New Trick To Help You Stick to Snacks-Only Diet (The Oven Tip)

In today’s blog post, I am going to give a tip on how to better stick to a snacks-only diet regimen. It’s not exactly about what you eat, but rather how you prepare it and the timing of said preparation. This is all about using the oven, so it’s going to apply when you have something to prepare by heating in the oven. It doesn’t generally work well for the microwave. This tip refers to using an traditional oven.

To use this tip, you need to know 2 things:

1. The approximate time between snacks; and
2. How long it takes to prepare the snack that you are going to eat.

A lot of times, you will start to get a little hungry before it’s time for your next snack. This is the perfect time to use this easy method. If you are not hungry in between snack times, then this method is not even necessary. But it wouldn’t hurt to use it, anyway.

You only need to do one simple mathematical calculation to use the oven trick:

1. Determine the amount of time it will take to heat up the snack.
2. Determine the time left until your next meal.
3. Wait until the minutes in Step 2 are equal to or less than the minutes in Step 1.
4. Start heating the meal.
5. Eat when the food is ready. If you did the other steps properly, then it will be the right time to eat.

If you have a dish that takes 20 minutes to heat up (Step 1), then start heating it up when Step 2 is 20 minutes or less.

Why would you do this? Well, as I said, do this when you feel you are getting a little too hungry and feel like you want to eat before it’s time to eat. Knowing that the food is getting ready can help you wait a little longer. As long as you abstain from grabbing something while the food is in the oven, then this method helps you maintain your snacks-only schedule.

You can use this method to help you eat at an exact snack time, to delay the time a little, or even to possibly eat a little early but less early than you would have if not using the method. Of course, it’s desirable to eat on schedule instead of early, but none of us is perfect over time.

I just used this method while writing out this blog post. I decided to have some baked french fries as my next snack. I have been fairly hungry today and was again having a little trouble waiting the 2 hours or so between snacks. So I waited until about 10 to 15 minutes before the usual time, knowing from experience that it takes about 25 minutes to cook the fries. Mission successful. All I had to do was to wait it out a little bit longer for the fries to be done so I could eat.

The little bit of extra time you wait by using the oven method can really add up and possibly keep you from eating an extra snack by the end of the day. It could potentially be the difference between gaining and losing weight.

I was up to 79.2 after the 4th snack today. The hunger is a little more intense than usual, but I am hanging in there. I don’t think every day is going to be easy with a snacks-only diet. After almost 4 weeks on it now, I don’t perceive it to be much easier than Day 1. However, I am still happy with this, and it was never meant to be something that can be easily followed every single day. I almost certainly have to start exercising again if looking at this long term. I’ll need to make up for the occasional bad day.

Interestingly, I was still 79.2 after the 5th snack and going to the bathroom. Unlike yesterday, I will not be having a pizza, which was actually 2 snacks in 1. Instead, I will have one last small snack before bed and then call it a day on the food. I appear to have a good chance to lose weight again.

Despite doing pretty much everything right today, something is odd. I am about to weigh in and am still .1 kg over, at 78.4. That is a very low drop of only .8 kg in about 12 hours. Sometimes, it seems there is no natural way to avoid this kind of result. The body just isn’t ready to lose weight. At any rate, it is still more or less a breakeven day, which I consider another success. In my case, it’s also important to keep in mind that I am only a few pounds above my target weight. In this position, just breaking even with no exercise is a huge success.

Like yesterday, I had a good late surge and got down to 78.2 kg. That made for the smallest trackable weight loss of .1 kg.

Day 24 – broke even
Day 25 – broke even
Day 26 – lost .2 kg
Day 27 – lost .2 kg
Day 28 – lost .1 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.8 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost 1.5 kg – 26 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
All “No Exercise” Stats: lost 1.7 kg in 28 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days

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