Gained a Little Over Several Days of Non-Snacks-Only Dieting And Moving Houses

Between Wednesday, March 28, 2018, and Saturday morning, March 31, 2018, I was moving to a different city. Because I was too busy and things were getting packed and moved around, I was not able to track my weight. I also could not exercise or do the snacks-only diet. As a result, I did gain some weight. However, it was less than one kilogram.

I am actually pretty happy with that because there were 2 or 3 somewhat large meals between Tuesday and Saturday morning. It was definitely not a snacks-only diet, but I somehow managed not to gain too much weight.

The last time I was able to check my weight before the moving activities was on Wednesday morning, and I was at 78.7 kg. Then, the next weigh-in was Saturday morning, when I was at 79.1 kg. That is a bad but not terrible weight gain of .4 kg during that period of about 72 hours. At any rate, it’s not much of a concern to me because it’s about time to start crushing it with the combination of a snacks-only diet and exercise.

During the move, I was carrying a number of items up and down staircases. That may have actually helped a little to reduce how much I gained over this period. But there is no way to track that. In my experience, only jogging has really helped me lose weight so far. It might be interesting to test such a thing if you have a job with a lot of heavy lifting. You would do that by comparing your work days and off days and keeping relatively the same diet on those days.

Over this 3-day period, I had a lot of coke and sugary foods, and a couple of meals were at friends’ houses and were way too big to work for a snacks-only diet. This is why the results are somewhat surprising. I was actually expecting to gain more weight. With lots of exercise, I suppose I could maintain with such a diet. In fact, I have pretty much done it for a couple of years now.

The problem is, some people just don’t have the time to work out over an hour a day, not to mention people who can’t exercise (at least that much) for medical reasons. My goal is to help others and help myself lose or maintain weight even with limited time or ability to exercise.

What I have seen so far on the snacks-only diet is that it is not going to be particularly easy. However, I have apparently the amount of necessary exercising while making it a little more difficult in the dieting area.

The reason a snacks-only diet can be difficult to follow is that society has conditioned people to eat 3 meals a day and perhaps a snack. If you aren’t used to eating smaller meals, then you may find it difficult to put the food down and step away from the table. This may take practice, which shouldn’t be surprising. If you want to be good at something, you generally have to practice. But for some reason, people who want to lose weight want it to be easy. I have still not discovered such a system, but the snacks-only diet is the closest I have come IF you are able to exercise to supplement it. That is because, at least for me, the results have been so good so far that it gives me room to have some cheat days or make some mistakes and still do fine overall.

I want to be clear about something. I have another couple of months of testing to flesh out results that include significant exercise. The goal is to see if I can get back down to my target weight of 75.0 kg and also to see if I can get below that and still feel healthy. I don’t know exactly what my weight should be, but the BMI says that 75.0 is a little into the overweight range.

I still don’t trust the BMI as a one-size-fits-all tool and am not sure that it is even supposed to be that. So instead of relying on the BMI, I will get as low as exercise plus the snacks-only diet will take me, with the caveat that I want to still feel reasonably healthy and energized. If I lose to below 75 but feel like crap, maybe that means it’s okay to eat a little more or maybe eat the same and exercise less. Making this determination might actually take much longer than 2 months. I’ll just have to play it by ear.

Tips For When Adding Exercise To a Snacks-Only Diet

I will not be able to weigh in after 24 hours today because of a short day trip to run an errand. So the next 2 days will not be snacks-only days. They are semi-cheat days, so I may gain back some of the weight that I just lost after the 90-minute run on Monday morning (this counts as a Sunday run the way I do my tracking because the run was at the end of the tracking day.

By 8 at night, I had risen more than the past few days. I was at 79.0, or 1.2 kg over. My snacks have been larger today, though, and I might not have to eat anything else before sleeping. At any rate, this is a semi-cheat day, so I can let up a little without going crazy. These days cannot be tracked as snacks-only days, anyway. But the most important thing right now is that I am very happy about losing the 1.0 kg yesterday on a day with a 90-minute run. I am going to crush it like never before once I move and get back into exercising on a daily basis. I have supreme confidence in this. Nothing is going to stop me. However, I certainly have to do better than I have done today so far.

Before going to bed early, I had dropped to 78.8. Then, I woke up about 4 to 5 hours later and had gone down further, hitting about 78.2 kg.

If I would have been waiting the normal time for the weigh-in, it seems like I could have broken even or even lost weight. So while I can’t finish tracking today (or tomorrow), this looks very promising for the future.

There is a risk when exercising while doing a snacks-only diet. You may be tempted to eat more than usual for the first snack after the run. Since one oversized snack can become a meal and ruin your whole day, you may need to take countermeasures. Here are some options:

1. Of course, you can exercise restraint and make sure you don’t overeat on that first meal. This can be hard if you tend to get hungry from a workout;

2. You can eat a little more and then compensate by eating a little less the rest of the day. This could be done by eating a couple of mini snacks that are even smaller than your usual one. It can also be done by eating one less snack. Hopefully, you won’t have to eat 2 less snacks. That would often mean that you have really messed up and veered way off the path of a snacks-only diet; or

3. Accept that you eat slightly more when exercising. This 3rd option should only be used when you know that the extra calories consumed from eating extra are less than the calories you burn off from exercise.

I estimate that I would have actually lost weight again if I had had the chance to weigh in Tuesday morning. This day turned out to be pretty close to a snacks-only day. However, Tuesday was a different story. It’s quite hard for me to maintain a good diet when traveling, and I ended up eating some fast food and other stuff that definitely did not help me. At 9 at night, my weight was 79.3 kg. That is not good, but these two semi-cheat days will not turn out to be so bad as long as I lose close to 1.0 kg in the 13 hours remaining in this daily period (actually, the 2 semi-cheat days covered in this blog post). If the weight does not come off, it could look pretty bad. But I will likely at least be in the low 78s or better instead of the 79.0 before the recent 90-minute run.

Holy smokes. When I woke up, my weight was still 78.7 even after going to the bathroom. That was much lower than expected, but I still had about 4 hours to go until the official weigh-in. Maybe that will be enough time to get into the low 78s. Regardless, I am very happy because my ankle was not hurting much during or after the 90-minute run for Sunday’s tracking day. As soon as I finish moving, I will start running on a regular basis again (not necessarily daily, though).

I was not able to track any further until Saturday morning, at which time I decided to change my official weigh-ins to the first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. Read the next blog post for an update on Wednesday to Saturday.

Tired of Waiting And Decided To Exercise Today; Lost 1.0 KG Overall

Today, I had gained only .6 kg after the 3rd snack. This was a good amount that was achieved by successfully keeping the snacks small. Even after the 4th snack, I was still at only .6 kg over, but I was a little hungrier than usual at that time. There is concern in a spot like this about possibly getting too hungry, so skipping snacks is usually bad.

This is the kind of between-snack reduction that sets up a really good day of weight loss.
The 5th snack got me up to .9 kg over (79.7 from 78.8). That is still a good spot with one snack to go today. Fortunately, I don’t feel too hungry, either.

I had part of a pizza for the last snack, and that weighed approximately .2 to .25 kg. So my max was probably about a 1.2 kg increase today.

My overnight weight loss was not all that good. I was at 79.1 when getting up, and that was 2 1/2 hours before the final weigh-in. It looks like a breakeven day or within about .1 kg of it. Times like this are frustrating when you don’t exercise at all. But it would be extremely easy to burn off the extra calories with a low-intensity run. I am getting tired of waiting around and am going to start exercising again. The snacks-only diet is already achieving its purpose of breakeven or better. There isn’t really much of anything else to test besides adding exercise to it.

This day ended in what seemed like a cruel joke. For some reason, my weight stuck on. I lost only .1 kg during the remaining time and then had a final weigh-in of 79.0 kg. That actually made for a daily weight gain of .2 kg. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know what else to do except, as I said above, exercise. So that’s what I did to end today and have another official weigh-in after finishing the day with a 90-minute run. I lost 1.2 kg, getting down to 77.8.

When including the run, I lost 1.0 kg today, reducing my weight from 78.8 to 77.8 kg. See, now this is where the value of the snacks-only diet comes in. If I add exercise, the results are suddenly phenomenal. The rule is still the same with my original Pentamize concept. Find a combination of diet and exercise that, when working in conjunction with each other, allows you to lose or maintain weight. I think I may call this the Break And Lose combination or system. You “break” even on diet and then “lose” when adding any decent amount of exercise into the mix.

Day 33 – gained .5 kg
Day 34 – gained .5 kg
Day 35 – lost .2 kg
Day 36 – lost 1.0 kg

“No Exercise Days” when also no exercise the day before – lost .7 kg – 33 days

Note: I am suspending no-exercise-tracking in general. This turned out to vary based on exercise the preceding day. Thus, this metric is not reliable. Instead, I will start measuring the non-exercise portion on days after exercise and no-exercise days when not exercising the day before.

Exercise Days: lost 2.3 kg – 3 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 2.0 kg – 2 days
Non-Exercise Portion On Days After Exercise: gained .5 kg – 2 days

Note: I am also suspending the average of the day of and day after exercise. The key is to determine days with exercise on average, but also to compute the average of the non-exercise portion on days after exercise.

Need To Break a Terrible Weight-Gain Streak

I have been spiraling down the past few days despite trying to stick to the snacks-only diet. And while I may have cheated a little, gaining .8 the past five days overall and a ridiculous 1.0 kg just the past 2 days has been a little crazy.

Despite this weight-gain streak, I have still lost .7 kg on non-exercise days so far. And this is with over 30 days under my belt.

Today, it is tempting to try to starve or at even less than a usual snacks-only day. Even though I could do it, I will resist this temptation and eat as usual. The plan is to eat about 6 snacks that weight about .2 to .25 kg each. This has what has worked in my month of testing even though the past few days have been a disaster.

The hope that this kind of wild streak is a thing of the past has been dashed. Even with the snacks-only diet, I can now see that this kind of extreme streak is simply unavoidable. But just like with probably any diet, it is important to avoid the yo-yo effect. It’s tempting to fast when you are on weight-gain streak, but the risk of making it even worse by causing the yo-yo effect is generally not worth it.

Instead of starving, I have traditionally tried to eat a little bit less at the end of a day. But with the snacks-only diet, which has produced an overall weight loss even without exercise, my plan is to just keep doing the same thing every day and ride out the occasional storm.

Things were just about perfect after the first 3 snacks today. I had mostly meat and bread and oatmeal and was up .6 kg. If that keeps up, I should do just fine.

My 4th snack was very small, and I had actually gotten back down to 79.5 (.5 over) before the 5th snack. My body is hopefully going to stay reasonably satiated the rest of the day with 2 more regular-sized snacks. This could be a very good day if I finally avoid all mistakes this time.

The fifth snack got me up to 80.0. That one was too big, but it’s okay in this case because the 4th one was only a mini snack. Also, a good part of the 5th snack was half a head of broccoli. That is obviously not going to ever cause me to gain weight in the long run even if it could possibly affect a one-day result. However, I am not saying to eat 2 pounds of broccoli for one snack, either. You will have to work out the numbers when you test for yourself. But I still like to keep the snacks light on weight even if they include vegetables.

After a small final snack and then waiting a couple of hours, I was down to about 79.7. This is the day I was hoping for. I will likely be losing weight this 24-hour period, and potentially a lot of it.

With 2 hours to go for the final weigh-in in the morning, my weight had reduced to 78.7. That put me at a definite weight loss for the day and maybe even a big one. The day started at 79.0.

I am actually weighing in about an hour early because of this morning’s time change. When I checked more carefully for the final weigh-in, the scale said I was at 78.8. That is still a daily weight loss of .2 kg even when weighing in early. I was hoping for more but can’t complain too much about that.

Day 30 – gained .2 kg
Day 31 – gained .1 kg
Day 32 – lost .5 kg
Day 33 – gained .5 kg
Day 34 – gained .5 kg
Day 35 – lost .2 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.2 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost .9 kg – 33 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
All “No Exercise” Stats: lost 1.1 kg in 35 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days

Worst Streak Yet on Snacks-Only Diet

By the end of this blog post, my mood was in the dumper. This is the worst bad streak I have been on since starting the snacks-only diet. In particular, the last 2 days have been terrible. Neither day was perfect because I made some slight mistakes. But the results seem excessive.

The last 2 days, including today, have seen a weight gain of 1.0. And the last 5 days combined have shown a gain of .8. However, the one really positive thing that has happened over this 5-day period is that I lost .5 g on the one good day. That kept a really bad streak from being even worse since it essentially erases the worst day, where I gained an equal but opposite .5 kg.

Crazy streaks are something that I have never totally gotten used to. One reason to try a snacks-only diet is that you are less likely to see extremely bad days. For example, I would not be very surprised under my old diet to see days with a weight gain of more than .5 kg from time to time even with a shorter exercise session. Really bad days are less likely with a snacks-only diet as compared to eating full meals (at least doing it the right way).

Unfortunately, this current bad streak shows that I am still going to have to deal with tough streaks even with a snacks-only diet. At this time, my feeling is that I will always have bad streaks of weight gain unless I do one of two things:

1. starve (this is out of the question cause it may cause a yo-yo effect); of

2. exercise at the end of the day when I do have a bad day to erase the excess weight gained that day.

The 2nd option is possible and probably what I will end up doing. I won’t have to exercise when having a small weight gain, like only .1 or .2 kg. But when I suddenly increase .5 kg, like yesterday, then an exercise session is in order.

The day actually started out good. I was only 78.9 after the first 2 snacks and 79.4 after the first 4 snacks and 2 to go. At that time, I was thinking that today should allow for a recovery if I maintain my discipline.

I did not do the right thing for the last snack. It was too much, and this is probably why I was still 79.3 at 6 in the morning. With 4 1/2 hours to go, I am .8 over. That is just about as bad as yesterday, and things are going to go off the rails here if I do not follow the plan to the letter. My only out in situations like this is going to be to exercise and burn any extra off (this is Option 2 above). That is the backup plan, anyway, but this is another self-inflicted wound.

From 6 to 8, I got down to 79.0. At least that is almost half of the .8 I needed to lose. I
doubt I can get to breakeven, but there is sometimes a late surge. Dropping .5 in 2 hours is not very likely, though. In fact, I checked after 9 and was still at 79.0. Ouch. At any rate, 79.0 was my starting weight when beginning this diet test, and I have had too many cheat days. More importantly, though, gain on a day like this could easily be erased with a little exercise. I tried this diet to improve my situation (finding a way to get by with less exercise), and I have done that. No question at all about that.

And even after going to the bathroom yet again, my weight was stuck at 79.0. So I gained .5 kg for the second day in a row.

Day 30 – gained .2 kg
Day 31 – gained .1 kg
Day 32 – lost .5 kg
Day 33 – gained .5 kg
Day 34 – gained .5 kg
Overall Result: lost 2.0 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost .7 kg – 32 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
All “No Exercise” Stats: lost .9 kg in 34 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days