Shocking Low Overnight Weight Loss Causes a Daily Gain

I am now trying to lose weight 3 days in a row without exercise. The idea is to keep this streak going and then exercise when I end up with a weight gain. That could be at the end of today or might be later. But it won’t be too long because, as I have discovered recently, I can’t even lose weight every day with exercise. And that’s with a snacks-only diet, not my old diet.

My performance is off to a so-so start today. I ate two bowls of cereal and milk and some other smaller things for the first 2 meals and increased .5 kg, to 79.5.

Right before the 4th snack, I weighed in at around 79.9 kg. That was a big jump from before, as my 3rd snack was possibly the biggest I have had in 3 days (it included both rice and bread, which is courting overkill on the carbs). It’s probably going to be difficult to stay at or below my 1.2 kg guideline today. Nonetheless, I weighed in at about 79.9 again about an hour after the 4th snack. At that point, it seemed like there was a decent chance to have my 3rd day of weight loss in a row.

I’ll be having 3 chicken patties for the last snack and a little of something else. Maybe it will be a banana. That sounds like a good way to finish off the day, after which I will only be drinking coffee and will not have any more food.

I did have that banana and was only .8 kg at bedtime. That looked really promising as far as losing weight today. But the weight does sometimes stick in place, so it’s the usual waiting game. Even yesterday, I only lost .2 kg in the last 5 hours. Things can get brutal like that, so it’s important to always look at the bigger picture.

In fact, it is especially vital to look at the bigger picture on a day like this because what I am about to write is pretty shocking even to me. Despite being 79.8 (only .8 over for the day) at bedtime, I was still 79.3 with only 30 minutes to go before the final weigh-in. Almost unbelievably, I lost only .5 kg in all those hours, including sleep time. However, I am pretty much so used to these crazy streaks that it isn’t going to faze me beyond the couple of minutes of initial shock. This kind of thing still stings me, but the sting doesn’t last too long.

The streak isn’t just over. It’s probably over with a sizable weight gain (.3 up with 30 minutes to go). There is no way I am going to eat less because I would be starving. So the only possible other thing to do is exercise. That is not really a bad thing, though, unless you consider exercise to be bad.

Although the streak is over, I will not be able to run today at the end. However, I will have time tomorrow. So the plan is to keep up the snacks-only diet for this coming day and run tomorrow morning, which is part of the same day for tracking purposes (my days end at 11 in the morning at this time).

I finished at 79.2 and a gain of .2 kg.

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