Huge .9 KG Weight Loss Even With Reduced Exercise Session

After yesterday’s surprising and frankly unjustified weight gain, I am now on a 1-day streak of gain after 2 days of loss. None of these days involved exercise, but today’s 24-hour daily tracking period will include a 90-minute run. I will not be able to track how much I gained or lost without exercise, but it’s pretty clear by now that the average no-exercise result for the snacks-only diet is close to breakeven at my current weight range.

Today, I was at .9 kg after the first 3 snacks. This is a pretty typical start for a snacks-only day. It’s not especially great or bad but does demand good discipline the rest of the day. Actually, it doesn’t usually matter how good a day looks at any point in time because one mistake can blow it with a snacks-only diet. Just one snack that is even only .2 kg over can cause a gain for the day. So it’s important to always maintain discipline regardless of what has happened during the early, middle, or latter part of any particular day.

After the 5th snack, I weighed in at 80.3 kg. This is a reasonable 1.1 kg daily increase. If I were not going to run in the morning, this figure would give me a chance to lose weight. So with a run, I will definitely be losing plenty of weight by the end of that running session. This is to be expected when coming off a period with no exercise. So today is going to be good and get me into the 78 range. It’s tomorrow when I may have an upward adjustment and not do so well. I will be running 90 minutes again, though, and continuing to run until at least Friday.

A good short-term goal is to be in the 77 range on when weighing in on Friday morning (the end of the Thursday tracking day).

My weight was a solid 79.3 when getting up (after going to the bathroom). A loss of 1 kg overnight is just what the doctor ordered after yesterday’s strange results. It also means that I probably would have lost weight even if I had not run to end the day. On a related note, it’s not so important to get a non-exercise result since it’s now safe to conclude 2 things about the snacks-only diet, at least in my current weight range:

1. Since I am about breakeven with no exercise, any large deviation from that is likely just a weird anomaly; and

2. I must exercise to stay in shape even with this diet, and the results are so good that there is no reason to worry much about the occasional off day.

My run was less than 90 minutes today. I did a combination of running, biking, and some walking in the middle for about 70 minutes. This was not the intent, but I was short on time today and cut it short of the planned 90 minutes. Despite that, my final weigh-in was a very nice 78.3. This is exactly what I was going for. That means I lost a huge .9 kg today even though I did not even do the full 90-minute exercise session. This kind of result usually occurs only if I run for 90 minutes, but it’s possible with less exercise when you have both a good non-exercise result and good loss from exercise. This is most likely to occur if I do not exercise in the preceding days (at least 2 days). That was today’s exact situation, so that’s why it was possible to get such a good result today.

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