2 Semi Cheat Days And Then Plan To Add Some Exercise To Recover

This blog post covers 2 partial cheat days, on Sunday, March 11, 2018, and Monday, March 12. Neither is a full cheat day. The only reason for doing this is a trip that I have to take. After these 2 days, I will step up my testing by adding a few days with exercise.

The reason for these semi-cheat days is not because of not wanting to do the snacks-only diet. I am happy doing that diet so far and believe that I can do it on a permanent basis with the occasional cheat day only. I am taking a short trip, and it is kind of hard to follow a snacks-only diet in this situation without more preparation. If I were to travel all the time, then I would need to come up with a travel plan that does allow for this diet. But for the occasional trip, I am not going to bother.

At any rate, this is a good time to add some exercise after these 2 days, as I only have 2 days of testing so far with exercise. The other days have all been with no running at all.

This will be a good time to see how quickly I can recover from a cheat day when combining the snacks-only diet with exercise. I plan on running 90 minutes to get the full effect the first day. After that, I will need to play it by ear due to my poor ankle condition. It is feeling better now, but it got way worse the last time I ran for 90 minutes. There has hopefully been enough rest for the ankle that a 90-minute run on Tuesday doesn’t bring back the pain.

Although the next 2 days are likely to be a mess, they started out very well because I was still at home and was sticking to small snacks only. I was still only 78.4, or only .1 kg over, after the first 3 snacks. This did include going to the bathroom several times. After the 4th snack, I did rise to 78.8. Then, shortly before leaving on my overnight trip, I was still at 78.8. That was very good at that point in the day, but things are going to start going downhill from here. I also will not be able to weigh in until Monday evening. The rest of this time will not be a full cheat day, but I won’t stick to the snacks-only diet. It’s just not worth the time it would take right now to plan out snacks on a trip. Again, though, if you travel frequently, you should have a travel diet plan.

I should say that, if you know in advance that you can’t exercise for physical reasons, then it naturally becomes more important for you to not cheat. Unless a snacks-only diet allows you to actually lose weight over time and not just break even, then you are going to be in big trouble if you never exercise unless you literally never cheat. This is why, if at all possible, you should have exercise as a possible option to help you recover from cheat days or days where you stray a little too far and gain some.

At the end of these 2 days, I was somewhat surprised to have gained only .4 kg, to finish at 78.7. That was only a gain of .2 kg per day on average. As I said, though, these were more like partial cheat days. I did eat some fast food (one of those value meals) for one meal and had a number of snack foods. But overall, I still tried to keep the meals small. And this kept me from gaining a large amount of weight. I am happy with this result. It was always going to be a gain but was a lower one than expected.

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