Tips For When Adding Exercise To a Snacks-Only Diet

I will not be able to weigh in after 24 hours today because of a short day trip to run an errand. So the next 2 days will not be snacks-only days. They are semi-cheat days, so I may gain back some of the weight that I just lost after the 90-minute run on Monday morning (this counts as a Sunday run the way I do my tracking because the run was at the end of the tracking day.

By 8 at night, I had risen more than the past few days. I was at 79.0, or 1.2 kg over. My snacks have been larger today, though, and I might not have to eat anything else before sleeping. At any rate, this is a semi-cheat day, so I can let up a little without going crazy. These days cannot be tracked as snacks-only days, anyway. But the most important thing right now is that I am very happy about losing the 1.0 kg yesterday on a day with a 90-minute run. I am going to crush it like never before once I move and get back into exercising on a daily basis. I have supreme confidence in this. Nothing is going to stop me. However, I certainly have to do better than I have done today so far.

Before going to bed early, I had dropped to 78.8. Then, I woke up about 4 to 5 hours later and had gone down further, hitting about 78.2 kg.

If I would have been waiting the normal time for the weigh-in, it seems like I could have broken even or even lost weight. So while I can’t finish tracking today (or tomorrow), this looks very promising for the future.

There is a risk when exercising while doing a snacks-only diet. You may be tempted to eat more than usual for the first snack after the run. Since one oversized snack can become a meal and ruin your whole day, you may need to take countermeasures. Here are some options:

1. Of course, you can exercise restraint and make sure you don’t overeat on that first meal. This can be hard if you tend to get hungry from a workout;

2. You can eat a little more and then compensate by eating a little less the rest of the day. This could be done by eating a couple of mini snacks that are even smaller than your usual one. It can also be done by eating one less snack. Hopefully, you won’t have to eat 2 less snacks. That would often mean that you have really messed up and veered way off the path of a snacks-only diet; or

3. Accept that you eat slightly more when exercising. This 3rd option should only be used when you know that the extra calories consumed from eating extra are less than the calories you burn off from exercise.

I estimate that I would have actually lost weight again if I had had the chance to weigh in Tuesday morning. This day turned out to be pretty close to a snacks-only day. However, Tuesday was a different story. It’s quite hard for me to maintain a good diet when traveling, and I ended up eating some fast food and other stuff that definitely did not help me. At 9 at night, my weight was 79.3 kg. That is not good, but these two semi-cheat days will not turn out to be so bad as long as I lose close to 1.0 kg in the 13 hours remaining in this daily period (actually, the 2 semi-cheat days covered in this blog post). If the weight does not come off, it could look pretty bad. But I will likely at least be in the low 78s or better instead of the 79.0 before the recent 90-minute run.

Holy smokes. When I woke up, my weight was still 78.7 even after going to the bathroom. That was much lower than expected, but I still had about 4 hours to go until the official weigh-in. Maybe that will be enough time to get into the low 78s. Regardless, I am very happy because my ankle was not hurting much during or after the 90-minute run for Sunday’s tracking day. As soon as I finish moving, I will start running on a regular basis again (not necessarily daily, though).

I was not able to track any further until Saturday morning, at which time I decided to change my official weigh-ins to the first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. Read the next blog post for an update on Wednesday to Saturday.

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