Struggling With Diet Today, But Pentamize Tracking Gives Me a Chance

Yesterday’s blog has a summary of my 21-day test of the snacks-only diet. Briefly, I can say it was a huge success. I actually lost weight overall on 19 non-exercise days and lost weight on both exercise days. You can get the specific statistical results by reading yesterday’s blog post.

From this point forward, I am only going to list the total numbers and the last 2 or 3 days of results in each blog post. It is important to start exercising again because the 2 days of exercise so far cannot provide anything close to reliable stats on anything. Just like with the snacks-only diet in general, it will be best to have at least 21 days with exercise while using the snacks-only diet.

Today, I kind of felt like celebrating because of the great success of the experiment. And this caused me to perhaps eat a little too much in the early part of the day. After the first snack and going to the bathroom, I was actually pretty much breakeven. But I started nibbling without tracking and suddenly found myself 1.0 kg up at about 2 in the afternoon. Being 1.0 kg up at that point of the day is a little too high.

I just made the point 2 days ago on this very blog that the purpose of Pentamize tracking is to avoid overeating. This is precisely why I do it multiple times a day on the typical day. And when I don’t do it, you can see from today what the possible results are. I shot up to 79.0 from 78.0 way too early. Now, I am going to be forced to be extra careful the rest of the day.

By 4:30 in the afternoon, I had had another small snack but was actually back down to 78.9 kg. Honestly, I don’t prefer checking my weight constantly. But history has shown that this is what works for me. So while the snacks-only diet is really helping me create a regimen with less exercise, tracking still remains an indispensable part of the process.

Today is not getting any easier. This is where I am reminded that there are no miracles in weight loss and maintenance. It’s going to be hard sometimes. In my case, though, if I falter and eat a little too much, there is wiggle room there to exercise and make up for it. I probably can’t stick to a snacks-only diet every single moment of every single day. But if I keep the mistakes to a minimum, it is likely that some running can make up for it.

After a small bowl of stew and about half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I was up to 79.4 kg. I can’t believe I am up another pound so fast unless it is mostly from water. It does seem that most of it is from water because the last snack was certainly not even close to a pound of food. Today could end up being a disaster, but there is a chance that the weight could fall off overnight if it mostly due to water. I can’t predict at this point.

A little later, I managed to lose down to about 79.2. At least I have temporarily reversed the ugly trend. But with a couple of snacks to go, I am not out of the woods yet.

My next to last snack was some french fries, and my weight was 79.3 after finishing the fries and going to the bathroom. As long as I can hold to 79.4 or under, I will have a chance to break even today. Actually losing weight would be difficult at this point. I am referring to anticipated results with no exercise.

There was just no way to keep to 1.4 kg or less today without starving. I was 79.6 after the last snack. This may put me in trouble, but this may just have to be a bad day because I am not going to starve. That is my limit – starving is not the answer. If even a snacks-only diet doesn’t work on a particular day, there is the option of doing some exercise to burn off the excess.

Overnight results are always important, and I lost 1.0 kg while sleeping this time. That amount is fine, but even a loss of 1.0 kg might not be enough today. It still had me at 78.6, which was .6 over the starting weight of 78.0. However, this was at 7 in the morning, leaving me 3 hours to go. I will not be exercising this morning and plan on just accepting whatever weight gain I have today. History has shown I always bounce back, and that’s what I will do again. However, depending on your current diet results, you may have no choice but to incorporate exercise to help yourself out.

Things have turned for the better since getting up. I had dropped to 78.1 with about 30 minutes to go until the final weigh-in. This actually gives me a chance to break even. Just like I said in the middle of the day in this blog post, Pentamize tracking is what gave me this fighting chance. Without that, it could have been a potential disaster since I would not have realized that I gained 1.0 kg so quickly.

Actually, when doing the final weigh-in, I was at 78.2. This was checked multiple times to get as accurate of a reading as possible. Still, that result is somewhat of a relief when looking at the day as a whole. I gained .2 kg but was expecting a lot worse.

Day 19 – gained .1 kg
Day 20 – gained .3 kg
Day 21 – lost .3 kg
Day 22 – gained .2 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.4 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost 1.1 kg – 20 days

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