Second Day In a Row With a 1.1 KG Weight Gain

I am back up to .9 kg over for the day before the 3rd snack. This is hopefully not a repeat of yesterday’s fiasco. But that’s a pretty fast increase that gives me pause.

I’m not sure if the fast early rise in weight really matters all that much since one of my rules is to never starve or skip snacks, anyway. However, there is still value in knowing where you are in the middle of the day. And that value comes from the fact that tracking allows you to slightly modify the size of your snacks the rest of the day (or part of the day) by making them a little smaller.

There is a difference between starving or skipping meals (snacks) and merely modifying the size of your snacks or meals. In this case, I know that .9 is a typical weight after 3 snacks. For some reason, though, I am up to .9 after 2 meals and right before the 3rd one. I don’t know why except that it is not clearly due to overeating. So it may just be water retention. At any rate, the idea is to make the next couple of snacks on the smaller side compared to usual. This will at least reduce the odds of gaining weight by the end of the day.

Eating somewhat smaller snacks has a lower risk of unwanted side effects than starving or skipping. If you skip or starve, there is a serious risk of getting overly hungry and actually eating more than you would have if you had not skipped at all. You may skip a snack that is .2 kg, but it does no good if the next one you eat is .5 kg. That means you will often be eating .1 kg extra compared to not skipping at all.

I am not saying there is no risk at all of making your snacks smaller the rest of the day. In fact, I am not even attempting to present scientific proof of anything here. It is possible that “downsizing” could backfire, as well. But since you are still eating something every couple of hours, it is generally easier to maintain discipline.

As for what I just did today, my weight actually only went up .1 kg after the 3rd snack (to 79.3 kg). So this method is working fine for me so far today. I am 1.0 kg over with 2 snacks to go.

I did okay until the last snack, when I rose to 79.9 kg, or 1.6 kg over. I did not fail to follow my diet, though. The last snack was bigger, but the average size of snacks eaten today seemed fine. A 1.6 increase is a bit high and puts me at risk of gaining some weight unless I exercise.

Oops. I totally blew it after writing the paragraph above. Someone brought some KFC home. I didn’t eat that much of it but did drink almost 2 full cups of coke. This turned into a partial cheat day, and I paid dearly for it.

When waking up, I was still at 79.6 kg. I am now going to be back in the 79 range from the 77 range in only 2 days. The good part is that I know I can recover from this with hard work. And it isn’t really that hard since my runs don’t have to be fast. They just have to last a while.

There is just no way that I can cheat and not gain weight. If I can’t stop cheating, that is always going to mean more exercise. I can do that as long as I avoid injury. Because constant running has produced ankle soreness, I really need to be more careful with the diet cheating.

My final weight today was 79.4 kg. That is another increase of 1.1 kg, which is the same amount as yesterday.

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