Banked Some Weight Loss 2 Days In a Row And Fully Recovered From Cheat Days

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I actually lost weight without exercising. My weight was reduced from 79.4 to 79.2 kg. My max increase of about .7 kg was very low and would be hard to repeat. In fact, with such a low max increase, I was expecting to lose a little more weight. But the good thing is any day with a 1.2 kg or less gives me some chance of losing.

As expected, I gained more today during the daytime. After my 3rd meal, I had gotten up to 79.9 kg, which was .7 kg over. Since .7 was yesterday’s max, this meant that I was destined to gain more today. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is still a chance of losing weight again by the time of tomorrow morning 11 o’clock weigh-in.

I didn’t take the time to check in right after the 4th snack, but my weight right before the final snack was actually 79.8. My weight actually went down between the end of my 3rd snack and shortly before the 5th and last meal.

The last snack was a little bigger, and I was at 78.1 at bedtime. But that was still a very nice .9 kg over the starting weight. Such a number shows a very good chance of losing weight over this 24-hour period. My guideline for that is still about 1.2 kg if not exercising. Being .3 under that at bedtime is in no way a guarantee, but it shows potential. After losing .2 kg yesterday, this would be my 2nd day in a row of losing some weight.

I got up early, but my weight had gone down to 79.1. That 1.0 kg drop was already enough for a daily weight loss with 5 hours to go. However, I never get too excited at this point in the day. The last 2 hours are sometimes really good and sometimes strangely show no weight loss at all. At any rate, I am quite happy because it’s been a while since having 2 days in a row of weight loss. I will still be more or less breakeven on the snacks-only diet with no exercise at day’s end. Of course, any cheat days require me to exercise. I have no solution at this time to recover from cheat days except through exercise.

My plan is to abstain from exercising until next week. I will finally have more time to do that because my child is headed back to school.

Exactly what I said above happened. From 6 to 11, I suddenly lost almost no weight. However, I went down slightly to 79.0. All in all, though, a loss of 1.1 kg from bedtime to final weigh-in (about 13 hours), was still good. And it helped me produce a daily weight loss of .2 kg. That also completes 2 days in a row of weight loss (.2 on both days and .4 all together). Finally, I have completely recovered from the 2 cheat days and even lost .2 for good measure. And this was done with no exercise.

This is not to say that not exercising is a good thing. It is most certainly not. But it’s good to test your diet plan and see if you an break even without exercise. Then, when you don’t have time to get in a workout, you can at least break even on average if following a diet that allows you to do that.

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