Update After 16 Days On Snacks-Only Diet And 20 Days Including Off Days

Today’s update will go over 2 categories of statistical results. The first set consists of the first 16 days when I consciously stuck to the snacks-only diet. The second set is comprised of the same 16 days plus 4 additional days that did not follow the snacks-only diet. 2 of these were cheat days, and 2 were semi-cheat days. A semi-cheat day is one where I let myself go a little but still attempt to maintain a modicum of discipline.

The really great news is that I lost weight even when including the 4 off days. Also, among the 16 days of the snacks-only regimen, I only exercised twice. We are talking about someone (me) who has worked out almost every day for 2 years, with a good percentage of those days being 90-minute runs. This is a mammoth change from that perspective.

I did not do all those 90-minute sessions out of a desire to exercise that much. It was out of necessity, as my old diet would frequently see my weight increase 2.0 kg and sometimes even 2.5 or a little more. I’ll say the average was about 2.0 kg. (it varied depending on various short-term changes). Now, what is my typical weight increase in the first 16 days of testing the snacks-only diet? I did increase 1.9 on one day, but the typical max increase has averaged about 1.3 kg. That difference of about .7 kg is making a huge difference.

Note that a max increase of 1.3 is not the total increase. The total would be much higher than that. Weight goes up when you eat and back down again when you are not eating. Then, it goes up again when you eat and drifts back down before the next meal/snack. I focus on the max increase in an effort to stay as close to 0 as I can while still getting enough to eat. When I increase to a max of about 1.3 kg, that has been resulting in a slight average weight loss (see below for stats).

The approximate difference of .7 kg has not necessarily resulted in a net additional loss of .7 kg. It doesn’t really work that way. But before, it was odd to lose weight on a break day, and I gained weight on most of them. Now, I have totally reversed that and am at a net weight loss even with little exercise. This is the huge difference. I am maintaining and actually even losing a little even with almost no running (only 2 sessions in 17 days and also no running the other 4 days where I cheated or had a partial cheat day).

In 16 days, I have lost 2.0 kg, for an average of .125 kg per day. However, this average does go down to .05 kg per day for days with no exercise. The 2 days with exercise helped a lot, as I lost 1.3 kg of the total of 2.0 on just those 2 days. It should be noted, though, that the days right after these exercise days have not been good. I am tracking this to see if there is a negative effect the day after exercising. So far, I gained .5 kg on those days. But even deducting that from the 1.3 kg lost, it would still be a loss of .8 kg on those 4 days (2 exercise days and the 2 days after), for an average of .2 kg on those days.

I expect to lose some weight when exercising. That is the easy part to figure out. The real issue for me is whether I can get close to breakeven with no exercise. That has been a big success the first 14 days with no exercise.

I gained a lot of weight on the 4 bad days, which is why I was actually .1 kg over at the end of the 4 cheat/semi-cheat days (in the 2 days since then, I am back under the starting weight with 2 good days). But that only means I can’t be taking so many cheat days. 4 days like this in 3 weeks is obviously too much. I prefer to have only 1 or 2 cheat days per month. If I do that, I would be doing much better. But even with the 4 bad days over this period and only 2 days with exercise, I have lost .4 kg overall, reducing from 79.0 to 78.6 kg. With all these cheat days and almost no exercise (2 hours total), I am actually losing weight. The results are far better than anything I would have expected.

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