at this point, what I thought was going to be a great day has turned into a disaster. My body is definitely not ready for an extra session, and it’s not the right time to do it, anyway. So I just have to accept this and get back to work on Day 235 with a normal long running session.

At my normal weigh-in time, I had dropped a little to 76.6 kg. This was a daily weight gain of .3 kg and a gain of .7 kg over the past 3 days. And as for the overnight weight loss, it was only .5 kg, which is below average but not as bad as the ridiculous .3 it was when I woke up.

Even though I have gained back a lot of weight over the past 3 days, the 76.6 is still .3 kg below my approximate starting mark of 76.9 before doing emergency exercise sessions. I am not writing off the extra sessions, as they can help you lose or maintain weight. However, it’s important not to get too excited at the great instant results because some of that may be put back on in ensuing days. Perhaps the best use of an emergency exercise session is to break through when you feel you have stalled. It gives you a sense of being in control again because the benefits are instant even if a little misleading in the short term.

Water Intake Can Cause Misleading Weigh-In Results

Day 194

Start: 76.7 kg
Weight Before Cheating Meal: 77.4 kg
Weight After Cheating Meal: 78.3 kg
Weight After Running: 77.1 kg
Final Weight: 77.4 kg
Result: gained .7 kg

After a strange day where I was sick but still had one of the best days of weight loss in a long time, I took a minor cheat day. This was not a break day, as I still ran my normal 90 minutes.

I was still feeling sick during the run. Still, the results of the run were pretty good, with a loss of 1.2 kg in what typically might have been a little more than that if I had had the energy to run a little faster. Considering that I was on my 3rd day of flu (but recovering slowly), this was a pretty successful exercise session.

After the run, my weight went up more than expected. By bedtime, I weighed 78.3 kg. While I did eat some after the run, it appears that most of that was water. I was really thirsty. And while I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water, there are times when you really need it. And being sick and fatigued like I am now is not a good time to skimp on the water. So I drank plenty, and my weight rose a lot.

When you drink a large amount of water, it is true that your weight goes up instantly as the water goes in. This is something you are not going to avoid when losing weight unless you really want to dehydrate yourself. It’s doubtful anyone recommends that as a long-term approach.

Presumably, the weight increase due to water will go back down as your body uses the water or gets rid of it through going to the bathroom or other body systems. However, some of it can definitely be retained in the body for a while. This is particularly true when weighing yourself on a daily basis, which I do preach heavily in my Pentamize weight loss system. However, the amount of water you put in your body can lead to misleading daily results. This may be what happens to me today. However, it won’t be possible to say for sure since this was also a cheat day. Maybe the major culprit is the cheating, not the high water intake.

The main point to remember on water intake is it is likely to even out over time. In fact, drinking more water is usually recommended since it puts your body in better condition to process your food, exercise better, etc. Just be aware that high water intake can lead to misleading daily weigh-in results. Look to your average results and don’t focus too much on extreme days. The extreme days you want to focus on would be when you know you did the wrong things. If you pig out and gain 2 pounds, that probably tells you not to pig out like that. If you drink a bunch of water and gain 1 pound on a day when you made no apparent mistakes, then that obviously doesn’t mean to stop drinking water.

The only obvious thing about today is that I need to continue to avoid cheat days. And in the long run, that is probably the factor that would cause me to have such a bad day (I gained .7 kg). As far as drinking a lot of water, that possibly played a role today. But that is not something I can worry about since it’s not likely to have a long-term negative effect (and may even have a positive effect).

Surprising Weight Loss On a 30-Minute Run Day

Day 154

Starting Weight: 81.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 82.2 kg
Weight After Run: approximately 81.6 kg
Final Weight: 81.4 kg

This was an interesting day because I was forced to scale back some on the exercise. As I elaborate on more extensively in yesterday’s blog post, I had quite a hard time on my 90-minute run. So today was the perfect time to reduce the workout session to 30 minutes.

I had a little trouble with my weight scale after the run. But I at least about .6 kd during this shorter workout. That is successful when you consider that my recent weight loss during 90-minute sessions has been 1.2 kg. I did intentionally run faster from the start than average because I knew from the start that the session would only be 30 minutes.

The somewhat surprising result is that I actually a lost a little weight again today despite the shorter jogging session. It’s surprising for a couple of reasons, but there is some history in my Pentamize tracking record that 30-minute runs can sometimes achieve good results.

The first thing that is somewhat surprising with this daily result is that my results have been really bad with anything that is 30 minutes of exercise or less. Even in full weight-loss mode, when I was losing about 2.7 pounds a week, my 30-minute days resulted in net weight gain. The second thing that is surprising is that I drank some fruit (11 ounces) at night and still somehow lost weight on the day. However, it was coconut juice that is 80 percent pure juice. So it did not contain as much sugar or other bad substances as a lot of juice does.

Now, I do have a short history of tracking results of 30-minute high-intensity runs. And I just about broke even on those runs. Of course, this means that I did lose weight on some of those workout days. And I noticed that a really hard run for 30 minutes resulted in a weight loss of about .8 kg on average. And yesterday resulted in about .5 to .6 kg of weight loss during the run. That ended up being a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

In the end, I think I was a little lucky today. My results with 30-minute runs that are much more brutal than yesterday’s session show that even those result in just about breaking even. And yesterday’s run was still in the moderate-intensity range or barely in the high-intensity range if it was. So while I lost weight this time, I wouldn’t expect to lose weight on average. This means I need to get back to 90-minute runs and continue this recovery period, which is going pretty good right now. And my best guess that I am successfully back on track (other than the regular exercise) is that I have cut down on bread and rice (carbs). This is the main difference that I see. I just can’t see myself losing weight or even maintaining unless I keep the carb counts down.

Yet Another Loss of .2 KG After An Evening Run

Day 151 of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

My weight started today at 81.8 kg. This is the best mark I have seen yet in this recovery period. Progress is still pretty slow but also pretty steady.

I had another successful day on this Day 151. My final weight was 81.6 kg. That is the second day in a row with weight loss of .2 kg. Also, I am averaging a loss of about .2 kg of weight for several days now.

My schedule got switched up today, but I still ran for 90 minutes. But instead of doing it in the afternoon, I did it at night. The change was made because I was taking care of my child at home while my wife was working. It was Saturday, so the child was at home all day.

My usual routine is to run in the morning or afternoon. If you work a typical day shift, then I recommend a morning run if you are the type of person who can get up early enough. However, the important thing is to fit in your regular exercise session whenever you can. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job done.

Of course, some are just not a “morning person.” So you may not be able to motivate yourself to get out of bed in time to work out. In that case, you have no choice but to do your exercise after work or school. If you work at home, then that is a bonus to the extent that you can decide when you want to work out (morning or a little later). Lately, I have opted to run in the afternoon because it’s so cold here.

It just seems easier to brave the cold in the afternoon than in the early morning. Also, since I run for 90 minutes, I would have to start running at about 6 in the morning to be done in time to take care of some business. This is exactly what I did in full weight-loss mode, and it worked great. I was even losing .4 kg on my 90-minute-run days on average for several months. However, that does not mean that morning workouts are better. It likely means that I was losing weight faster then because my body had a lot more excess weight to lose. Thus, I am not disappointed or concerned about the recent averaga weight loss of .2 kg.

Tha recent loss of .2 kg daily on days with a 90-minute jogging session appears to be natural because it’s almost exactly what happened after I had lost the initial 55 pounds or so in full mode. The loss slowed down. This was not a “plateau,” as I did continue to lose weight. It’s just that the loss was slower than before. For more on weight-loss plateaus and whether they are even real (this depends on how you define them), get my Pentamize Weight Loss System book.

I did ultimately stop losing weight once hitting about 75.0 kg. This is when it became apparent that it probably wouldn’t even be that healthy to try to lose more. No, I am still not really thin at 75 kg. But I can see my ribs when I suck in at that weight. And I would probably have to starve to lose any more. So that’s when I decided to transition to maintenance mode.