Gained a Little Over Several Days of Non-Snacks-Only Dieting And Moving Houses

Between Wednesday, March 28, 2018, and Saturday morning, March 31, 2018, I was moving to a different city. Because I was too busy and things were getting packed and moved around, I was not able to track my weight. I also could not exercise or do the snacks-only diet. As a result, I did gain some weight. However, it was less than one kilogram.

I am actually pretty happy with that because there were 2 or 3 somewhat large meals between Tuesday and Saturday morning. It was definitely not a snacks-only diet, but I somehow managed not to gain too much weight.

The last time I was able to check my weight before the moving activities was on Wednesday morning, and I was at 78.7 kg. Then, the next weigh-in was Saturday morning, when I was at 79.1 kg. That is a bad but not terrible weight gain of .4 kg during that period of about 72 hours. At any rate, it’s not much of a concern to me because it’s about time to start crushing it with the combination of a snacks-only diet and exercise.

During the move, I was carrying a number of items up and down staircases. That may have actually helped a little to reduce how much I gained over this period. But there is no way to track that. In my experience, only jogging has really helped me lose weight so far. It might be interesting to test such a thing if you have a job with a lot of heavy lifting. You would do that by comparing your work days and off days and keeping relatively the same diet on those days.

Over this 3-day period, I had a lot of coke and sugary foods, and a couple of meals were at friends’ houses and were way too big to work for a snacks-only diet. This is why the results are somewhat surprising. I was actually expecting to gain more weight. With lots of exercise, I suppose I could maintain with such a diet. In fact, I have pretty much done it for a couple of years now.

The problem is, some people just don’t have the time to work out over an hour a day, not to mention people who can’t exercise (at least that much) for medical reasons. My goal is to help others and help myself lose or maintain weight even with limited time or ability to exercise.

What I have seen so far on the snacks-only diet is that it is not going to be particularly easy. However, I have apparently the amount of necessary exercising while making it a little more difficult in the dieting area.

The reason a snacks-only diet can be difficult to follow is that society has conditioned people to eat 3 meals a day and perhaps a snack. If you aren’t used to eating smaller meals, then you may find it difficult to put the food down and step away from the table. This may take practice, which shouldn’t be surprising. If you want to be good at something, you generally have to practice. But for some reason, people who want to lose weight want it to be easy. I have still not discovered such a system, but the snacks-only diet is the closest I have come IF you are able to exercise to supplement it. That is because, at least for me, the results have been so good so far that it gives me room to have some cheat days or make some mistakes and still do fine overall.

I want to be clear about something. I have another couple of months of testing to flesh out results that include significant exercise. The goal is to see if I can get back down to my target weight of 75.0 kg and also to see if I can get below that and still feel healthy. I don’t know exactly what my weight should be, but the BMI says that 75.0 is a little into the overweight range.

I still don’t trust the BMI as a one-size-fits-all tool and am not sure that it is even supposed to be that. So instead of relying on the BMI, I will get as low as exercise plus the snacks-only diet will take me, with the caveat that I want to still feel reasonably healthy and energized. If I lose to below 75 but feel like crap, maybe that means it’s okay to eat a little more or maybe eat the same and exercise less. Making this determination might actually take much longer than 2 months. I’ll just have to play it by ear.

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