Lost .7 KG Even When Eating Pizza

My diet is a little bit off so far today, but not in an especially bad way. In fact, I am almost at the usual time for my 4th snack but have still only had 2. I will discuss 2 options in this blog post for dealing with this situation. The reason it’s important is because, with the size of snacks in a snacks-only diet being so small, you really should not be skipping. So if you fall behind, it’s arguably good to make up for it by eating additional food the rest of the day.

True, the goal of a diet plan is usually not to add food. But it’s not actually adding in this situation. Rather, you are making up for a missed snack. Now, someone may think, “Hey, I am dieting, anyway. Might as well eat one less snack today.” The problem with that approach is that you may get so hungry that you end up going on a mini-binge later in the day or eat too much the next day.

If you fall behind a snack, there are 2 simple options:

1. Eat an additional snack at the end of the day; or
2. Eat 2 snacks in 1 for the next snack or some other later snack on the same day.

Which of these options you choose is going to depend on several factors. But let’s just keep it simple and say you should pick the one that is most practical or convenient for you. For example, if you usually eat your last snack close to bedtime, then you might not even have time to eat an additional snack later. In that case, doubling up on one snack might be better for your situation.

If you do have time to fit in an extra snack before bedtime, then it’s going to depend on whether you are prepared to eat 2 snacks in 1 and whether you like that. Some people do, and some don’t. Snack preparation is also a factor. Are you prepared to eat 2 snacks in 1? While it’s often a matter of eating the same thing twice or having an extra helping, only you know whether or not you are sufficiently prepared to do that. In my case, I am not a big fan of doubling up because I like to keep my mental focus on eating small snacks. So I will probably eat a little extra at the end of the day today.

Right before the 3rd snack, my weight was still at only 79.3, or a .3 kg daily increase. This has the potential for a monster day if I keep the proper diet.

I ate 5 snacks in all before bedtime (including half a pizza), but my weight was still great. My max was about 80.1. If I lose 1 kg overnight, that would set up a monster day. But regardless, it looks like I will be losing plenty of weight.

Losing .1 kg is tough in this spot because I don’t have much to lose to begin with. But I did go down to 79.4 by wakeup time. After that, results got even better. I went to the bathroom, ran for about 85 minutes, and then had a final weigh-in of 78.3 kg. It was raining and a little cold and windy, too. But that was a decent loss of around 1 kg from the running session, and I lost a big .7 kg today.

I am happy to be back in the low 78 range and need to keep this up for a few days. The expectation is to be in the low 77 range or possibly even the 76 range after Friday morning’s run. But I am worried too much about the results and prefer to focus on doing the right thing. If I do, the results will be sufficient.

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