What Happened To My 100-Day Exercise Test?

Recently, I suspended my 100-day test of flexible exercise. It made no sense to continue that when I realized that my new techniques might have way more potential.

From the very beginning of my snacks-only dieting technique, I was breaking even and actually even losing a little weight even on days with no exercise. Since the 100-day test was not going all that well under my old diet and it would not make sense to suddenly change my diet in the middle of a test, the most productive course seemed to be to suspend that experiment and replace it with the “snacks only” diet.

If you look at the snacks-only test more closely, though, it still includes variable exercise sessions. I am having both exercise and non-exercise days. It’s just that I didn’t want to mix results using the old diet with results of the new diet. The difference is that this new test is focusing on diet instead of exercise. But the biggest reason of all for suspending the 100-day test is that I am much more confident of success on the snacks-only diet instead of flexible exercise routines. The exercise freedom and flexibility are still there, but the focus is on eating snacks only instead of worrying about how much I am exercising.

I will lay out the differences so far between my old and new diets in tomorrow’s blog. But it’s a certainty that my weight is increasing far less during the day (before sleeping) than before. This naturally produces a better end result in terms of weight loss or maintenance since my final weigh-ins in the morning occur before eating anything else. I weigh in and then eat my first snack of the day.

Today is my first day on the new diet after a 90-minute workout. The concern with this is that the substantial amount of exercise might make me hungrier than usual. But as of 7:45 p.m., I was sitting at 78.5 kg, or 1.2 kg over the day’s starting weight of 77.3. That is pretty comparable to the other days so far so long as I have only one more small snack. A 1.4 increase would incur some risk of weight gain, but it’s hardly unreasonable. When I compare tomorrow, you will see just how much more I used to eat when measuring by this daytime weight increase.

After eating a little pork and less than a full carrot as my last meal and then going to the bathroom, I was right back at 78.5. That was the last snack of the night, so things are looking good. Under this diet regimen, it seems the key is to remain a little hungry but fairly satiated almost all the time, but never starving. Finding that balance appears to be the make-or-break factor. I’m not sure there is any way to do this scientifically. For me, I am just basing it on eating about 8 snacks per day, somewhat evenly spaced apart. But other dieters may prefer a different number of daily snacks.

When I woke up at 6 in the morning, I was at a disappointing 78.0 kg. That is a pretty bad overnight weight loss. However, it was also 6 hours before the official weigh-in. This still gives time to shed a lot more weight. Just sitting around, I seem to lose roughly .1 kg per hour. But since that number varies so much, I don’t know if I can break even today.

Things are going from bad to worse. 3 hours later, I was still weighing in at 78.0. That is odd. I don’t know if running 90 minutes and losing water weight causes the body to retain water in the ensuing hours. But my tracking history has always shown better results with more exercise. However, my diet was so different before that past results aren’t necessarily a reliable indicator. That is why I am going to keep testing with this new diet. I hope this is just my body resisting losing too much weight too fast. If that is the case, it could actually be a good thing. My goal is healthy and natural weight loss. But it seems very odd to retain this much weight when my worst day so far has been a gain of .3, and I had a good diet yesterday. I imagine every diet plan has ups and downs, but this seems excessive.

The day ended at a very disappointing 77.6, for a weight gain of .3 kg. This is the second day after a workout day that has shown a gain. I won’t speculate on any reason for that at this time because 2 days of tracking is virtually meaningless.

13 Days On “Snacks Only” Diet

Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
Day 4: broke even
Day 5: lost .6 kg
Day 6: gained .1 kg
Day 7: lost .4 kg
Day 8: lost .2 kg
Day 9: gained .1 kg
Day 10: 30 minutes – lost .3 kg (gained .1 kg before exercise)
Day 11: gained .2 kg
Day 12: 90 minutes – lost 1.0 kg (lost .3 kg before the run)
Day 13 – gained .3 kg
Overall Result: lost 1.4 kg

“No Exercise” Days: lost .1 kg – 11 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .5 kg – 2 days
Average of Day Of Exercise And Day After: lost .8 kg – 2 sets of 2 days

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