Good Weight Loss Despite Lack of Tracking

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like tracking my weight all day long even if I am at home and have the ability to do that. It can get tedious at times. As a general rule, though, I recommend tracking several times a day.

If you have a very steady diet, it would not be necessary to track that much if you already know your typical or average results. The more variable your diet or exercise is, though, the more often you will generally need to track.

Because my diet is somewhat variable, I do need to stay on top of my daily weight gain. Even with a snacks-only diet, I am often eating various different food items that can possibly cause me to overeat. I don’t have weight or calorie counts on everything, so body-weight tracking is very valuable in my case.

Despite my general need to track thoroughly, I just didn’t feel like it today. However, I did try to follow my snacks-only diet and appear to have done a decent job. My starting weight was 79.3. After getting up and going to the bathroom, I was at 79.9. So that had me at only .6 over for the day. This is an approximate figure, as I was in a hurry to start running.

The plan was to do 90 minutes, but I was a little bit short on time. Nonetheless, I was able to get in 79 minutes. After that, I went to the bathroom and weighed in at 79.1 kg. That was with about 2 hours to go for the weigh-in. And I was already at a daily weight loss at this point in time.

Despite the lack of tracking today, I avoided any major mistakes that would have caused me to go over. I credit the snacks-only concept with this result. But if you don’t have a good understanding of your own diet and eating habits, not tracking could be a big problem. If you can’t do everything in your head, then that is what the scale is for.

I have practiced the snacks-only method for around 2 months now, so I can occasionally relax the tracking and do a whole day’s diet on “feel.” But before starting the snacks-only routine, my meal sizes were all over the map, resulting in lots of nasty surprises if I did not rigorously track my weight. The snacks-only diet might not work for everybody, but I certainly recommend at least trying it if your health professional says it’s okay for you. This routine has helped me avoid a lot of diet mistakes, and that’s especially true on a day like today (because of the failure to track).

I finished the day off at 79.0 kg, which is a daily weight loss of .3 kg. This is very good when considering my failure to properly track throughout the day. It is also a .4 kg loss the past days after the enormous increase of 2.2 kg the 2 days before.

I’ll be running every day for probably 5 days now. That plan will not change unless my daughter gets sick and has to stay home from preschool. The goal is to also continue following the snacks-only diet for all of those days. At this point, I don’t want to set any specific short-term goals except to just stop cheating on this diet. It’s killing me and making me have to work out way too much.

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