Minimal Weight Gain After Getting Into Danger Zone Today

Day 416

Yesterday was the most gratifying day yet of my slow 60-minute running sessions experiment. For the first time in a while, I was back to being under the starting point of 77.1. I got down to 77.0 after having a huge day with a weight loss of .5 kg. Thus, I have lost .1 kg over this testing period. The fact that the period includes a cheat day is the icing on the cake. I didn’t anticipate being able to recover at all. Yet, it was pretty much smooth sailing to get from 78.8 to 72.2 after that cheat day.

It’s important to keep a few things in mind when analyzing the results of this test. First, I am in maintenance mode because I have lost most of the weight that I expected to lose. In full weight loss mode and with 20 or more pounds still to lose, I would expect the results to be even better than what they have been. But since I have lost most of my excess weight already (75.0 is the target weight but is hard to reach), mere weight maintenance is the goal. And I am achieving that.

The second thing to remember is that it’s still a little too early to start drawing conclusions on the results. Yesterday was the 15th day, though. That is getting close to my general guideline of testing at least 20 days. In this case, however, I have decided to do a full 30 days of testing. So at the halfway point, I have achieved weight maintenance even with one cheat day and full recovery from that cheating.

Today saw a pretty large increase of 1.3 kg from the first meal. However, that included more water than I consumed yesterday. This might still work out fine over the next 3 hours or so. If that water is out of the body by then, I may still be able to stay below the Danger Zone today. However, I have no real expectations of staying at or below 1.6 kg, which was yesterday’s max. That is typically hard to do, although I have managed to stay at 1.7 on many days during this period. Today may be more difficult, though, because of yesterday’s large weight loss of .5 kg. If I were to just break even today, it would seem to be a win to me.

As planned, I was able to drop back down to 78.0 over 2 to 3 hours. This allowed me room to eat what needed to be eaten for enough energy to get through the day. It was looking pretty iffy but is looking a lot better now.

Today is turning into a roller coaster. I was up to 78.7 unexpectedly and then back down to 78.5. Then, I decided there was no choice but to have one more meal. I was too hungry to get through the rest of the night.

My last meal was a little too big, and I rose to a max of 2.1 kg, which was 79.1. This just wasn’t the right time to stay out of the Danger Zone, probably because I lost so much yesterday. A loss of .5 on a slow one-hour run day is not common, so a negative bounceback effect is possible. I also drank more water today than yesterday.

The hope now is to just break even or not lose too much, as it would be very difficult to lose weight with these numbers. However, I must get used to this if I want to do slow runs forever. It’s not going to be intense enough to break even almost every day. The numbers are destined to go back and forth. But looking at the first 15 days, there is great promise of making this my primare exercise routine instead of the dreaded 90-minute sessions. If I want to get back down to 75, that may not be possible with this routine. But if I am happy hovering around the 76 and low 77 range, there is hope.

After waking up and finishing in the bathroom, I was 78.1 kg. That was a good drop from last night’s 79.1. It’s still going to be tough to break even. But this was a good start.

My results from jogging were a typical loss of about .6 kg. That put me at around 77.5 kg, or .5 over today’s beginning weight of 77.0. With 3 or so hours to go, it looks like I may gain a little weight this time. But as long as it’s only about .2 kg, that’s not so bad coming off a really great day with a loss of .5 kg. Plus, I did go into the Danger Zone today. So there wasn’t much I could do to avoid this after I let that happen.

At 10:30 in the morning, I was down to 77.4. The natural weight loss continued, and I was down another .1 at 11:30. So my weight was 77.3 at that time.

I might weigh in about an hour early. However, at 11:30, with 2 hours to go, I was still up .3 kg. That’s giving back too much of yesterday’s great loss of .5. Thus, I feel it is good to wait at least on hour and perhaps weigh in one hour early. If I am .2 kg up at that time, I might call it a day and just try to do better for Day 417.

I went to the bathroom again and actually got down to 77.1 kg at 12:30 p.m. This actually gave me a chance to break even on the day, so it supplied me with the motivation to wait one more hour and see if I can actually break even.

After that last weigh-in, I was stuck. So I ended the day at 77.1, for the minimum weight gain of .1 kg. So for this 16th day of the current test, I am at the exact breakeven point of 77.1 since that was the starting weight on the first day. Increasing weight by 2.1 kg today and still gaining only .1 kg is better than I was expecting. But it doesn’t change anything because the 2.0 kg Danger Zone still appears to be just right.

Total 60-Minute Days: 50
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 16
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: even (still 77.1)

15th Day Of Slow Runs Produces Big Weight Loss Of .5 KG

Day 415

Today started out about as well as could ever be expected. After my first full meal and drinking some fluids after the run, I had only jumped .9 kg, to 78.4. It just can’t get much better than that when actually eating and feeling satisfied from the first meal. Of course, starving would be less, but that’s not an option.

After the second meal, I was still only 1.3 kg over today’s starting weight. At that point, I felt that one more meal would probably be enough food for the rest of the day.

That third meal had me up to about 79.1, or 1.6 kg over the 77.5 starting weight. I did actually eat one more small snack, but that still had me at only about 79.1 because of going to the bathroom before that final snack of the day. So my max today was about 1.6 kg over. This amount almost always results in weight loss when doing a slow 60-minute run. I am happy with sticking with a slow session today because I am still testing these sessions. As of yesterday, I was .4 kg above since this test started when my weight was 77.1 kg. So I will probably be very close to breakeven again for slow one-hour runs by day’s end. The greatest part about that is this weight maintenance occurred despite having one cheat day

I seem to be peeing more today than usual. This looks promising for losing some weight today, along with the fact that I maxed out at only 1.6 kg, which was 79.1 kg. Compare that to yesterday’s max of 79.5, and this is looking pretty good. There is really nothing else I can do, but I will say the probable difference today.

I woke up a bit early and waited until 7:30 in the morning to measure my overnight weight loss. After going to the bathroom twice, I was 78.1 kg, for a 1.0 kg loss in about 12 hours. 78.1 is .3 kg better than yesterday at close to the same time. And since I broke even yesterday, losing weight today is nearly a certainty. I have another 4 to 5 hours before my official weigh-in. So there is some chance here of losing .4 kg or even more. I can’t say exactly, but it’s definitely going to be a loss since I am only .6 kg at this point. There is no way that can’t be a weight loss since I will lose that much from the run only.

Over the next 4 1/2 to 5 hours before running, I had a glorious natural weight loss of .6 kg. So I was actually at the breakeven point today even before running. Although it is raining continuously outside, I cannot spoil this opportunity for a huge day. All I need to get back to breakeven on slow 60-minute days is a loss of .4 kg. And even the worst 60-minute runs have produced at least .5 kg of weight loss. There is a stadium near my place that I run under sometimes when it rains. I’ll run under that as long as it’s still raining. But I can’t miss this golden opportunity to break even.

I ended with a nice weight loss of .5 kg today, dropping to 77.0 after running and going to the bathroom. While I didn’t lose much from the run this time, the overall 24-hour period saw great diet control and steady natural weight loss in addition to my exercise session. Better yet, I have now actually lost .1 kg with the slow 60-minute runs, and that includes a cheat day.

Broke Even With a Slow Run When Hitting 2.0 KG Danger Zone

Day 414

Overall, I got off to a good start today after a hiccup yesterday. I gained .3 kg yesterday when reaching the 2.0 Danger Zone. However, a good bit of that was water. So it does not seem that I made a lot of diet mistakes. Since I had lost weight 5 days in a row before that, I am chalking that result up to probable water retention.

At 4:45 in the afternoon, I was only at 78.7 kg, which was 1.2 kg above the starting weight of 77.5. That is a very manageable position when considering I have probably 2 more smallish meals to go. They certainly can’t be big meals. Otherwise, I would certainly go over the 2.0 kg increase that I have determined is a big mistake when maintaining a regimen of slow 60-minute jogs.

Running for an hour even at a slow pace may seem like a lot and may even be a lot of exercise for some people. It’s not much for me, as exercise is an indispensable part of my weight maintenance plan. Now that it is getting cold again here in Denmark, I am noticing only a .6 or .7 kg weight loss when doing one of these runs. That makes maintaining proper diet control even more important since I can’t usually recover from any big mistakes with a slow one-hour run.

Around 5:30, I had a medium-sized pizza that was about .35 kg. After going to the bathroom, my weight was back down to about 78.9 kg, which is a 1.4 kg increase. So it looked like a good time to have a little yogurt as my last meal of the night. I will also have a very small amount of meat (about .1 kg at most). This last meal should keep me well below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone.

I may have messed up here. I did eat the yogurt and a little meat. But I also ate a fairly small chocolate muffin that somebody brought home. That was not planned, but it was still my weak moment that caused me to eat it. That muffin was really not necessary. In times like this, I realize that doing nothing but slow 60-minute runs is an iffy proposition. When I mess up like tonight, there may be times when I have to run longer or harder. I just can’t be perfect on diet, so some harder work on exercise may be necessary to maintain my weight at the desired level.

I checked and found out that my weight was at the 2.0 kg Danger Zone, or 79.5 kg in this case. So while I did foul up a little, it wasn’t too terribly bad. However, I am likely at some risk of gaining a little weight today. My discipline has gone off the rails the past couple of days compared to the recovery period. Maybe I was more psychologically motivated because of the focus on recovering.

My overnight weight loss was decent this time and possibly enough to allow me to lose a little weight this daily period. I woke up and was 78.4 kg, which was a drop of 1.1 kg in about 12 hours, including sleep time. 78.4 is .9 kg above 77.5, which is the starting weight for today. Since I have about 5 hours until my official weigh-in, which includes my exercise session, then this is looking pretty good unless natural weight loss stalls like it does from time to time. But I am probably looking at a weight loss of about .2 kg. This is only an estimate. We’ll see how close it is in reality.

By 11:30 in the morning, I had gotten down to 78.1. This is fairly close to the drop of around .1 kg per hour. I am about to run soon and am exactly .6 kg above the starting weight. Since that is just about what I have been losing during the slow runs, it looks like I will at least break even today or lose weight. Gaining weight is highly doubtful. If I can lose a little weight today, it will show that reaching 2.0 kg and doing a slow one-hour run can still produce a small weight loss. However, if in recovery mode, such as after the recent cheat day, staying well below 2.0 is better because the average daily result when increasing by 2.0 kg during the day is probably closer to breakeven than actually losing weight. I’d say averaging a 1.8 or 1.9 increase is about the max if I am trying to actually lose weight with slow 60-minute sessions. 2.0 is very risky but might work as an average if the goal is to merely break even.

As with the past few days, I lost .6 kg from the run and did not reduce any after that. So I broke even today, finishing at 77.5 kg. All in all, that’s actually a promising result. I rose to the Danger Zone and still managed to break even with a slow run.

Recovered From Partial Cheat Day In Only One Day

Days 244 and 245

Starting Weight: 76.1 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.0 kg
Weight After Running: 76.8 kg
Final Weight And Result: 76.3 kg and gained .2 kg

I had a partial cheat day on Day 244. After going to an appointment, it was time to eat. And I had a hamburger, fries, and a large coke.

This caused a pretty big increase in weight, but it was not a huge meal. So it was possible to avoid a really bad day even though it would be hard to lose weight. I have come close to breaking even on a semi cheat day but never on a “pig out” kind of cheat day.

I tried to eat as little as possible the rest of the day and did a decent job of maintaining discipline. And I also ran the typical 90-minute run.

The damage from that big meal was a little too much to reverse in only 24 hours. However, the result was actually decent. My morning weigh-in showed a weight of 76.3 kg, which was a weight gain of .2 kg.

With another partial cheat day done, it would be a good idea to avoid these for a while. I should certainly avoid them for at least a couple of weeks.

Day 245

The smallish weight gain on Day 244 was telling me to have another long run on Day 245. However, my body was not feeling all that great at 8 at night. I just didn’t feel like running in the afternoon, either. So I am going to try something a little different. I will run 60 minutes at night and then do another session in the morning of between 30 and 60 minutes. How long I run in the morning will depend on my weight in the morning. I’ll probably be pretty far up because my weight was up to about 77.9 before the evening workout.

When I went outside to run, my body and mind just were not responding at all. So I decided to cancel the evening workout and just do it in the morning. Then, things were screwed up even more when I found out my daughter’s school was cancelled for the day. That left only a little time to work out in the morning unless I was going to get up at about 6:30 in the morning. Since I am not used to that schedule, I chose to get up a little later and run for about an hour.

Ultimately, I got up, weighed in at 76.9 kg, and then ran for 70 minutes. The result was a decent weight loss of .8 kg during that session. So my official weigh-in was a 76.1 kg, which resulted in a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

Looking at Days 244 (a partial cheat day) and 245, I broke even in the aggregate. This is a fine result, particularly considering that this was a one-day full recovery from the partial cheat day.

Weight Going Up and Down Is Quite Normal In Maintenance Mode

Day 235

Starting Weight: 76.6 kg
Ending Weight: 76.4 kg
Result: lost .2 kg

In yesterday’s blog post, I lamented my bizarre results and even said it was one of the worst I have ever had. To an extent, that is true. But the weird weight gain appears to have mostly been due to the fact that I retained water overnight. So a one-day result should never be looked at too negatively unless you did something really bad to cause it, such as eating 4000 calories of food or something ridiculous like that.

There is also something else that I have not written about too extensively. I am in maintenance mode now and not full weight-loss mode. When you are in maintenance mode, you don’t even expect to have a net weight loss since you are already at or at least close to your chosen permanent weight. Unless you have chosen a permanent weight that is still too high for your own good, then you don’t really expect to lose much more weight.

Once it is determined that you are not going to lose much more weight even with a good diet and exercise plan (such as the Pentamize system), then it’s almost a given that you are going to gain weight on many days. You really can’t go down much more. The only other natural way to go is up as soon as you hit a day where you retain water or even slightly overeat or underexercise. Then, as long as you stay on track with your plan, you will lose that weight again.

This is a kind of yo-yo effect, but I am NOT talking about yo-yo dieting. That is a completely different concept that consists of NOT STICKING TO YOUR DIET. Yo-yo dieting is largely self-inflicted longer-term damage due to failure to maintain your weight-loss or weight-maintenance lifestyle. I am not talking about that. I am talking about short-term weight gain and loss while actually maintaining a successful weight maintenance plan.

Even with a good maintenance plan, you are still going to experience ups and downs. But they should be small ups and downs, such as 2 or 3 pounds. They should not be 10-pound swings, as that suggests a serious problem with either your actual plan or sticking to that plan. 10-pound swings (about 5 kg) should not happen on a regular basis if you have a good maintenance plan. But smaller weight gain of about 1 kg is pretty normal.

Over the past 3 days, I have experienced what I believe to be a terrible trend of weight gain. I am still not sure what is going on and hope it’s just a natural trend that is going to fix itself. If I keep on going up for 2 more days, there may be something I need to modify. But for now, it’s important to just keep tracking. And yet again, you should be able to see the value of Pentamize tracking.

It can be disappointing when you have a spike of weight gain and are tracking that every day. But at least you are keeping tabs and can determine if there is a problem. If you gain 2 kg on either full or maintenance mode, then it’s definitely time to check and see if you are still following your plan or have possibly veered off course unintentionally. But if you don’t track, you could end up gaining 4 kg without realizing it. And it takes some extremely hard and long work to lose back 4 kg. I recently spent about 3 months losing back 6 kg. That was a brutal 3 months with almost no break days at all.

After 3 seriously bad days, I got off to a super start today. I rose from 76.6 to only 77.1 by the time of the 3 p.m. run. Additionally, it was warmer today, and I lost 1.5 kg during my 90-minute nonstop jogging session. So that put me at 75.6 kg, which is the lowest I have been since December. Of course, it’s not the end of the day yet. So I need to exercise decent diet discipline to finish in the 75 range. The point is that this is a great start.

My first meal plus rehydration after running put me back up to 76.6 kg. That was very good because it was my exact weight at the morning weigh-in. For the rest of the day, I should ideally limit myself to 2 small snacks and only water and black coffee. That should be enough to give me needed energy while also allowing me to lose weight over this 24-hour period. In fact, depending on how much I lose overnight, there is potential to lose half a kilogram. But it’s pointless to set such a specific goal because it’s impossible to predict with that kind of accuracy. So I just want to watch my diet the rest of the day.

With my last meal and some more water, I rose a bit too much to 77.3 kg by 7:30 at night. However, this is actually not bad because a fair amount was water. I obviously can’t get dehydrated. A good rule of thumb is to try to keep your weight gain after a workout to the amount you weighed before the workout session. In this case, I was 77.1 at the start. And having finished eating for the day at 77.3 kg, this is pretty good. It probably won’t make for a huge day. But I should be losing some weight by morning.

I went to bed at 77.2 and got up after approximately 8 hours and weighed in at about 76.7. This is a pretty good mark, with about 3 hours left before the official weigh-in.

After 3 hours, I dropped an additional .3 kg, weighing in at 76.4 kg. Although that was not a big weight loss, it was still a decent loss of .2 kg. Anything loss at all was going to be good after the terrible results of the past 3 days.