Still Only .4 KG Over On New Diet And With No Exercise

This is the fourth day in a row of combining my new diet with a break day. Despite yesterday’s bobble on Valentine’s Day, things are surprisingly good so far. I am up .4 kg, but that is with literally no exercise at all.

Today, I wanted to bounce back after gaining .3 kg on Valentine’s Day. Although I did not lose weight, it was still pretty pleasing to break even. And this was yet another break day from exercise.

Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
Day 4: broke even
79.0 to 79.4 overall

Not having eaten any yogurt or meatballs for this new diet, I do have to replace at least a portion of that with something else. Over the past few days, I have been eating oatmeal in lieu of yogurt. Instead of meatballs, I have had more chicken patties and vegetables than before.

I’m pretty sure it is common knowledge that oatmeal is a good option for dieters. I don’t know if frozen chicken patties are particularly good or not, but I have developed a system of eating them in moderation. I take 3 of these small patties, throw them in the oven, and eat them as one of my snacks. The total weight of 3 of them is probably only about .15 kg. This is a decent small amount that gives me the daily meat that I crave.

Although I haven’t crunched the numbers in detail yet, it appears that I am eating less meat so far on this diet. An analysis of how this is occurring might be helpful to you.

The meatballs that I have been eating for about 2 years come in a plastic container and are ready to eat right out of the refrigerator. The chicken patties are frozen, and I heat them up in the oven. I do know that I have sometimes eaten .3 and maybe close to .4 kg of the meatballs in a day. That’s not every day, but it is sometimes easy to get out of hand when eating them right out of the box. I can see how you could accidentally overeat in this situation without realizing it. Although I don’t sit there and weigh every meatball, I am quite sure that I have eaten too many on many occasions.

With the chicken patties, I seem to have a better portion-control system. 3 patties go in the oven, I eat them when they are ready, and then I am done (usually no more patties). I don’t want to heat only one patty again later in the day. It seems almost pointless. So this “heat and eat 3 patties at once” system is pretty easy to follow.

Let’s compare that to refrigerator meatballs. If I get hungry, I can instantly grab one of these and chow down. 2 hours later, I will often do that again. This brings the possibility of cumulative overeating over the course of a day. Basically what I am getting at is that it’s easier to accidentally overeat on the meatballs than the chicken patties. So once I finish the 3 patties, I won’t be munching on any more the rest of the day. I stuck to the plan today and broke even. No complaints about that since the hope is to break even or come close to it on this new diet and then add a little exercise for any needed weight loss, such as cheat-day recovery periods.

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