Lost .6 KG On 2nd 90-Minute Day

Starting Weight: 78.6 (plan is to end day at about 8 in the morning for non-exercise tracking portion and then run)

Final Weight: 78.0 kg

Today, I really must get my diet back in order. Yesterday would have been a bad gain of .6 and was that before running. Although it was supposed to be a snacks-only day, I definitely ate too much on one snack, turning it into a regular meal. The reason I still counted it as a snacks-only day is that a temporary lack of discipline must be included in the results of a diet. Otherwise, you end up only including the really good days and get skewed results that look better than what they should.

I lost .5 kg overall only because of a 90-minute run. But that initial .6 gain is not forgotten and must be my motivation to do better on diet today.

In order to help myself, I need to track the Pentamize way again, which is basically to weigh everything throughout the day. You don’t have to do it after every single snack, but a few times a day is good. Certainly, you at least want to weigh yourself after eating about half your snacks for the day. This allows you to readjust the rest of the day’s diet if necessary. The reason checking in the middle is sometimes not enough is that you may eat so much in the first half of the day that you have already ruined the day’s results. The more disciplined you are and the more consistent your diet is, the less you have to weigh in.

How much you need to weigh in (track) throughout the day is going to depend on your typical results, tendencies, and practices. Really disciplined people don’t have to weigh in much as long as they are familiar enough with their diet to avoid mistakes. Less disciplined people (I am in the middle on this scale but certainly not highly consistent on diet) will find that they will make mistakes if they don’t track more often. There is no perfect answer except to say that you must practice tracking like you practice anything else until you have the right amount that works for you.

The small but significant problem I have with the snacks-only diet is that I do prefer eating a little more. I am not the type of person that likes to stuff my face except on special occasions and the odd cheat day. At the same time, the snacks-only diet keeps my stomach a little less full than desired.

In my case, I am going to mess up sometimes, like yesterday. But also in my case, I can jog to make up for any mistakes. If you cannot exercise for whatever reason, I suppose the only thing you can do short of dangerous drugs or surgery is to avoid cheat days almost entirely. This is the worst-case scenario, however. If you are able to exercise and think you can get used to snacks only like I have (with some mistakes and cheat days), then please try this if nothing else has worked for you on a permanent basis.

Yesterday’s run ended at about 9:30 in the morning. However, I plan on doing a final non-exercise weigh-in in the morning at about 8. This might cause my “non-exercise” portion of the day to be inaccurate by .1 or .2 kg. But if it is, it will show as gaining more weight, not less weight. I am fine with this because I want to underestimate weight loss, not overestimate it. Weighing in early is always going to be a conservative estimate that does not overstate weight loss or maintenance results. If anything, it shows a little more gain on days with gain and a little less loss on days with loss.

I have had it with being 8 to 12 pounds over my target weight. It’s too much and bordering on failure. Now that I am finally stabilized in my new place and having very little pain in my ankles, it’s time to exercise every day until reaching 75.0. And the plan is also to do the snacks-only diet every day for a while. There will be NO CHEAT DAYS until I reach 75.0, although a partial cheat day is not completely out of the question if I feel my body needs a little more for a day.

Note that the snacks-only diet has been a big success, and I am actually under the start of 79.0 with far too many cheat days and partial cheat days. Some of this has been out of my control because of moving to a different city, which is not a very good situation for staying on a snacks-only diet. Finally getting some stability is going to allow me to get to where I need to be.

The other issue is that my ankles are ready for long runs again. One healed up within a week or so, but my right ankle still hurts a little even after more than a month and only 4 running sessions during that time. Nevertheless, it held up nicely yesterday and seems ready for another round in the morning.

I rose more than expected the first part of the day, from 78.6 to 79.7. I hope this is mostly water. It does seem that I have not peed much yet today, and that is despite having a lot of water. As far as food goes, it’s a typical snacks-only diet so far. It doesn’t seem like I am making mistakes, so this water weight will hopefully drop in the next few hours.

Even 2 hours later, I was still at 79.6 after a small pee. There’s nothing else to do here except wait it out while taking my normal small snacks. I am not going to starve because I don’t see that helping matters. However, I don’t seem as thirsty as earlier. So this will hopefully work itself out over the next 16 hours before the non-exercise weigh-in.

I am still testing weight lost after an exercise day, which has been kind of bad so far (.5 kg weight gain in 2 days). However, even if these numbers turn out to be a small average gain, that gain seems like it will be far less than the amount lost due to exercise. So far, it’s a nice net weight loss.

After the 4th snack and bathroom time, I was at 79.7 kg. That makes things a little better since this is the same weight after the 3rd snack. It looks like the water in my body is starting to get used up now. It’s 5:15 as I am writing this, and there are 2 snacks left today. Discipline is paramount. There is no room for any mistakes right now.

I finally had a good “sitting” in the bathroom and reduced my weight from 79.8 to 79.6. The 79.8 is where I was after the 5th snack. Today is looking pretty good now, and I just have to avoid mistakes on the last snack. If I do that, then I will at least be around breakeven, but also with a chance to lose before running. Regardless, it looks like I will finish somewhere in the 77 range tomorrow.

After the last snack, I was at 79.7 kg. The alarming fast increase to 79.7 after 3 snacks almost certainly was due to water since I am still at 79.7 after the 6th snack. I may have eaten even a little less than a typical snacks-only day, but I am not that hungry. The amount doesn’t seem out of line, although much less might border into undereating. I could never expect better than this, although faster water-weight reduction often occurs on days involving no exercise the day before. This day had a 90-minute run directly before it started, so that initial water retention is probably perfectly natural for this situation.

Holy smokes. I lost almost no weight at all overnight, waking up at around 79.3 kg. That was still .7 kg over for the day, and with only about 2 hours left for the non-exercise weigh-in. That is extremely poor. But again, it may well be that I am going to find out that the day following substantial exercise will have corrections like this. It will not stop me from losing weight or maintaining, though. Even with this poor result, I can easily go out, run again, and lose weight. I will map out this cycle as soon as I have the actual results, but I envision it looking something like this:

Day 1 – run – lose .6 kg
Day 2 – run – gain .3 before exercise – lose .5 including exercise (lost 1.1 overall)
Day 3 – no run – gain .3 kg (lost .8 overall)
Day 4 – no run – broke even
Day 5 – run – broke even before run – lose .9 with run (lose 1.7 overall)
Day 6 – no run – gain .5 (lose 1.2 overall)

The above cycle is the trend that I am seeing so far, but I don’t have enough tracking days yet to determine whether this is what is actually going on.

With one hour left before the non-exercise weigh-in, I was down to 79.0. This is looking better now. I am still .4 up, but that’s way better than .7. This also puts me on track to probably be in the 77 range by the end of the run.

My weight was kind of stuck after that, and I finished at 79.0. That is a gain of .4 kg on the non-exercise portion. This trend is going to take some getting used to if it turns out to be a normal thing. Read tomorrow’s blog for more on this topic. There may be a very good reason for the body to react in this manner. If so, it would be ridiculous to fret over it so long as the overall result still shows a weight loss.

Non-Exercise Portion: gained .4 kg

The run produced a weight loss of 1.0 kg. This gave a net loss of .6 kg today. I am not complaining about that. If this is a typical result (lost .5 kg today and .6 today to average .55 kg), that would be a massive 1 pound a day, 7 pounds a week, or 30 pounds a month. This is when running 90 minutes every day, though. I am talking about a hardcore schedule when you are primed and ready to lose a lot of weight. At this pace, I would reach my 75.0 target in only about 6 days. It will be interesting to see if I can do that or if the results can’t keep up this pace. But as long as I do this in 2 weeks or so, I’ll be happy.

Here are the first 2 days on my challenge to reach 75.0 kg:

Day 1: 79.1 to 78.6
Day 2: 78.6 to 78.0


Here are my recent daily and overall stats for the snacks-only diet with and without exercise:

Day 35 – lost .2 kg
Day 36 – lost 1.0 kg
Day 37 – gained .6 before exercise; lost .5 including exercise
Day 38: gained .4 before exercise; lost .6 kg including run

“No Exercise Days” (or non-exercise portion before running) when no exercise the day before – lost .1 kg – 34 days
Exercise Days: lost 3.4 kg – 5 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 3.1 kg – 4 days
Non-Exercise Portion On Days After Exercise: gained .9 kg – 3 days

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