Broke Even On a Risky Day With No Tracking

This is the first day after 2 partial cheat days, and I am getting back to the full snacks-only diet. Today, I was hoping to lose some weight, but I ended up only breaking even. My starting and ending weights were both 78.7 kg. In actuality, this is a pretty good result.

Today’s results were even better considering that I did not track my weight at all during the day. This is not the Pentamize way of tracking, which is more than just weighing yourself twice a day to get a beginning and ending weight. As I have said many times, the purpose of weighing during the day is to avoid accidentally overeating. It’s not much different than occasionally peering down at the fuel gauge to make sure you don’t run out of gas.

For some bizarre reason, some people recommend that you only weigh yourself once a week. There is even a program that says not to weigh yourself for an entire month. As far as I know, no cause-and-effect proof has ever been provided that not weighing yourself somehow helps you lose weight. Does not checking the gas gauge help you not run out of gas? I realize the 2 are not exactly the same thing. But my experience is that I can avoid many mistakes by weighing in constantly because I often do not realize how much I just ate. I can then adjust by making the rest of the day’s meals or snacks a little smaller. This is not even possible unless you check your weight or are so perfect that you never make a mistake.

Despite my Pentamize way of tracking, even I sometimes throw caution to the wind and decide not to track during the day. This may be why I only broke even today, but it’s impossible to say. One thing I did today was to drink an avocado smoothie in one snack that was probably too big based on weight alone. However, this is a pretty nutritious snack as long as you otherwise have milk in your diet and don’t have a problem with it like some people do. It’s not clear at all that such a snack is going to cause weight gain even over a short period, so my lack of tracking today may or may not have been a problem.

Using one day to try to prove anything for weight loss or maintenance is pointless. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that daily tracking is not valuable for that reason. It is valuable because it gives you an average result over time. As explained above, it also alerts you when you have accidentally overeaten. I realize that a lot of people are not used to this level of tracking. But just like anything in life, you will see that it helps “keep you honest” if you let it alert you to small mistakes and then correct those mistakes as appropriate. The best way to do that is often going to be to have slightly smaller meals than usual the rest of the day. An often poor way of doing that is starving on purpose the next day. This can cause you to binge the day after starving.

Day 19 – gained .1 kg
Day 20 – gained .3 kg
Day 21 – lost .3 kg
Day 22 – gained .2 kg
Day 23 – gained .1 kg
Day 24 – broke even
Overall Result: lost 2.3 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost 1.0 kg – 22 days

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