Mildly Disappointing Day With Some Weight Gain And No Exercise

The day started out pretty good. I was at 78.6 right before the 3rd snack, with a starting weight of 77.9.

After the 4th snack, I was up to 79.1 (1.2 over). This is not so great, but it’s not bad, either. By way of comparison, I maxed out at 1.5 kg over yesterday. So it would be nice to have a pretty small last snack, but without starving myself.

The next thing that happened is what I expected to happen every day on the snacks-only diet. I went back down to 78.9, which is exactly what happened for weeks when testing this diet with no exercise. Unfortunately, this is not usually what happens the day after exercising. Time and again, my weight sticks on throughout the day after having done substantial exercise the day before.

Before sleeping and with 10 hours before the weigh-in, I was at 78.9. I expected to be less than that, but it’s on pace to be close to breakeven.

Holy crap. Another weird overnight result. I was still at 78.5 when getting up about 3 hours before the final weigh-in. That is really bad and something you would not think would happen on a snacks-only diet where my maximum increase was only about 1.2 to 1.3 kg over. Yet, I was still .6 kg over when waking up. While this is not the worst I have seen, I am still puzzled that this could ever happen.

The last 3 hours were an improvement, and I lost .3 kg to finish at 78.2. At least that limited my daily weight gain to .3 kg.

This was a bad day even though I did everything right in terms of this diet. However, there are a couple of important things to consider:

1. I am a bit constipated. This can affect your short-term weight statistics, and obviously in a negative way if you are trying to break even (maintenance mode) or lose weight; and

2. I am on a snacks-only diet that I have already determined is close to breakeven without exercise. And since I did not run today or do any other exercise, a weight gain is not a surprise. I am going to have days with weight gain, some with loss, and a minimum of days that are exactly breakeven.

If you think about that second point, it wouldn’t even be that surprising to see about 40% of days have at least a little weight gain if the ultimate result is breakeven. So while I am a little disappointed today, a run of 30 to 45 minutes could have easily erased that .3 kg.

My main goal at the moment is to get used to the fact that I am going to have to do some exercise even with a somewhat challenging snacks-only diet. I won’t be able to follow it absolutely perfectly. That is never going to happen. Along with that, I have to keep pounding into my head that I am going to have plenty of days of weight gain because that always occurs with a breakeven diet.

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