Ended Up With Another Break Day And .4 KG Weight Gain

Today did not qualify as a snacks-only diet because I was not able to follow. So it will not count as Day 47 on my longer list because that list is for the snacks-only diet. However, it is included as Day 11 below because all days count in my short-term quest to reach 75.0 kg.

I also did not exercise today and ended up gaining .4 kg. This is certainly a rough day and the kind of day that I frequently had when gaining weight and ballooning up to 233 pounds at the max. Heck, even though I didn’t even eat that much, one larger meal is sometimes enough to put me over for the day. This is why I am happy to have stumbled onto the concept of never eating a full meal. If I can do snacks only the majority of the time, that is going to make it a lot easier to maintain my weight.

This was actually the second day in a row with no exercise. It shows that even a little exercise can go a long ways. In this case, a moderate-intensity run of approximately 40 minutes would have allowed me to burn off the excess .4 kg and allowed me to break even. In a period of active weight loss, the idea would be to do a little extra. Running one hour, for example, would easily allow me to burn off more than .4 kg.

In the examples above, though, keep in mind that you may have to do a little extra the next day if you increase your water intake because of the exercise. I have recently blogged on water intake a lot and tossed around various ideas. At the end of the day, I feel that giving your body the amount of water that you actually feel it needs is going to be my approach. This might or might not work for everybody just due to the simple fact that some people may not drink enough water because they don’t physically feel thirsty. So I am definitely not saying to get less than the general recommended minimum amount, which is a pretty large 64 ounces.

As far as why I did not exercise today, I did have time and did need it after a large .7 kg gain yesterday. But there are times when you just don’t have the mental energy to run. Before yesterday, I had run 9 days in a row – all 90-minute sessions. That is a lot of jogging. And while I have done a lot more, running 20 and 30 days in a row was never a good idea. I don’t feel the need to do that anymore since developing the snacks-only diet. It is easier to recover now since my diet gets better results.

Day 1: 79.1 to 78.6 (lost .5 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 2: 78.6 to 78.0 (lost .6 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .4
Day 3: 78.0 to 77.7 (lost .3 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 4: 77.7 to 77.8 (gained .1 kg); could not measure non-exercise portion
Day 5: 77.8 to 77.1 (lost .7 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 6: 77.1 to 76.9 (lost .2 kg); no other tracking today
Day 7: 76.9 to 77.0 (gained .1 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 8: 77.0 to 76.8 (lost .2 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 9: 76.8 to 76.3 (lost .5 kg); no further tracking
Day 10: 76.3 to 77.0 (gained .7 kg, but no exercise at all); non-exercise portion – gained .7
Day 11: 77.0 to 77.4 break day and also not a snacks-only day; not included in averages below
average: about .3 kg of weight loss on exercise days; non-exercise average – gained .57 kg

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