How To Handle Your Weight “Freezing In Place”

Overall, this was another good day on diet performance with yet another disappointing ending. However, it was better than yesterday’s .3 kg weight gain. I am still happy with this diet but wish I could lose a little weight with it without exercise. But beggars can’t be choosers. LOL.

I was only .9 over after the 3rd snack, which is a pretty typical start to a decent diet day. The rest of the day after the 3rd snack usually results in a lot less net weight gain. That is probably because I tend to drink more water in the earlier part of the day than later.

At first, I thought that .9 might be a pretty bad start. But as I continued to track, I realized that the majority of weight is usually in the earlier part of the day.

My weight was about 1.1 over after the 4th snack. That continued a good trend. In order to possibly have a day of weight loss, it is nice at this point of the day to lose back down a little before the 5th snack (the last one of the day lately, although I sometimes have 6). That did happen today. I got back down to about 1.0 over (79.2) before the 5th and final snack.

A little after the 5th one, I weighed in at 79.5, which was 1.3 over for the day. The only thing I will be having the rest of the day is black coffee, which is how I get almost all my water, aside from water in my food.

Things looked pretty good at that point, and the overnight results were decent. I lost about 1.0 kg and got down to 78.5 with 3 1/2 hours before the weigh-in.

All I can say about the rest of the day is that it was pretty average. My weight needed to drop .3 kg and get to 79.2 for a breakeven day. A decent rate of weight loss for me over a period of several hours is about .1 kg per hour. That is almost exactly what happened because I finished at 79.2. This means that I lost .3 kg in about 3 1/2 hours.

Average is perfectly fine for this situation, especially considering that I will sometimes “freeze in place” and lose nothing for even 3 or more hours. That “freezing in place” thing is something that always confuses and upsets me when it ends in a daily weight gain. But these things do even out over time, so I have grown to accept it. There are also times when I suddenly lose .3 kg in one hour (this usually includes going to the bathroom). Just like anything in life, you need to learn to accept the bad parts if you are also getting the good parts. I certainly accept the occasional fast spurts of weight loss, so I have to consider that and accept the freezing.

How you can handle this for your own weight loss or maintenance is to track enough to understand your estimated average. Think on a long-term basis and understand that virtually everything in life goes in cycles. Short of the Earth’s rotation or a few things like that, cycles are inconsistent. League champions almost never win every game (never with basketball), you can’t win 30 hands of poker in a row even if you are the best player in the world, and even big things like the weather are totally inconsistent. So it’s no surprise that your digestion, metabolism, rate of perspiration, stool, and loads of other factors are going to affect your rate of weight loss over short periods. Don’t worry about it as long as you have an average that is successful.

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