Slight Weight Loss With a 90-Minute Running Session

Today started out quite well. I was up from 79.4 to about 79.7 after a couple of snacks.

The 90-minute run result was very poor. I ran and got down to about 79.0, but this was in the afternoon (the middle of the tracking day instead of in the morning and near the end).

I did not track the rest of the afternoon and evening, but my weight was back down to about 79.7 at 5 in the morning. That left 6 more hours to hopefully get back down to 79.4 or better.

I was flirting with the idea of running again, but that would be pretty brutal since I already have 90 minutes of running during this 24-hour period. Any more would be pushing beyond a realistic amount since it could result in injuries if done on a regular basis. Also, it looks like I will be close to breakeven today. So there is no urgency to lose additional weight now.

At 9 in the morning, I had dropped to about 79.3. So today should show a weight loss since I will not be eating or drinking anything until the 11 a.m. final weigh-in. Actually, 79.3 already shows a loss of .1 kg.

I didn’t lose any more today. That was a nominal loss of .1 kg. More was expected, but I can’t really complain about any loss. I may have consumed a little too many smoothies yesterday in the early evening. Digestion from those and additional food that I ate later in the day than usual could be delayed. So tomorrow will hopefully be a better day as long as my diet discipline is good.

Due to a lack of tracking after the run, I am not actually sure whether I overate today. The less you track, the more likely you are going to be completely guessing what happened. I can only guess that I may have delayed digestion today because I ate most food in the early evening and later. At any rate, it’s not always possible to track after every single meal. But if you can’t track, it’s best to have a pre-arranged set of meals or snacks so you don’t accidentally overeat.

Because I don’t like being that rigid about food choices, my preference is to avoid overeating by tracking. I talk about this constantly in this blog. But if you have not read about it yet, then I will just summarize that you need to determine an estimated maximum weight increase and track closely enough to avoid going over that mark.

Tomorrow needs to be a good day. I plan on following a snacks-only diet (I did not follow this precisely today because of the smoothies) and doing some exercise. The small .7 kg loss from the run today is also something that I can hopefully improve on. Unfortunately, about the only way to fix that is to hope for the best or increase intensity. I am not going to increase my intensity for various reasons, but I have to remain confident that my average result is going to be a lot better than today’s dismal .7.

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