Planning a Weigh-In Routine For Snacks-Only Dieting

I started today at 78.7. I have broken even on both of the last 2 days. It would be nice to put one in the win column again today. However, I am actually still at a 1.0 kg weight loss on non-exercise days when following the snacks-only diet.

At 4 in the afternoon, my weight was 79.4 kg. That was after 3 small snacks. This is a pretty average start. It is important on a day like this to keep tracking because the next 2 snacks can make me or break me. Also, it’s a good idea to weigh in before the last snack of the day so you have an idea how much you can eat. By the same token, if you have already overeaten before the last snack of the day, it’s obviously too late. You can’t have a last snack with negative weight. This is why I frequently check my weight multiple times a day. Today, checking in after the first 3 snacks may save me. I can see that even one regular-sized meal would put me at risk of going over today. So it’s vital to have no more than about 3 more small snacks.

Let me put this another way. Checking in only before the last snack is only marginally better than checking in only at the beginning and ending of the day. It may be okay if you have a lot of discipline and don’t need to constantly check your weight to avoid overeating. But if you have a tendency to make mistakes, it is going to often result in being over for the day even before the last snack. You could limit the damage at that point but probably can’t save the day except by doing extra exercise.

It’s a lot better to weigh in some time in the middle of the day, such as what I have done today. I finished what is expected to be half of my snacks so I can plan accordingly the rest of the day. It just so happens that today’s half-day results are about average (an increase of .7 kg). So I should be okay by simply staying the normal course.

Conversely, I sometimes find myself at about 1.0 kg over the starting weight at 4 to 5 in the afternoon and occasionally even earlier. This is when the value of consistent tracking really kicks in. In this situation, I have the knowledge that I need to make adjustments the rest of the day.

Be mindful that the numbers that I am giving apply to me, but not necessarily to you. And the numbers I am citing here are for days with no exercise. For exercise days on the snacks-only diet and days after exercise, I don’t have a number yet because I have only done 2 runs. Days after exercise can potentially see more food consumption because my runs are at the end of the day, meaning I may be hungrier at the beginning of the next tracking day (it is immediately after a run and the end of the previous day). I am still planning out these numbers but hope they are not much more than regular non-exercise days.

After the 5th snack today, I was still around .7 over. Most of the fifth snack was some broccoli, and the only filling item that I had was a sandwich with a little bit of liver spread. Hopefully, one more meal will be enough today. I’ll finish the broccoli and have a little bread or fruit.

After the last snack, I waited a little while, went to the bathroom, and was at 79.6 kg. Being only .9 over near bedtime looks really promising. I have 12 hours until the official weigh-in. It would take a really bad overnight result to not lose weight now.

My overnight result was actually not that good. At 6:30 a.m., I was at about 79.0, for a loss during sleep of only about .6 kg. However, this was about 4 hours before the official weigh-in. That left plenty of time to at least break even and maybe to lose a little weight.

I finished up today at 78.5 kg, for a weight loss of .2 kg. That breaks up the last 2 days, where I broke even, on the positive side of the equation.

Day 21 – lost .3 kg
Day 22 – gained .2 kg
Day 23 – gained .1 kg
Day 24 – broke even
Day 25 – broke even
Day 26 – lost .2 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.5 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost 1.2 kg – 24 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
All “No Exercise” Stats: lost 1.4 kg in 26 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days

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