First Day Following An Exercise Day On New Diet

This is my 11th day on my new diet and the first day where I ran the day before. The reason this is important is because there is a theory that certain amounts of exercise (a combination of duration and intensity) can potentially cause someone to get hungrier than usual and overeat. Since I am just doing medium-intensity jogging, this will hopefully not be a problem for me. But I am going to do my usual hardcore Pentamize tracking to get a real answer instead of guessing or making assumptions.

Results have been beyond my wildest dreams so far. I didn’t expect to even be breaking even at this point, much less down .9 kg. However, today starts a crucial next phase that could be either better or worse. Yesterday, the run allowed me to bank a .3 kg weight loss. But today is the first day that I can start to gauge the impact of exercise since the run was at the end of yesterday’s daily period. It could not have been anything but positive. Today, on the other hand, could potentially be negative if I eat too much.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I had had about 3 snacks and weighed 78.8 kg. This is comparable to results that I have tracked lately since starting the “snacks only” regimen. However, I think it is important to take the mental approach of assuming that I may not work out in the morning. By keeping this kind of mental approach to diet, I can hopefully avoid overeating. If I assume that I will exercise, it might lead my mind into thinking that it is okay to eat a little more.

I surely have at least 3 more snacks today and will continue to try to keep them small. After a couple more snacks, I was up to 79.0 kg. At 8:30 at night, there is only one more small snack to go. There is a piece of pizza with my name written on it that looks about perfect for today’s last snack. Since I am only .9 kg up now, I will be about 1.1 kg over after that small bit of pizza. It doesn’t seem like running for 30 minutes made me much hungrier, if at all.

Unfortunately, though, my weight didn’t go down much overnight. I was surprisingly at 78.6 with 3 hours to go and 78.4 with about an hour to go to the end of the day. It looks like a weight gain today even though I followed the diet plan. This does happen, so it’s nothing to be alarmed about yet. It’s likely that I will end up breaking even or having a small weight gain on the diet and will have to do a little running to maintain. This is probably the way it should be, anyway. The only real goal here is to reduce exercise, not eliminate it. Nonetheless, it would be nice to break even on this snacks-only diet if it’s possible. I am still under on no-exercise days so far.

I was only able to get down to 78.3 this time. That is a weight gain of .2 kg with no exercise. However, my concern about possible overeating after a workout is alleviated for now despite this poor result. I clearly did not overeat yesterday, so it’s not clear why the weight stuck on like it did.

First 11 Days On New Diet:

Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
Day 4: broke even
Day 5: lost .6 kg
Day 6: gained .1 kg
Day 7: lost .4 kg
Day 8: lost .2 kg
Day 9: gained .1 kg
Day 10: 30 minutes – lost .3 kg (gained .1 kg before exercise)
Day 11: gained .2 kg
79.0 to 78.3 overall (lost .7 kg)

“No Exercise” Days: lost .4 kg – 10 days

Exercise Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day

30-min Days: lost .3 kg – 1 day
no other session durations yet

Day After Exercising: gained .2 kg – 1 day

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