What is Simultaneous Exercise/Non-Exercise Tracking?

Yesterday was the 11th day on my new diet, and it was a little disappointing to gain .2 kg. However, I am still doing great so far and have lost a little weight overall even on days with no exercise. I have lost .3 kg on the one day that I ran, and that was for only 30 minutes. So whether with or without exercise, this is the most promising that has ever happened since I started doing Pentamize tracking.

It’s too early to say for sure, but this “snacks only” diet seems to probably be the missing element that I have been looking for for 2 years. Yes, I have lost over 60 pounds, but it required too much exercise. I am still 10 days from my typical minimum tracking guideline of 21 days, as any average of less days is too subject to short-term anomalies. No, I am not saying that 21 days is enough to get a scientifically valid result. But it’s enough days to at least assess whether you should abandon a diet or exercise regimen or keep going with it. Based on my 2 years of experience, this plan looks like a keeper. But I’ll track 10 or so more days with this diet before forming a strong opinion.

I am definitely running in the morning, but I will weigh myself before that session to determine whether I would have lost or gained weight without exercise. This kind of tracking (trying to determine results of days with and without exercise at the same time) is not always going to be the most accurate, but it is sometimes the best choice.

I am going to lay out the simple procedure for simultaneous exercise/non-exercise tracking. A good time to use this is when you do not have many break days. You can’t very well track days with no exercise if no such days exist due to the fact that you are working out every day.

There are 3 points of the day that you need to weigh yourself for this tracking:

1. The very beginning of the day;
2. Right before you exercise at the end of the day (this is the non-exercise result);
3. The final weigh-in, which should be right after you exercise (this is the “exercise result”).

The non-exercise results of this kind of tracking can have inaccuracies for at least 2 reasons:

1. If you are weighing in before the 24-hour period is over to give time for exercise at the end of the day, you may be underestimating how much you would have lost with no exercise. However, this would typically be only a .1 kg or so difference.

2. The non-exercise portion can be overestimated if you are exercising on most days. That is because exercise stimulates the body to lose weight throughout the day and perhaps even for longer than a 24-hour period. This isn’t as much of an inaccuracy as it is a metric that is variable. If you don’t exercise at all, you are probably going to lose less on non-exercise days than the days of a person who routinely exercises.

With the understanding that inaccuracies can occur, though, simultaneous tracking can give you a rough idea of how you would have done absent exercise. It’s likely better to rely on non-exercise tracking results taken on break days. But if you have no other choice, simultaneous tracking on days with exercise sessions is an option.

Today, I was up .9 kg at 5:30 p.m. Lately, it has been around .7 kg at the same time. So this is a typical day so far on my new diet. I am about to eat half of a cucumber with some red pepper sauce for the next snack. I will then probably have one more before bedtime.

After the cucumber and red pepper and peeing, I was still only .9 kg up. That looks like a good setup for this 24-hour period as long as I keep the last snack pretty small. Today, that will be the rest of the cucumber with red pepper sauce.

Well, I may be a little too hungry and actually will probably eat one more snack. It will be one pear only if I do, but I have not decided yet.

Actually, I found a fried egg that was left over and decided to eat that. Half a cucumber is really not a filling snack at all.

Before hitting the sack, I was at about 79.7 kg, or 1.4 kg over. While a little higher than recent days, a lot of it was from a cucumber. So this is not bad weight, like a bunch of cake or something could be bad. It’s likely to burn all off soon.

When I woke up, I was down to about 78.6, so the overnight weight loss was good today. It’s pretty much what I expected due to what I was eating last night. Although 78.6 is .3 over, that mark was 4 hours before the last weigh-in of the day. So I am at a pace to lose some weight today or break even with no exercise. However, I plan on running, anyway. I’ll just do it using the kind of simultaneous tracking that I have discussed in this blog. This way, I can get a measure of both on the same day even though it is subject to some level of inaccuracy, as described above.

I went to the bathroom, continued losing weight as the weigh-in approached, and had a huge drop to 78.0 kg. I am going to do the non-exercise weigh-in about 30 minutes early and call it a .3 kg loss. This is a huge day, and I am going to run 90 minutes to make it even better. But regardless of the results after the running session, the .3 loss without exercise is the great news.

My pre-run weight is 78.0 kg. I had a good run, but the result was one of the lowest that I have ever had. Maybe it was because I had already lost a lot of weight before exercising. At any rate, I was down to 77.3 kg, for a run loss of .7 kg (usually around 1.0 kg lately) and a huge daily loss of 1.0 kg.

I can’t imagine things getting much better than this, but tomorrow is also the first day on my new diet after a 90-minute run. We’ll see if my weight goes up more than usual tomorrow. It might be natural for it to go up a little more, but I can’t say one way or another yet.

First 12 Days On New Diet:

Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
Day 4: broke even
Day 5: lost .6 kg
Day 6: gained .1 kg
Day 7: lost .4 kg
Day 8: lost .2 kg
Day 9: gained .1 kg
Day 10: 30 minutes – lost .3 kg (gained .1 kg before exercise)
Day 11: gained .2 kg
Day 12: 90 minutes – lost 1.0 kg (lost .3 kg before the run)
79.0 to 77.3 overall (lost 1.7 kg)

“No Exercise” Days: lost .4 kg – 10 days
Simultaneous “No Exercise” Portion: lost .2 kg – 2 days
Exercise Days: lost 1.3 kg – 2 days
30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
90-min Days: lost 1.0 kg – 1 day
Day After Exercising: gained .2 kg – 1 day

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