Hoping To Get Diet Back On Course Today

Yesterday was my 22nd day testing the snacks-only diet. It was largely a disappointment because my weight seemed to keep rising without as much of the large drops between snacks that I typically observe. I rose to an increase of 1.6 kg, causing great risk of daily weight gain.

After the large increase, things did get better for the sleep portion of the day and the 3 hours between getting up and having my final weigh-in. I lost 1.0 kg overnight and then .4 kg in the final 3 hours. This was a good recovery, and it allowed me to have a daily weight gain of .2, which could have been a whole lot worse.

Today, I hope the results get back to what I usually see, which is a combination of small gains from snacks and pretty big decreases between those snacks. The decreases are a little smaller than the increases, though. Otherwise, I would go to bed already at the daily breakeven point. That virtually never happens and would typically occur only if you were to almost starve yourself. But during testing, my good days have typically shown an increase from 1.0 kg on the low end to about 1.4 kg on the high end.

Sometimes, a daily increase of 1.4 or thereabouts will still result in a small weight gain. But overall, 1.4 ends up being close to breakeven overall. So far, then, anything over 1.4 is risky, and anything below has a decent chance of producing a daily weight loss. There is no way to get an exact breakeven point because the body can change over time and your diet choices can also affect your breakeven point (a pound of sugar is likely to cause weight gain, but a pound of broccoli is unlikely to cause weight gain). But 1.4 is a reasonable estimate for me now as long as I don’t make any wild diet changes. I already keep the sugar content low and don’t overdo it on the carbs. So no major diet changes are expected at this time.

Note: When I say 1.4, do not confuse that with the total increase, which would require tracking literally everything and adding it all up. Even I don’t do this. Instead, I look at the maximum weight that I have increased at any point of the day. Using yesterday as an example, I started at 78.0 and ended at 79.6 near bedtime. That is a max increase of 1.6 kg.

Today, I am doing good after the first snack and using the bathroom. I was still at 78.3, up from a start of 78.2. After the second snack, which was probably .2 kg of chicken, only a mouthful or two of rice, and a very small piece of cake, I was still at 78.5 kg. This is a great start and only .3 kg over at 1:30 in the afternoon.

The 3rd snack was more french fries, and the news is getting even better now. I am 78.7, or only .5 kg over at 3:30 in the afternoon. This is exactly how the snacks-only diet has worked when I have had good days with it. There is a slight increase throughout the day, but it never gets above about 1.4 or so on good days. 1.4 does not guarantee a good day. With half of my snacks done, I am not even halfway there. That is when you know things are going well. It’s just a matter of tracking enough results until you have determined your approximate ideal max increase.

After a couple of bowls of stew for the 4th snack and plenty of water, my weight finally went up faster. Perhaps I ate a little too much, and I was 79.2 even after peeing. Now, I have to be a little more careful for the last 2 snacks to hopefully stay below a 1.4 increase.

I was back down to 79.0 before the 5th snack, which was only one roll and some cheese spread. It was quite small, and I was actually down to 78.9 a little after this snack. With one more snack to go, I am only .7 kg over for the day and have a chance for a huge weight loss by 10 in the morning. All I need to do is to have the typical small snack before bedtime.

I didn’t weigh in after the above but had the typical small snack and one cup of water. Then, one of the strangest things I have seen yet occurred. I was shocked to be at 78.6 right after waking up and peeing. However, this is far from impossible. I have tracked overnight weigh loss of only .3 or .4 kg before. It hasn’t happened in a while, but it does happen. I do still have a couple of hours to go, so the tracking day is not over yet.

Whatever happens, I am not going to complain about my performance or second-guess it because my diet choices were perfectly fine today. If my body wants to retain water, I don’t want to do anything to artificially interfere with that. It’s an odd day but not something that should get me down because the typical day like this would show a weight loss.

Besides all this, I don’t think the main goal of a diet should be to lose a bunch of weight solely from the diet unless you are someone who LEGITIMATELY CANNOT exercise AT ALL for medical reasons. It should be to maintain weight, perhaps lose some excess weight along the way, and then lose any excess by incorporating an exercise lifestyle into the mix. Does it even sound like a good idea to not exercise? Do you really expect to never have a cheat day that needs some exercise to aid in recovering from those cheat days?

This strange day ended at 78.3, for a gain of .1 kg. So strange. The only thing I can think of is that I have a bit of constipation. I tried to go, but nothing came out. If this is the reason, it does make sense and will correct itself naturally.

Day 19 – gained .1 kg
Day 20 – gained .3 kg
Day 21 – lost .3 kg
Day 22 – gained .2 kg
Day 23 – gained .1 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.3 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost 1.0 kg – 21 days

If you look at only the past 5 days, the results do look bad. But this is a normal streak. I had an awesome streak in the days right before this and lost a lot of weight. The “no exercise” days on the snacks-only diet are still showing an overall weight loss of 1.0 kg.

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