Review Of Ongoing Results Of Snacks-Only Diet With 90-Minute Runs

Day 1: 79.1 to 78.6 (lost .5 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 2: 78.6 to 78.0 (lost .6 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .4
Day 3: 78.0 to 77.7 (lost .3 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 4: 77.7 to 77.8 (gained .1 kg); could not measure non-exercise portion
Day 5: 77.8 to 77.1 (lost .7 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 6: 77.1 to 76.9 (lost .2 kg); no other tracking today
Day 7: 76.9 to 77.0 (gained .1 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 8: 77.0 to 76.8 (lost .2 kg); no non-exercise tracking
average: about .3 kg of weight loss; non-exercise average – gained .53 kg

This review is for the first 7 days listed above. Day 8 is today, and I am writing the post before those results come in. The review covers only the first 7 days, and they are 7 straight days of 90-minute runs.

If I included the other 3 days with exercise, my results would be far better. The reason I don’t want to include them is because those were days where I did not exercise the day before. The results when not running the day before were fantastic. I lost a full kilogram on one of those days.

It turns out that results are substantially better when not exercising the day before. While Day 5 of my current challenge to get from 79.1 to 75.0 produced a very nice weight loss of .7 kg, this stretch has also seen 2 days with weight gain of .1 kg. And the average is .3 kg of loss per day. Further, if you are only working out occasionally, you must take care to subtract the next day’s weight gain if you have it. So far, I have seen a large weight gain on the day after exercise if not exercising or if weighing in before exercise. But it’s still a net weight loss because that weight gain has been less than the weight loss on exercise days.

If your goal is to run on a daily or at least semi-daily basis, then you want to track results when exercising the day before in order to get a reasonable estimate of what you can expect over time.

If you exercise only once a week and track those results, you will likely be overestimating your weight loss estimated average. Let’s say you track something like this:

Days 1 to 6: no exercise – break even
Day 7: exercise and lose 1.0 kg
Day 8: generally would gain a little weight back here if you drink a lot of water to recover from the run; must include this weight gain by subtracting it from the 1 kg lost on Day 7

Now, imagine that you want to run 6 days and take 1 day off. This is a sample of what you can expect, although your results will obviously vary based on your specific diet, exercise, and biological factors:

Day 1- no exercise – break even
Day 2 – exercise – lose 1.0 kg
Day 3 – exercise lose .3 kg
Day 4 – 7 would be the same as Day 3.
Day 8 – same as above (likely to gain a little on this day, and that must be subtracted from the total lost on the previous days)

Now, add this up. You lose 2.5 kg minus whatever you gain on Day 8. Although your average goes down, you still lose 2.5 kg instead of the 1.0 kg from running a single day. Thus, losing less on average is not necessarily that bad of a thing. It depends on how much you exercise. In this case, you would be losing a lot more by working out more even though the average is .3, as opposed to 1.0 kg.

One thing I continue to monitor is the fact that I have recently been eating 5 snacks instead of 6, which is what I was consuming in the first month or so of testing. As long as I am not getting too hungry, I suppose this is okay. But to be honest, it’s probably only something like 1200 to 1500 calories on some days. That may be on the low end in terms of getting ample nutrition into the body. It might not be a bad idea to eat 6 for that reason. If my body tells me I need a little more, I don’t mind it even if it might mean less effective results. But it seems my body is getting so used to small snacks every 2 hours.

If I started eating 2 hours earlier in the day, then 6 would probably naturally be the amount I would be eating. Lately, I have run early and then waited a few hours (about 2 to 4 hours) before the official weigh-in. Perhaps this technique can help someone eat a little less. Instead of eating right after getting up, wait some time before the first snack. This is just something to try. I know from the past week or so that has probably been the main reason I have reduced daily snacks from 6 to 5. But trying this method might have a different effect on you. There’s no way to know unless you try it and track the results. And some people might legitimately get too hungry if eating only 5 small snacks a day.

Today was a little better start than yesterday. I was still up .9 kg (77.9) before the 3rd snack, though. My weight was about 78.3 at the same time yesterday. So this is hopefully going to turn out to be a better day.

The day is not going as hoped. I was up to about 1.5 kg over (78.5) before the 4th snack. So I had a very small 4th snack, and this will hopefully allow me to drop a little before the last snack of the day. Yesterday’s max was about 78.6, so I need to be extra careful here, but while also not starving. I am not fasting here. Eating snacks only is just that and has nothing to do with fasting.

Before the 5th snack, I was back down to about 78.5. That last snack got me to about 78.6. I did not check, but it was surely not more than 78.7. And I finally did well with the overnight weight loss, getting down to 77.7. This gives me a fighting chance for a good day.

I only had a so-so result on the 90-minute run. My loss was .8 this time, which did get me to a daily weight loss of .1. But that also left 3 1/2 hours until the final weigh-in – hopefully good enough for a daily loss of at least .3 kg. Anyway, at least it is going to be better than yesterday’s ridiculous gain.

With 1.5 hours until the weigh-in, I had only gone down a smidgen to get to 76.8. Nothing is looking super great at the moment. But to be able to go up 1.7 kg and still come back down and lose weight is a good sign.

There was nothing else to lose or something because I stayed at about 76.8 for the rest of the time until the final weigh-in. That is a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

Perhaps the only thing I can do to improve my short-term results is to drink less water while eating the same amount of food. No, I am not saying this is a healthy approach and am also not talking about dehydrating myself. The point is that I have been drinking large amounts of water that are not leaving the body very fast. If I can have a little less water and the same amount of food, that would probably make the results more consistent. Even if this is not good for me physically, it may be good for my psychological weight game. I really want more consistency in getting to 75.0 kg. I may stop losing weight soon after that because the body doesn’t want to cooperate. But I need to get back down to 75 in a natural way (no starving or dehydration). A little less water may speed this up while avoiding dehydration at the same time.

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