Overview Of 2 Cheat Days

There will be a couple of days covering this blog post, and I will not be able to follow my new snacks-only diet. I am going on a short overnight trip.

If you travel often, then you will need to find a way to follow your diet even when on the road. In my case, though, I don’t travel very much at all. So when this occasion arises, instead of worrying about my diet, I use this time as a cheat day. This time, it will be 2 cheat days (Monday and Tuesday), and I will get back to my snacks-only diet on Wednesday.

I did the first 14 days of the snacks-only diet in a row. Since I followed that method every day, I could track the starting and ending weights to see the overall results, the starting weight of 79.0 is no longer relevant. What is relevant is the total, which is a fantastic weight loss of 1.4 kg so far. So for the first 2 weeks, I lost an average of .1 kg per day. And the really great part about that total is that I worked out only a measly 2 hours over 2 days in those 14 days. Even on the other 12 days of non-exercise, I am at a net weight loss.

The goal of this new diet is to get around the breakeven point with no exercise. I have achieved that so far and even surpassed it with the small weight loss.

The more tracking results you have, the more confidence you can have in a system. 2 weeks is not quite enough for me to feel total confidence in this diet, but I am sure am getting close to being confident.

I am going to gain a lot of the lost weight back due to these 2 cheat days. But that doesn’t matter except it means I will need to run more to burn that back off. I can easily conclude that a cheat day is going to require some running to make up for the extra weight. The snacks-only diet is not going to be enough by itself, at least over a short period of time. When I have a cheat day, it’s nice to recover quickly. I don’t want to struggle recovering for weeks.

How I will proceed on the exercise side of the equation after the break is not clear yet because my foot is hurting worse than it ever has. It’s in the area of my right heel. I am limping all over the place now. The one thing I do know is that I am going to stick with the snacks-only diet. Although I can physically jog at a slow pace by running on my toes and avoiding hard contact between the heel and the ground, it might be better to give the foot and rest and hope it gets better in a few days.

I actually did not get completely back to my snacks-only diet on Wednesday, but I will cover that in the next blog post.

Over the course of these 2 cheat days, I didn’t really track at all until the very end. The scale showed a 79.0 on Wednesday morning. So this basically means that I had gained back all that I had lost after beginning the new diet at 79.0. To be at the breakeven point with 2 cheat days and only 2 actual days with exercise is phenomenal compared to previous results on the old diet. So while I have to start over to lose the little bit of extra weight that I have now, the future is looking very bright because of the snacks-only diet.

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