Snacks-Only Diet Produces Another Weight Loss

I am getting back to my snacks-only diet after 4 days of being off of it. At this time, this is going to be my 15th recorded day on this regimen.

It is not the 15th day in a row because of the previous 4 days. Going forward, I am going to separately track any days not on this diet. For example, the last 4 days did not utilize the snacks-only diet and actually included 2 full cheat days. The goal of my Pentamize tracking for this diet is to see what would happen if I theoretically follow it every day. And these results need to be separated out into exercise and non-exercise days.

Of course, I will not and do not even have a desire to follow this snacks-only diet every day for the rest of my life. That is not the point of this tracking, though. I can separately track recovery periods after cheat days. But to be honest, I already know that exercising more, such as daily 90-minute runs, can allow me to recover.

The real goal here is to be able to exercise less when I do follow this diet. Forget about recovery periods for now because I know I can do that over short periods. I just want my typical workout to be less than 90 minutes.

As of today, my right foot still hurts, so it seems best to stick to limited running for at least another week.

My first meal today may have been just a little too big. I had a piece of bread, a small meatball, a little bit of fish, and about half a bowl of rice. After that and some coffee and going to the bathroom, I weighed in at 79.3. So that is a decent start and only an increase of .2 over the start of 79.1. I will continue to take some water slowly and keep the meals small.

I had an egg for my 2nd snack of the day and weighed 79.5 kg. That increase is probably mostly from water. Then, I had 3 chicken patties, which is something I have been consuming almost every day on this new diet. That put me at 79.7 kg, an increase of .6 so far. It seems to be a decent mark for 3 in the afternoon.

After having a small bowl of oatmeal and a hot dog wiener, I was still at only 79.8 kg. That is solid. It completes my 4th snack of the day, though. So I would not say I am in the clear yet. If I overeat on the upcoming snacks, it could still put me at risk of gaining weight.

For my 5th snack, I had some french fries and a very small amount of beef (only one bite). This, along with water, raised my weight to 80.1 kg. I am now 1.0 kg over and getting pretty close to a risky weight gain. 1.2 seems to be close to where I end up on good days. I doubt that I will be eating 8 snacks today and will probably end up eating one more small one tonight. In terms of hunger, I am really not that hungry and feeling pretty good now. I have not set a specific number of snacks for daily consumption and only estimate it at about 8. If it’s only 6 today, that is fine as long as my body doesn’t need more. The goal is to not starve but also not force myself to eat just for the sake of eating.

The last snack was a little too big, and I rose to approximately 1.4 kg over, or 80.5 kg. However, I was only 1.2 over shortly after that after going to the bathroom. Also, the last snack was an apple, half a pear, 2 carrot sticks, and a small piece of cake. Other than the cake, which was very small, this is hardly fatty food. That should digest nicely. Nonetheless, rising above 1.2 is always going to be risky.

I was 79.3 at 7:30 in the morning, for a nice overnight weight loss of about 1.0 kg. And that was with about 3 hours to go until the official weigh-in. This sets me up for either a breakeven day or small weight loss.

By weigh-in time, I had shed the average expected amount and got down to 79.0 kg. So on this first snacks-only day in 5 days, I lost the minimum of .1 kg. My successful results continue under this diet plan.

15 Days On “Snacks Only” Diet

Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
Day 4: broke even
Day 5: lost .6 kg
Day 6: gained .1 kg
Day 7: lost .4 kg
Day 8: lost .2 kg
Day 9: gained .1 kg
Day 10: 30 minutes – lost .3 kg (gained .1 kg before exercise)
Day 11: gained .2 kg
Day 12: 90 minutes – lost 1.0 kg (lost .3 kg before the run)
Day 13 – gained .3 kg
Day 14 – lost .1 kg
Day 15 – lost .1 kg
Overall Result: lost 1.6 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost .3 kg – 13 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days

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