Broke Even After Increasing 1.5 KG (Good Sign For Non-Exercise Days)

Before the 3rd snack, I had gone up to 78.9 from 77.9. That was higher than expected, but I am having a lot of water. So this is hopefully going to work itself out in the next few hours.

The 3rd snack was intentionally a little smaller, but I refused to skip it no matter what. My weight was 1.1 kg after that, so the situation is a little better now. If I can drop just .1 kg before the next snack, I will feel a lot better.

That did not happen. Instead, I was up 1.2 kg. Maybe it’s just time to give up trying to break even on any diet. Just eat snacks only and accept that I have no choice but to exercise. It’s annoying, but there are some things you just have to accept in life. My metabolism is terrible.

After the 4th snack, it got even worse. I was up to 79.3, or 1.4 kg over.

The 5th snack did not add so much. I was at 79.4, or 1.5 kg over. This is definitely more than yesterday, but I can’t see myself doing anything differently. I am already eating snacks only, and the water helps me avoid eating large meals.

At this point, I am just about ready to give up the dream of breaking even with no exercise, at least at my current weight. Perhaps the snacks-only diet would allow me to lose weight if I were 50 pounds over or something like that. But being only a few pounds over my target weight, it’s just not happening. The stress of trying to make this diet produce a breakeven result is wearing me down. I might just have to let that idea go and accept that some exercise is going to be required. However, finding this new diet is still a big success. The amount of exercise required before developing the snacks-only method was way more than what is apparently required now.

Before bed, I had gotten down to 79.2, or 1.3 over. That left about 12 1/2 hours until the final weigh-in. This gives me some chance of breaking even, but my weight will have to fall at a decent clip. It varies so much from day to day, though, that it’s impossible to say what will happen.

The rest of today’s results is what should happen every day, but unfortunately does not for some reason. I got up at 4 to pee and was down to 78.6. I then got some more sleep, went to the bathroom, and weighed in at 77.9 at about 9:45 in the morning. That put me at the breakeven point with a little more than an hour left in the day.

I didn’t lose any more and ended up breaking even at 77.9 kg. Today showed one very positive thing, which is that I was able to break even with no exercise even after increasing 1.5 kg. I’m sure that was mostly water, so this was not from a bad diet. That would not happen if I had consumed less water and ate more food.

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