Lost Weight In a Week Even With No Exercise (First Time During Pentamize Tracking History)

Today is the 7th day, and it feels like I am having trouble staying satiated compared to most of the past 6 days.

I knew this would happen eventually. However, the good part is that I continue to eat snack-sized meals only and no regular-sized meals. But there is still a danger with this kind of approach, which is that you might end up eating too many of these snacks.

Because this is the 7th day, I will not work out in the morning regardless of my weight. I want to get a figure of how much I gain or lose in one week on this diet and with no exercise at all the whole 7 days.

It looks like I am going to be struggling the rest of the day. At 5:15 in the afternoon, I weighed in at 79.5, and the starting weight today was 78.9 kg. That is only .6 kg over so far and is a very good number. Maybe I can still have a good day by keeping the meals small. I have had 3 chicken patties today as one snack, and the other foods have mostly been a couple of eggs, 3 or 4 medium-sized weiners, a small amount of fish, about 30 french fries, a few carrot sticks, and less than half a small bowl of rice.

There is still some oatmeal left, and I am going to have some of that next. I must keep it to a small bowl.

At 9 at night, I was still 79.5, presumably because the oatmeal and peeing evened out. I still needed some more food and ate a small bowl of pasta and an apple. Despite being a little hungry, it was time to stop eating for the night. After that, all I had was water (in the form of black coffee). I was up to about 1 in the morning and was only a little hungry.

All together, I had about 8 snacks today. As I have been blogging about for a week now, these are not really meals. That is working out well so far, but the one hard part is that I am almost always a little bit hungry. It also takes some getting used to. I have focused on smaller meals or snacks for almost 2 years now. But I usually had one bigger meal, and that was typically breakfast. Now, I am trying to eat exclusively snacks.

More On Yogurt

It’s not that the yogurt I was eating is bad in and of itself. But I had gotten used to eating a .25 kg cup of that plus something else at the same time. I haven’t found a smaller cup that I like much, which convinced me to make the decision to cut out yogurt completely for now. A .25 kg cup plus something else is harmful to the “snacks only” plan because the snacks I am eating are often .2 kg or less. I believe the portion size was hurting me, not so much the actual content of the yogurt.

Tomorrow, I will discuss french fries. It may be a surprise that I have eaten fries every day over this past week, and it hasn’t stopped me from doing well. How am I eating a fast food item and not gaining weight over the past week despite not exercising? That will be discussed tomorrow.

I was 78.8 kg when waking up at 8:15 in the morning. So I had already lost a little weight at that time and had 2 hours to go until the final weigh-in. This means I have done what I previously thought was probably impossible without starving. I actually lost weight over the course of a week.

At the end of the day, I went to the bathroom and knocked off a bunch more weight, finishing at 78.5 kg. That capped off a huge week of weight loss with no exercise. I dropped from 79.0 to 78.5. This is the first time recording such a thing since I started doing Pentamize tracking. It’s obviously all about the new diet since I did not exercise at all.

I will summarize and talk about these results more in tomorrow’s blog. But it’s obviously good news and gives me hope that I can finally reduce exercise, which is what my body needs at times. I do not expect every week to be like this, but it would be great if I could break even on average and then exercise after a cheat day or bad slump.

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