Now Entering Pentamize Maintenance Phase With Primarily Snacks-Only Dieting

This has been a while coming. But I have finally come to the full realization that my short-term goal of getting back to 75.0 kg is pointless. As a result, that short-term project is permanently cancelled. It is simply not good for my mental and emotional well-being as it relates to weight loss and maintenance.

I have decided to go right back into weight maintenance, but with a focus on the following:

1. Eat a snacks-only diet, but it’s okay to cheat from time to time; and
2. Do exercise as necessary, but don’t worry about struggling to instantly break even on the same day every single time.

Let me put this another way and give some examples.

1. I am no longer going for a specific weight, and this takes a lot of pressure off instead of constantly getting stressed out from daily ups and downs. The goal is to stay close to 75.0 kg. 5 or so pounds over is not bad, but 10 pounds or more over is probably a bit too much. If I do get to 10 pounds over again (about 4.5 kg), then it is advisable to increase exercise to get a little closer to the target weight.

2. A cheat day that causes substantial weight gain is a good reason to do some extra exercise for a few days.

3. The amount of exercise should generally vary based on how much I have gained over the previous day or recently. If I actually lose weight without exercise, then it’s fine to take a break. I sometimes refer to this as a flexible exercise schedule. Although I recently did not do so well on a flexible exercise scheduling 100-day test, that was before beginning the snacks-only diet. It should be much more effective with a snacks-only diet. It is good to give some examples for this part of the plan.

Example 1.

Day 1 – no exercise – gain .2 kg
Day 2 – I would need a short run of 30 minutes or so to make up for the previous day’s .2 gain.

Example 2.

Day 1 – no exercise – broke even
Day 2 – I could take a break here since I broke even on Day 1. But if I am feeling good, I can go out and get a decent workout. If I am really feeling good, then there is also nothing wrong with getting “ahead of the game” by doing a long workout (90 minutes of jogging for me).

Example 3.

Day 1 – no exercise – gained .7 kg
Day 2 – This is when I should likely go out and do a nice, long workout.

Example 4.

Day 1 – exercised and gained .3 kg (this is bound to happen from time to time)
Day 2 – This is a good time to exercise for 45 minutes or so. That is hopefully enough to erase Day 1’s .3 kg gain. But let’s say it doesn’t work this time. Instead, I somehow gain .2 kg.
Day 3 – I am now .5 kg over the past 2 days. A 60-minute run would be a good option here. Let’s say I do that and lose .1 kg. At least I am turning it around and going back in the right direction.
Day 4 – From this point forward, I just continue in a similar path until I have recovered from the Day 1 gain. This might take a week or more. The time varies considerably.

If you find yourself gaining weight on almost every day or at least the majority of days when not exercising, then you will probably have to modify your diet or exercise. If at all possible, it is good to at least break even on your standard diet on average. This will reduce the likelihood that you need large amounts of exercise. Of course, you will probably have some cheat days, and that is when exercise becomes more important.

This first day started out much better than yesterday’s disaster. I was up .7 kg after the first 2 snacks and still only .9 kg up after 3 snacks. Yesterday, with a very similar diet, I was up 1.4 kg after the 3rd snack. After the 4th snack, I was 1.1 over (78.8 from 77.7). I am inching closer to yesterday’s mark, but there is another issue. It’s not like I went way up yesterday. The bigger issue is that the weight stuck on. Was that because I ran 90 minutes the day before? That appears to be the case, but we’ll see what happens overnight.

When the 5th snack was over (the final one for the night), I was at 78.9, or 1.2 over. The last thing I will have to finish the night is water only.

I got somewhat bad news at 5 in the morning. I woke up and was still .8 kg over, at 78.5. However, that is certainly better than yesterday already, with 6 more hours to go until the final weigh-in. I know for a fact that I will not be eating less because I am eating so little already. This means I will be forced to do at least some exercise if I cannot break even. Today is not an exercise day because I want to get a full 24-hour non-exercise reading (meaning no exercise the day before, as well).

At 8, I was at 78.1 kg. So I at least shaved off .4 kg over those 3 hours. The next 3 hours might not shed the remaining .4 kg, but this is at least not a disaster and certainly not like yesterday.

I hit 77.9 with 1 1/2 hours to go. I now actually have a shot at breaking even. My weight has steadily fallen even after getting up.

Oops. My weight stopped going down, and I finished at 77.9. That’s a daily weight gain of .2 kg. It’s still a lot better than yesterday and not a terrible start to my maintenance mode.

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