Tips On Continuing Your Diet For When You Move To a Different City

Continuing the same diet you are currently on can be a challenge when you move to a new place. What I am talking about is moving far enough away that you can’t shop at the same stores. If you are just moving down the street and can go to the same places to get your food, then this situation does not apply. But if you are moving to a different town or maybe even a different part of a large city, then you may have problems buying the same food as before since you will be shopping at different stores.

I am in my new place and have been looking in stores to see if I can buy the same stuff I have been eating on my snacks-only diet.

I have found pretty much everything I need to continue with the same diet routine. It’s a little annoying that one of my main items (chicken patties) is a 25-minute walk away. But I can buy a bunch of those at one time that are likely to last about 3 weeks or more. There is also one more store close by that I need to check to see if they sell those patties.

Most of the tips related to moving are about structuring your diet choices in case of a possible move. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Try to eat foods that can be purchased virtually anywhere. Of course, some of these foods are really bad for you, such as chips and cola. But some good ones include oatmeal and common fruits and vegetables.

2. If the foods are not super common, then try to select a brand that is still sold in more than one major chain. It’s better to pick that for your diet instead of some obscure local brand that can’t be purchased in other towns. You may find some cheap hot dogs at your local store, but finding a cheap brand that is sold nationwide is a good idea as long as it’s still a good choice for your diet. Of course, I am not actually recommending hot dogs for a diet and am just giving an example.

3. Shopping at major chains can help because branches in other cities often sell the same foods. This is not a guarantee, as supplies even at huge chain stores can differ by location. This is not a recommendation not to support locally owned businesses. But if you do and think you might be moving in the future, then consider how easy it would be to replace what you are buying now from that local store. If it’s a national brand product, that would be easy. But if it’s a local product from a local store, then you might not be able to find it after you move.

4. If budget is a big issue, then it can be hard to structure your diet for a move if you have found cheap but obscure local items. At least have a set of name brand alternatives in mind that are within your budget. If you do move, then you will at least have a temporary adequate replacement diet until you find local replacements (if possible) at your new place.

5. If possible, buy food online that can be shipped anywhere you move. This is not always possible, but at least check around for this option and see if you can buy food online that fits your diet.

On Saturday morning, my weight was 79.1 kg. I have not started exercising again because we are still preparing the new house with light fixtures and stuff.

At 2:30 in the morning (on Easter Sunday), I happened to be up and weighed in at 80.1 kg. That looks like a terrible start at trying to get back into snacks-only dieting, although today was not exactly an appropriate diet. I had quite a bit of rice and chicken for the first meal, and it was more than a snack. I don’t know if it’s fair to really count this as a snacks-only day since I didn’t actually follow that diet routine. I am going to officially start that diet again tomorrow.

Despite not really following that diet, 80.1 seems excessive. But I do still have a few hours to go, so we’ll see how much I lose by official weigh-in time.

I have decided to count today. It was a 79.7 finish and a weight gain of .6 kg. It has always been my opinion that being conservative about positive results is the best approach. Today was basically a snacks-only day with bad discipline. To say that it was not a snacks-only day is inappropriate because days with mistakes are still days on the system. Mistakes are part of any system.

However, I am also going to run at the end of this day in order to give myself a boost. It’s time to start exercising again on a regular basis. The march down to 75.0 is on now.

I had a good run in my new town, finding a trail that is about 80 to 85 minutes as a round trip. I ran around a little extra to make a clean 90. My weight dropped significantly to 78.6 as a result of this exercise session. And just like that, with all the cheat days and everything, I am back below the starting weight of 79.0 when beginning testing on the snacks-only diet. I am also a little better than breakeven on days without exercise. But I have gained when including the cheat days, so the 4 days of running was needed to erase the cheat days.

Overall, I lost only .5 kg today because my diet results were so bad. If my diet is good on a day with a 90-minute run, it works like gangbusters. I ended up losing 1.0 kg recently on one of these great days.

I am going to now separately track how long it takes to get down from 79.1 to 75.0. The 79.1 refers to today’s starting weight.

Day 1: 79.1 to 78.6


Day 33 – gained .5 kg
Day 34 – gained .5 kg
Day 35 – lost .2 kg
Day 36 – lost 1.0 kg
Day 37 – gained .6 before exercise; lost .5 including exercise

“No Exercise Days” (or non-exercise portion before running) when no exercise the day before – lost .1 kg – 34 days
Exercise Days: lost 2.8 kg – 4 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 2.5 kg – 3 days
Non-Exercise Portion On Days After Exercise: gained .5 kg – 2 days

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