Still Stuck On The Low Carb vs. Low Fat Nonsense?

Day 1: 79.1 to 78.6 (lost .5 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 2: 78.6 to 78.0 (lost .6 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .4
Day 3: 78.0 to 77.7 (lost .3 kg); non-exercise portion – gained .6
Day 4: 77.7 to 77.8 (gained .1 kg); could not measure non-exercise portion
Day 5: 77.8 to 77.1 (lost .7 kg); no non-exercise tracking
Day 6: 77.1 to 76.9 (lost .2 kg); no other tracking today
Day 7: 76.9 to 77.0 (gained .1 kg); no non-exercise tracking
average: .3 kg of weight loss; non-exercise average – gained .53 kg

In any field of study or endeavour that has a substantial commercial component, a few nonsensical debates always inevitably pop up. These usually have to do with either experts in the field trying to legitimize their studies or people trying to make money off of the debate. When it comes to weight loss, perhaps the most pointless of them all is the low carb vs. low fat debate.

Actually, the debate is not just pointless. It’s also a false choice. You certainly aren’t limited to either a low fat or low carb diet. And while picking one might work for you, the likely reason it ends up working is not because the diet is low in fat or carbs. It is probably because the best of these diets have you eating a balanced diet or one that is somewhat balanced and heavy on vegetables.

In other words, the success of a diet is based on the fact that it is “low everything.” That is what a balanced diet is – low in everything and just big enough in overall portion sizes to give you the energy you need without overeating, with the obvious possible exception of vegetables if you like to eat a lot of them.

On the flip side, neither a low fat nor low carb diet is going to work if you overeat. I used to think that my diet success was based on limiting carbs. I no longer believe that to be true, although it is a factor. Instead, I eat less food overall, but that lesser amount still includes a generous amount of bread by percentage of diet and often a very good amount of oatmeal or a smallish amount of rice.

In fact, my diet even after eating less carbs was not successful because I still gained weight if I did not exercise. Not until I developed my own snacks-only dieting routine did I finally break even on any diet without the need to exercise.

I am still eating carbs, but I eat less of everything overall. Funnily enough, I probably eat the same or more carbs now than before, but I eat less of everything else except maybe vegetables. It’s a “low everything” diet, not a low fat or low carb diet. Heck, I even eat crackers or cake all the time on my snacks-only diet. But I eat these kinds of foods in small amounts. I also eat vegetables in small amounts. Everything is in low amounts. I do this because eating loads of veggies is not going to make me stop eating meat or other stuff. Since I prefer stuff that is not vegetables, I eat EVERYTHING in low amounts. Eating loads of vegetables is completely unnecessary and is not going to make me lose weight.

As soon as you start thinking “low everything” instead of low carb, low fat, low sugar, or whatever other gimmick, then you will begin to understand that it is often the amount you eat that is affecting your weight more than the content of your food. To put it simply, people just eat too much. That is the main culprit.

I will say this one more time here, although I am now actively blogging on this topic every day. I GAINED WEIGHT ON EVERY DIET I TRIED WITHOUT EXERCISE UNTIL DECIDING TO EAT SNACKS ONLY. Is that big enough of a hint to at least try it for yourself? There is plenty of information throughout this site on how to develop your own snacks-only balanced diet instead of complicated gimmicks like low carb vs. low fat.


Today appears to be the same song and dance as the past few days on this routine. I am already up a full kilogram, from 76.9 to 77.9, even before the 2nd snack. This absolutely has to be from water because my first snack was only about .2 kg. Maybe doing less tracking throughout the day will actually help me for this particular routine because it keeps on annoying me.

I was up to 78.2 after the 2nd snack. This seems absurd. I had one piece of bread and some broccoli and coffee. It is ridiculous for my weight to be this high already. And it rose some more to 78.3 before the 3rd snack. This is even higher than yesterday at the same time. I will not starve myself and will not abstain from drinking water. I will just have to accept that this is a strange pattern that occurs with this specific combination (the snacks-only/90 combination). At least I am learning something new, which also includes the fact that conclusion drawn about dozens of my days tracked during Pentamize full weight loss mode are probably unreliable. I will discuss that further soon.

And the parade of silliness continues. I am up to 78.5, which was yesterday’s max weight. But that was shortly before the 5th snack, and I have not even had the 4th one yet today.

Although it is risky not tracking throughout the day, I am not going to track like this tomorrow. It is not good for my psyche. If I get to a period of several days where I am not going to exercise, then I will go ahead and track more closely again. I no longer feel that tracking like this on days immediately following a 90-minute run is worth it. I know what a small snack is now for me and don’t need to check before and after every one. I am used to the weight going down, and this is not going to happen with this diet-exercise combination. Instead, the weight goes up most of the day, falling only in occasional spurts, and then sometimes falls quite bit overnight.

I did see one of those spurts before the 4th snack, getting down to about 78.2 kg and then 78.1. However, I ate the snack about an hour late. But any drop is a good drop considering the ridiculous 78.5 from before.

I was back up to 78.4 after the 4th snack and am still definitely not overeating. That last snack was only about .15 kg, but I had more water, too.

For my 5th snack, I got up to 78.6 kg. That is a daily increase of 1.7 kg – the same or more than all recent days. I did not eat much today, so I don’t see any reason to change a thing. I have to drink water because that’s what helps me stick to snacks only. These 2 things go together and likely cannot be separated. The extra water has helped me eat less.

Another ridiculous overnight result. I only lost .4 kg in about 7 hours, so I was still at 78.2 and 1.3 kg over before the morning run started. That is horrible, but I will have 5 hours after exercising to wait for the final weigh-in.

My run result was devastating and demoralizing. I don’t understand how I can only lose .7 kg on top of barely losing any weight overnight. This would seem to make more sense if I broke even after such a run. But I was still .6 kg over the starting weight. I am eating way too little and working way too hard for this to keep happening. But the possible reason is that I am close to my target weight. If I were 20 pounds or more heavier than what I am now, then I suspect that I would be losing a lot more and losing consistently instead of having these kinds of poor days. While the day is not over yet, I’ll be lucky to even break even and am on pace to possibly gain weight. Unbelievable.

I was able to get down to 77.2 quickly after going to the bathroom. This gives me a chance, but the lowly .7 kg drops from both of the past 2 running sessions is an ugly trend.

I was down to 77.1 with 3 hours to go. This puts me at close to the breakeven mark. And with 1 1/2 hours to go, I had gotten down to 77.0. At least it’s not a terrible day in terms of the actual result. I am still surprised that a snacks-only diet ever results in a breakeven day or a little weight gain despite running for 90 minutes.

Another unbelievable day. I stayed at 77.0 and ended the day there, actually showing a weight gain of .1 kg. This is now the 2nd day with weight gain with this combination of diet and exercise. However, both of these days had the minimum weight gain of .1 kg.

Day 37 – gained .6 before exercise; lost .5 including exercise
Day 38: gained .4 before exercise; lost .6 kg including run
Day 39: gained .6 before exercise; lost .3 kg including exercise
Day 40: gained .1 kg including run (could not track before exercise)
Day 41: lost .7 kg including run
Day 42: lost .2 kg including run
Day 43: gained .1 kg including run

“No Exercise Days” (or non-exercise portion before running) when no exercise the day before – lost .1 kg – 34 days
Exercise Days: lost 4.4 kg – 10 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 4.1 kg – 9 days
Non-Exercise Portion On Days After Exercise: gained 1.5 kg – 4 days

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